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If you are on my site, it means you are in search of an additional source of income. And I will tell you in confidence that you have come to the right place! I have been working for myself for a long time and I get good money. Well, ways internet earnings there is a huge set. Everyone will find for themselves what will be comfortable to him personally and fit the most.

One of these ways is mobile apps for earnings. Yes, each of us has a mobile smartphone or tablet. We call it, write messages or surf the Internet. But not everyone knows that with the help of our gadgets with you, you can earn real money, which you can then bring to your wallet!

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Today I will tell you about how you can get additional income from smartphones based on iOS or Android operating systems. It is not difficult at all, as it may seem at first glance. You do not need to create or program mobile apps for earnings. Just download certain, and perform tasks from customers.

The essence of mobile earnings

In general, the essence of the work is no different from the same freelance and copyright exchanges. You receive the order, execute it, and after you the payment for the execution comes to the account.

The lion's share of all tasks is to download and install a specific application. But I will reveal to you one secret. In order for your funds to be credited to your account, you need to wait at least 2-5 minutes before removing the application. But there are also such customers who, in the assignment, make demands not to delete the downloaded application for at least a week, or even more.

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Ways to earn money

Before proceeding with the debriefing, I propose to run in advance for all the options and methods of earnings:

  • Downloading applications - the most common, profitable and popular way to generate income on applications for earnings. Its main essence is to download and install a game or application from Google Play or the App Store on your smartphone. For each installed application you will receive a fixed fee, which is negotiated in advance. In the future, it can be withdrawn to your mobile account. You do not need to pay money for any installation, they are all free.
  • Advertising - you watch commercials and get a certain fixed fee for each viewing. In this case, you will not need to specifically go to the sites of advertisers. Just wait, and the ad itself will periodically appear on the screen of your smartphone. You look through the first few seconds, and then in automatic mode, you will be charged for your actions.
  • Captcha - although it is not so profitable tool, it still allows without special efforts to get additional income for the same mobile communication or Internet. Even a schoolboy can cope with such tasks. Captcha are the most hated pictures with symbols that you need to enter in a special field. Well, with the help of specialized applications for earnings, you can not only enter such captcha, but also receive a fixed fee for each of them.
  • Assignments - here are a variety of tasks from customers, for the implementation of which you will receive a fixed payment. These are simple tasks - to join a group, like, write a review and so on.

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You most likely will ask a question - what benefit from it at customers? Why should they pay to ensure that you download an already free application? The fact is that the number of downloads will affect their rating and popularity. Well, in the future it will pay off at times, because the developer will continue to produce his product. And because of such a rating, his applications will be snapped up like hot cakes.

How much can you earn on applications for earnings

So, how to make money - this we have already figured out with you. Well, the next burning question is how much can you earn on applications for earnings. After all, if this is not so profitable, very few people will agree to spend not only their time, but also the smartphone's battery on installing and viewing ads.

Naturally, I will not tell you the exact number, just like any other person. After all, such earnings are purely individual. It all depends solely on your aspirations and ambitions! All earnings on the Internet and built.

But on average, if you regularly carry out tasks for at least three applications for earnings, you can easily earn 1500-3000 rubles per month. Well, if you connect an affiliate program, then you will receive a decent passive income.

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To make it pretty clear what it is, I will list the basic rates:

  • for the downloaded game you will receive on average 5-10 rubles;
  • Write a review about this or that application - up to 5 rubles;
  • A couple of seconds to see an ad will cost you 0,05 rubles;
  • for longer advertising, you can already get 10-20 kopecks;
  • Well, the performance of tasks does not have a clear fixed price, since it will directly depend on how difficult and capacious the task will be.


I recommend not to neglect referral programs. They are provided in almost all applications. Within such programs you need to invite friends with special invitations. And you will still receive an additional average of 20% of their earnings.

That is what brings you income, which at times exceeds the fulfillment of tasks through earnings applications. I will tell you a secret, I have a couple of friends who were able to go to 40 thousand rubles a month only through such affiliate programs!

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To connect your first referral you just need to become a member of the program. After a special link or code that you give out to your friend. When registering in the application for earnings, he indicates this code in a special window. Well, then you will automatically receive a percentage of its deductions.

