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Recently, more and more people in the network have become interested in investing in order to get passive income online. That is why I decided to tell you about what it is and what ways to make money are best suited for beginners, who so far do not have large amounts as start-up capital.

Today we will discuss the following:

  • What is an online interest investment?
  • features, advantages and disadvantages;
  • what you should first of all pay attention to in order not to lose your capital in the first months of work;
  • what problems a novice investor may face;
  • The best and most popular ways to invest on the Internet.

Features of investing on the Internet

For most people, the Internet is just a place where you can get absolutely any information. Here you can chat with people from different parts of the world, play and enjoy the pleasure of watching your favorite movie or series.

And the most enterprising people have also learned how to earn money thanks to the Internet and have long since left their office jobs, receiving passive income.

1 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

You can implement all your plans and opportunities for absolutely all people! Everything is possible here! Moreover, there is no ceiling and boundaries for the amount of your earnings, as in the same office. You decide how much you will receive and what days to work.

Anyone who dreams of passive earnings, when you do not need to go to the hated work to the other end of the city and listen to constant discontent from the boss. You save a lot of time that you can spend on yourself and your loved ones. You can finally travel around the world or even move to live in a warm country, where you have long dreamed of.

The advantages of online internet investment with interest:

  • obtaining passive income without the need to make any effort;
  • getting confidence in your future;
  • much more free time;
  • the opportunity to earn at times more than in the office, while spending only a couple of hours a day.

This is only a small part of the advantages that passive income has. And it makes no sense to list them, I think you already know everything perfectly.

We spend 8-9 hours on work every weekday. After we are tired we come back home and the main desire is to fall on the sofa and fall asleep. But then life will pass! In the meantime, young, you need to have time to realize all your dreams and aspirations! Time is our most important wealth! And you need to spend it not on work, but on yourself and your close people.

Office work turns our life into a vicious circle, in the famous Groundhog Day. A person can simply waste himself emotionally and stop getting a buzz from life.

But it can always be broken! The main thing to decide. If you already have some savings, then you can try to invest them at interest. After all, this is the main source of passive income.

2 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

But it is important to remember that it is not worth investing your savings in the first project that came across. In the network there are many scammers who fraudulently take the money of depositors. Therefore, one of the secrets of success is a competent approach!

Remember, in order to get big passive income in the future, you need to try hard now, at the initial stage. Easy money does not happen! Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you will have to put a lot of effort in the future to not worry about anything else. It is also likely that at first you will not have a return in the form of money.

Remember the risks! Any Internet investments at interest have a high degree of risk!

Advantages and disadvantages

In any business, there are both advantages and disadvantages. There is no perfect income for all 100%. Therefore, you should study all aspects, and choose for yourself the most suitable and comfortable way of earning, suitable, first of all for you personally.


  • big money, you decide how much you want to earn;
  • no need to go to work every day, you can work while sitting at home without leaving the couch;
  • free schedule that you set for yourself;
  • to start receiving passive income, it is not necessary to have a large starting capital;
  • ease of managing your investments;
  • there is no need to get a special narrowly specialized education;
  • no need to wait for the end of the month to get paid. Make a request for withdrawal of profit at any time convenient for you.


Of course, the benefits are much greater. But if it is irresponsible to approach this issue, then it is possible to remain at all not only without profit, but also without your capital.

The main disadvantage of online investing is the risk of losing your own money. But this corresponds to any method of investment, not only those options that are present on the Internet.

3 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

The main reasons that lead to the loss of money:

  • illiterate management of their investment campaigns;
  • investor errors due to human factors;
  • bankruptcy and ruin of investment projects or companies themselves;
  • hacker actions;
  • and other reasons.

The first two factors can be attributed to trade risks. They are completely under the control of the investor. It turns out that there is a chance to avoid them. To do this, you need to learn how to competently analyze the situation and find worthy projects that can earn interest in the future.

But the remaining factors relate to non-trade risks, which the investor can not independently influence. But they do not occur as often as the same trading risks.

How to start an online investment with interest

The main goal, due to which people are starting to invest in various Internet projects, is to achieve financial independence in the future.

But remember that no suitcase with money will fall on you. In order to receive a decent passive income, first of all you must make a lot of effort. And also have a certain mindset, to have those character traits that are inherent in professional investors. Learn to identify fraudsters, so as not to get caught on their tricks. Believe me, there are plenty of them on the network now.

I also want to highlight the problem of choice. There are a lot of options for making money. On the one hand, this is an advantage. But on the other hand, a newcomer in the field of investment can drive it into a serious dead end. Indeed, from such a multitude only units can really be profitable. The rest may be the result of fraud.

You must have at least a basic knowledge of economics.

Agree that the pilot will not be allowed to fly a passenger plane without certain skills. So here, as in any profession, you must have at least basic knowledge and skills.

4 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

Few beginners devote much time to self-education. They want to start earning money as soon as possible and get their first profit. But instead, only huge losses are incurred. There is no need to run to college and study for five years as a financier or economist. It will take a lot of time. But to study the basic investment mechanisms will be enough for a few days or weeks.

Now you can find a lot of useful thematic forums, where information is presented in a simple and understandable language.

Access to the Internet

One of the most important components of successful Internet investments at interest is stable and fast access to the network. In case of unforeseen circumstances, you will need to quickly respond and have time to log into your account to withdraw funds.

Well, it will be impossible if you have problems or interruptions in work with the Internet. Although it will not protect you from bankruptcy of projects, but it is better to insure yourself just in case.

Stress resistance

Investment activity is one of the most risky businesses. At any time, the project may be closed, and with it you risk losing all invested funds. This is an integral part of the work of any investor.

In order not to fall into depression, it is necessary to cultivate certain character traits. It is not necessary to be born with them, to bring them up in yourself is real and possible.

5 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

Be cool, do not give in to emotions. And remember that you can often get your first profit only after a few months. And all because the longer the period, the higher the final profit will be.

Objectively assess the situation

You should not dive into your dreams and imagine how you will soon buy your own yacht after the first investment. It is better to immediately go down from heaven to earth and learn to soberly assess the situation and its capabilities.

And even more so never count on the money that you have not yet received. At any time you can lose them due to unforeseen situations in the market. Well, if you have already mentally allocated them to your expenses, then it will be very difficult from an emotional point of view.

Be prepared for a loss

The best advice from professional investors is to mentally say goodbye to the money that you invest in your project. Not all transactions will be profitable. You need to build your tactics in such a way as not to look only for 100% profit, but to make sure that according to the results of the reporting period (for example, a month), your profit will prevail over losses. This is the net profit.

Even the pros make mistakes, without this in any way! It is better to accept the fact that failures are inevitable. Well, after building their tactics so as to reduce the risks and losses to a minimum.

Best Online Investment Options

Well, now let's get to the most important thing. Now I will talk about where you can invest a small amount of money, not just for their safety, but also for multiplication.

There are many options, but below you will only learn about the most effective and proven.


I knowingly put this way of Internet investment in the first place, since at the time of writing this review it is the most profitable and affordable than the rest. You register on one of the brokers, open a trading account, invest in it the amount of the minimum deposit or more. Well, after you get a profit from transactions in the financial markets.

Experienced traders receive an average of 15-20% net profit per month of the amount of funds contributed.

6 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

The main income is obtained due to the difference between the opening price of the transaction and the price of its closing, which is measured in the number of points passed. The more of them - the higher the profit of the trader.

To make profitable deals and get a steady income, you need to have at least basic knowledge of market analysis. Without a clearly defined trading strategy, there is no way to trade plus.

Unlike other methods, Forex trading is a little like passive income. Especially if you trade by opening trades yourself. But if you learn the art of technical and fundamental analysis, you can earn big money!

Automatic earnings with the help of robots and advisers

If self-trading in the Forex market is not a passive income, then auto trading is already more like a trip to the classic Internet investment with interest.

Now there are many Trading Robots. These are special computer programs that are capable of themselves not only analyzing the market, but also making deals. It turns out that you just need to set up the robot, turn it on and just periodically withdraw profits from your trading account.

7 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

Thanks to the development of modern technology, even experienced traders have already begun to deviate from manual trading. They create robots whose algorithm is based on their own trading strategy. Well, if you don’t have one, you can get a ready-made adviser.

But be careful! Choose a robot should be carefully. There are both paid and free. And not always the program for which you paid a lot of money, will bring you profit. Why? And in this area is full of fraudsters. Therefore, always read the reviews not only about the robot, but also about the seller and manufacturer.

Robot Abi

Continuing the topic of automatic passive income from trading in financial markets, it should be mentioned Abi program.

Classic advisors created for the terminal MetaTrader 4 and 5, have significant drawbacks:

  • the problem of choice (there are so many of them, and only a few of the quality ones);
  • complex installation in the terminal directory Metatrader 4;
  • optimization and tuning (not all manufacturers provide instructions for use);
  • testing history quotes;
  • the need to constantly monitor the work of the adviser.

A newcomer who has never opened a Metatrader terminal at all has simply not been able to install an advisor, much less properly configure it.

8 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

But there is one program for automated trading, which does not require any additional installation of third-party terminals. All work happens in your browser window. Simply go to the site, register, choose a broker and turn on Auto Trading mode.

A more detailed overview of this program can be found in My review.

Autocrypto-Bot robot

If Abi was created to receive passive income from automated trading on Forex and CFD, then the robot Autocrypto Bot allows you to earn in one of the most promising areas - cryptocurrency.