This is a very profitable passive income. But many people do not know how to attract new referrals to their system. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Through friends - This is the easiest and easiest way to make money. Especially if you are a sociable person and you have a lot of friends. Tell them that you have found a very promising way to earn money and send them a promotional code for registration. Believe me, they will be inspired too, because this is one of the easiest ways to generate income!
  • Comments in social networks - another effective way. Visit large communities on social networks, forums and so on. Leave your promotional code in the posts and in the comments. Although he may soon be removed by moderators, some people will still be able to use it.
  • YouTube - remove the tempting video, where you announce your promotional code. Well, put it on your channel.
  • Forums - if you own the skills of a beautiful word, then write a capacious text about how you could get rich with the help of this earnings. Well, post it on all thematic forums about making money on the Internet.

Features and benefits of applications for earnings

The main reason why people download mobile apps for earnings is the extra income. It may well be enough to pay not only mobile communications, but also your home Internet. Already not bad, agree!

Many students earn extra money, thus earning extra pocket money without any skills or specialized education.

You are not tied to a place. You can earn at least during a walk in the park or a trip to public transport. Why not make the way to work even more useful and enjoyable.

Well, the last significant advantage of such earnings - you will not need absolutely no investment! You only perform free actions, but for this you get a fixed guaranteed payment.

The only thing that is required of you is high-speed Internet on the phone. And preferably unlimited. So that you do not have any problems with viewing ads and installing applications, for which you will receive timely payment.

Earnings applications for mobile phones

Now you know how to earn with your mobile phone. Well, now let's get to the most important thing - the list of applications for this.

There are so many of them. But not all of them are truly high-quality and can give you a good income. Therefore, I have selected for you only the best and proven ones, which I occasionally use myself.


This is one of the best and most popular applications for mobile earnings. Without tasks here you just will not stay, as they appear every day. Moreover, if you compare this application with other analogues, then the payment here is much higher.

In addition to the standard payment for the activity you get special bonuses. And the more such bonuses, the higher your payment will be!

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As I said earlier, I recommend earning on affiliate programs. And in this application, the deductions are one of the biggest - up to 50% of your referrals will be credited to your account.


In addition to the previous application, I strongly recommend that you install it. It is no less profitable, but in a pair they will give you a lot more money than if you used only one.

Withdrawing the money earned, in addition to your mobile phone, is also possible on Qiwi and WebMoney e-wallets. The sum of the minimum withdrawal is just 3 rubles.

There is also a referral program, in which you can earn up to 10% of your invited participants.

Among the available tasks here you can meet:

  • download the app and install it on your mobile phone;
  • rate the application and leave feedback about it;
  • watch short videos;
  • tasks in the framework of partnership programs.

Just want to note one very important advantage of this program - it is instant payments! Far from everywhere, there is such a thing, sometimes you have to wait several hours or even days.


This is a universal service that has long established itself as a reliable and solvent. The first thing you install it on your smartphone, then - register a mobile phone number and email address. It also supports registration via social networks.

Remember, I said above that some applications prohibit deleting an installed application for a week? So this is just one of those. Otherwise, your action will not be counted, but the money earned will not be transferred to your account.


Recently, this application is gaining increasing popularity for earning money on mobile phones.

It has one of the highest ratings among Google users, so I recommend installing it and setting up your account for earnings.


With this application, you can not only earn money by downloading mobile applications, but also surfing the Internet, browsing websites for money, and performing other equally interesting tasks.

Go cash app

Unfortunately, this application can be installed only by Android users. Here, the lion's share of all tasks is precisely in downloading applications. On the day, you will be able to receive up to 40 similar tasks, which will provide you with an income of about 300 rubles each month. It is a trifle, but at least it will cover your expenses for mobile communication and the Internet.

This application was originally primarily created to help increase the ranking of applications and their position in Google. Well, for this customers are willing to pay money to artists such as we are with you.

Whaff rewards

To register in this application for earnings, you will need to have your own active Facebook account. But I strongly recommend that you open it, as it is one of the oldest and most trusted applications for mobile earnings. The number of downloads has long exceeded 20 000 000!

Watch videos, ads, download applications. But most of all you can earn it through an affiliate program. The price here is fixed - you are paid 20 rubles for each new user that you brought to the portal.

A few words about security

Many people are skeptical to constantly download applications to your site. And there is some truth in this, as people are afraid to catch the virus. In addition, the Internet is full of unscrupulous users.

But I hasten to reassure you that all those applications that are initially hosted in the AppStore or GooglePlay, are fully tested for viruses. From here it is absolutely safe to download, unlike third-party sites and forums.

Therefore, you can be sure that this way of earning does not harm your mobile phone.


This is a great opportunity to get passive income. You can not only earn by downloading, but also by attracting referrals. Moreover, some of the earning applications I have listed imply up to 50 from deductions from their earnings and remittances.

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