Just as in the case of Abi, there is no need to install third-party programs. Just set up the robot on your own and turn on the automatic earnings mode. After you just remains to deduce profits.

Trust management and PAMM accounts

If you are a skeptic and do not trust your own money to heartless computer programs, you can receive passive income by transferring trust management their capital to another trader. He will trade in Forex as part of his trading strategy.

Upon expiration of the contract, you get back the amount of your capital + interest on the profit that the Manager received.

9 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

But here too there are risks that may lie in the unprofessionalism of the Trader, to whom you are transferring your capital for trust use. In this area, too, is full of scammers. Any statistics can be faked. Therefore, you should not blindly believe everything that is written in the profile of your chosen Manager.

The main task of successful Internet investments at interest is the search for a successful trader.

This is the only way to secure a passive income for a long time. It would be better if you have a successful trader among your relatives or close friends. On the Internet, everyone needs to be treated with skepticism and distrust.

Binary Options

There are stock trading, Forex, CFD contracts for difference. Is there binary options. This is another tool for earnings in the financial markets, which appeared relatively recently. And immediately gained popularity due to its simplicity and affordability.

It was binary trading that opened access to the world of financial markets for everyone. Even those who have no money to invest in real exchanges and Forex. If the latter has a minimum deposit of most brokers at 100 dollars, then in BO you can start trading already with 300 rubles!

It is here that beginners learn to understand what the market and technical analysis are all about.

10 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

Their main essence is as follows: open a transaction Higher or Lower for a certain period (expiration). And if the forecast turned out to be correct, then you get 80% net profit on the amount of investments.

It was such big earnings that binary options attracted such a large audience of fans. But here there are advantages and disadvantages. As in any investment project.

"All or nothing". That is the main slogan of this financial instrument. All newbies are inspired by the amount of profit in 80%. And they completely forget that in case of an incorrect forecast your losses will be all 100%.

That BO opened for us the opportunity to conduct short-term trading. More precisely, turbo trading. With their help, it became possible to conclude transactions with expiration dates in 30-60 seconds! That is, these 80% profits can be obtained in less than a minute!

But few of them know that such trading is practically no different from gambling and casinos. On such short timeframes, technical analysis is completely useless, since market noise prevails here.

But you can successfully combine Forex with BO. At first, you can earn in the medium and long term on the trend strategy, and binarks are ideal for horizontal flat.

You can choose a trading strategy that is suitable for you on my website in the appropriate section. All tactics are tested not only by time, but also by me personally.

Investment in stocks

Go ahead. We have completed the topic of trading in financial markets. Online interest-rate investments can be very profitable in the stock market. I mean buying / selling shares of the largest foreign and Russian companies.

11 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

Even 20-30 years ago, investing in stocks was a simple and very profitable business due to the so-called blue chips. But after the crisis and the collapse of the financial system, investing in the securities of such companies was not very profitable. If earlier their main trend was upward, now it’s hard to predict their dynamics at all.

But investing in stocks has one major drawback. Tangible income can only be obtained in the long term.

You can earn by using stocks in two ways:

  1. Investors make manipulations with stocks in the network. "I bought it cheaper - I sold it at a higher price" - the golden rule of a successful investor. This is the main activity.
  2. Dividends. You buy real stocks, invest your money in the company you choose, which you consider the most promising. Well, once a year, interest is paid to shareholders.

Remember that if during trading you may not pay taxes (since Russian legislation does not yet have such an item in the Tax Code), then when trading stocks, this will not go away. And each individual is obliged to transfer 13% of the amount of income to the state budget.

Among the clear advantages of this way of earning it is possible to single out a high level of profit (especially if the company is promising and is developing rapidly). But the disadvantage is the instability of the modern market. And there is no guarantee that the company will go bankrupt. In this case, you will not get anything.

Precious metals

Gold is a well-deserved asset safe haven. Even in times of geopolitical instability and financial crises, this precious metal was considered the main “safe haven”. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to protect your funds.

Now you can invest in gold even with the help of electronic wallets. WebMoney, for example, has a corresponding function from 2007 of the year. Currency is stored in a special wmg wallet. In the future, if you wish, you can even exchange them for real gold bars. But for this you have to go to the main office of WMMetalsFZE.

Buying e-gold is a much more profitable business. Since real bars are subject to a special tax.

Create and promote your own website

One of the most popular Internet investments, which brings a decent passive income - is to create your own Internet site or invest in similar projects.

Earnings are due to the active monetization of their site. But first it is necessary to create a business.

12 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

This can be done both independently and by hiring a professional. But I will tell you a secret, now we have a lot of special designers and engines that allow you to easily create your own website, even without programming skills.

But such Internet investments at interest will not bring passive income immediately. You need your blog to have regular visitors. The higher the site traffic, the more profitable advertising you can install in your blog.

If you want to speed up the process, then you can hire professional experts who are engaged in promotion in search engines Yandex or Google.

But remember that even after the initial promotion you should constantly be engaged in your project: fill it with useful and relevant information, make sure that visitors are interested in staying on your portal, and so on. If you do not follow this, your blog will quickly fade. Well, along with this and your passive income.

To fill the site, you can hire a professional copywriter. Or write yourself, if you of course understand the subject of your blog.


If you are interested in this simple way of receiving passive income, then you should remember that it does not provide for the most part any guarantees that you will receive your profit after the expiration of the contract.

According to statistics from experienced private investors, 20% of such projects fail and go bankrupt. That is, be prepared that approximately the same amount will be your loss.

13 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

The number of startups in which you invest money can be completely unlimited. Just like the amount of your investment. Some prefer to invest several thousand, while others transfer several hundred thousand rubles. But naturally, you should make a full-fledged analysis of a potential startup for investing money. Doubtful projects should be avoided.

Pros are advised to invest in such projects at the stage of origin and development. But not ideas, since there is a high risk that the project cannot be realized at all. Along with this, your investment will be lost.

Investing in completely new projects has the highest level of risk. But as practice shows, it is they who bring the lion’s share of the investor’s profits, if in the future they can “shoot out” in the market.

Before investing money in startups, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • the form in which the investment will be made;
  • how interest will be paid.

This method of passive income is very risky. But the risk can be rewarded with huge profits if the project unwinds and enters the market.


In the modern world, online stores have become increasingly popular. This is where the opportunity to trade absolutely everything your heart desires. And the main convenience is that you do not need to leave the house and go to the other end of the city to buy the goods you need. Now you just have to go online, place your order and wait for delivery.

You can promote not only products and products of own production, but also information, as well as your own knowledge.

But the development of its own online store can be extremely costly. At first, in order to organize your products, you may need cash investments. But as practice shows, in the future it all pays off at times.

Therefore, owners are looking for investors who are willing to pay high interest rates. You can also become such an investor if you do not want to promote your own store.


Another attractive and profitable way to make money is to invest in domains. In the network now there are a huge number of sites with a variety of topics. For this reason, beautiful site names have long been occupied.

Well, along with this was born a new way to make money on the Internet - the purchase of domains with their subsequent resale.

14 internet investicii pod procenty dg7c

Profit from such a business can be very large. Those people who bought domains another 20 years ago can now sell them hundreds of times more expensive! Two-letter domains can now be sold for 10 000 dollars or even more.

Were recorded and such success stories, when offered a cost per domain of millions of dollars!

Why is this business very promising now? The fact is that almost all beautiful site names have long been occupied.

I will tell you a secret, you can create domains, dedicated to certain events. Well, after selling them, they will scatter like hot cakes. True, after their relevance has dried up.

You can also buy domains for resale in the future. For beginners, such a business may seem very difficult. After all, you will need to conduct a primary analysis of the market in order to understand whether this or that site name will be promising in the future. Will sell it more expensive or not.

Such Internet investments at interest are more suitable for professionals. But if you decide to run such a business, I can give you a couple of valuable tips:

  • In no case do not invest in the domains of exotic countries. They are very expensive, but you are unlikely to be able to sell them at a price that is favorable to you.
  • invent domain names consciously. Better fit thematic names. Of particular value are those domains whose name consists of 2-3 characters, or beautiful combinations of dates or numbers. Just a meaningless set of letters no one wants to buy.

Such a business will bring you fruit in the form of first profit only in the long term. Yes, and you can get the first profit in 5 years or even more. But this is a great opportunity to make some extra money in the future! Indeed, with the development of the Internet, even more sites appear.

Internet lending

If you decide to receive passive income using this method, then you will have the opportunity to choose the conditions for lending. After that, on average from 1 a month to six months, you lend money to a specific service that provides services on the network.

Thus, you get an excellent opportunity to receive passive income due to the provision of their own funds.

But remember that there is always the risk of a borrower not returning funds, so you will not receive any interest or your own investment.


Recently a new way of investing has appeared. It stands for High Yield Investment Program from English. Translated as an investment program that can generate high income.

This is a project that offers its investors high levels of passive income. But where large salaries are meant, there is always the risk of running into fraudsters, since they always turn around where there is a lot of money.

Also remember that any HYIP has a limited lifespan.

To reduce risks, I recommend to follow some simple rules:

  • It is best to invest at the very beginning of the project’s inception.
  • never invest all your funds in one hyip, distribute them among several.
  • do not withdraw all the profit at once, it is better to divide it in parts.


Online interest investments can bring you a steady passive income. The most important thing is to choose for yourself the most suitable and thoroughly study all its features and nuances.

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