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And once again welcome you to my portal, which is dedicated the best ways to make money online. Earlier, I have already mentioned many times that there are many different ways to receive both basic and additional income.

In fact, there are not only infinitely many ways to make money here, but also as new technologies develop, others appear with each new month. In addition, you are not limited in terms of the amount of earnings. No ceiling and restrictions, as in the office! You set for yourself how much you will receive!

Today I will pay more attention to making money on video on the Internet. Not everyone knows that this can bring great income! Especially if you promote your account and monetize it, earning on advertising.

Now YouTube has become especially popular! There are a lot of bloggers from various fields. And agree that you are subscribed to at least one of them. For example, I really love the subject of travel. And in my free time I like to watch a couple of interesting and colorful clips from Top bloggers who constantly travel and tell about their adventures.

Do you think that they are oligarchs, so they can not afford to work and constantly travel? Not! They are exactly the same people as you and I. They earn on their accounts on advertising. Therefore, they are trying to shoot truly high-quality content that will attract even more subscribers. The more of them, the higher the number of views. Well, it is on this and bloggers earn on YouTube.

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As for the amount of earnings, they can be very diverse. It all depends on your ambitions and flight of fancy. In fact, to become a top video blogger, it is not necessary to have programming skills or market analysis to work as a trader in the financial markets.

You just have to be creative and be an interesting person. That it was interesting to watch you. Such TOP bloggers earn a few hundred (!!!) thousand rubles a month.

Well, in general, the average payment here will be from 50 to 5000-10000 thousand rubles a day, even if you do not have a well-promoted account that hit the top lines in popularity on YouTube.

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At the end of the article I will tell you how to create your account and start promoting it, earning on advertising. Well, before that, let's talk about other ways to make money on video on the network without any investment!

Ways to make money on the video on the Internet

I will tell you a secret, there are a lot of options for making money this way! Many people think that you can get money only if you have a cool popular account. But it is not so!

All services and portals for earnings can be divided into two types:

  • You earn on the views of other videos, while payment is charged for one full viewing of each video;
  • Well, the second way is to download your own video in order to get as many views as possible. The more views - the higher your income will be. Moreover, this can be an ideal passive income, as the video clip will always be online!

I would advise beginners to start with the first method. Since it does not require large investments of certain knowledge and skills. Just click on the video, view them, and for each view you will receive a pre-negotiated amount. Of course, here you will not earn as much as on your own account. But as an additional income is fine.

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More advanced users who are well-versed in the Internet can afford to shoot their own videos and post them on their account, while earning on views from other users. Although this option is much more complicated than the first one, but the income here is already several times higher than from just watching video clips.

I remind you that regardless of the method you choose, you need to register your e-wallet (for example, WebMoney), as well as have an active and valid mail.

How to make money watching videos

We begin with the easiest way to earn money on video - viewing other people's videos. To do this, you will not need anything except a laptop, the Internet and the availability of free time.

To more or less feel the income, you need to allocate at least 1-2 hours per day. Otherwise, you will not earn even the money that would pay for your Internet. Under such circumstances, you can count on the amount of 150-200 rubles per day. Some sites pay more generous pay. Therefore, constantly monitor them for better deals.

4 zarabotok video 565748

I recommend to register at the same time on 3-5 at least sites for watching videos. Well, you should not choose long videos. It is better to earn on those whose duration does not exceed 5 minutes. So you can view as many clips as possible in the same period of time!


Well, now let's list with you the main sites where you can get money from watching video clips. This site allows you not only to get paid for watching videos, but also for comments to them. There is no need to register separately, it is enough to have only an account in social networks!

In addition, you must have your account on YouTube and link it to VKtarget. After all, the only way the funds for viewing videos will come to your account for the subsequent withdrawal of profits to your e-wallet.

Also well paid for actions that involve a subscription to the channel itself. Tasks are constantly updated, so you will not be left without work.


It may seem to you that from the name of this portal for earnings on the Internet has nothing to do with the video. But it is not. Here you can also find tasks that will be paid for watching videos.

5 zarabotok video 565748

In addition to the classic video views, you can also earn on commenting, channel subscriptions, and so on. Well, if you link your account on social networks, then you get access to more tasks: likes, reposts and much more.

For example, you will be able to receive an average of 100 rubles for placing an advertising post with a length of 200 characters. That is, for 10 of such advertising posts you can earn already on 1000 rubles per day!


Here is also available earnings on video. For the most part short rollers are presented, the duration of which does not exceed 30 seconds. There are a lot of topics here, so you can easily choose for yourself the most suitable and enjoyable for making money on video views.

To increase your income on this site, you can attract referrals for a special program.

But like other similar sites, to earn here will not work a lot of money. Therefore, I recommend using it exclusively as in addition to other sites.


This is more like a stock exchange, weeks at previous sites and portals. But freelancers appreciate it for stability and reliability.

Payment here is much higher than on peers. For example, you can get 1,5-2 rubles for watching a video. And if you also repost the link to it, then you can earn almost 4 rubles for just one action!

From this site can turn out quite a good source of additional income!


Another popular portal for making money on actions with video clips. It is similar to the previous one, so I will not describe it in detail. In addition to views, tasks on social networks are also available here.

I recommend to connect an affiliate program, because according to it you can earn up to 40% from your connected referrals.


This is a foreign platform, which is also popular among freelancers. But there is one significant drawback - it does not have a Russian version of the site. In addition to views for videos, you can also earn here by simply surfing the sites.


Unlike the same YouTube, here you can earn not on their videos, but on others. The meaning is quite simple. You register your account on this portal. Then download any videos from the Internet (not necessarily your creation), and download them to your account.

It turns out that you get the opportunity to earn on watching other users of other people's videos.

Compared with the same famous YouTube, this portal takes you much less time and effort. As for earnings, they can reach an average of 200-300 rubles for every 1000 display here.


This portal has long been known and popular among advertisers and webmasters. It is a powerful tool for promoting websites and projects on the Internet. Well, in addition to this, you can earn good money on watching videos of other users.

6 zarabotok video 565748

It will be very good if you have your own promoted account in social networks. Feel free to register it in the project. But there are very strict requirements for selection. Not all sites will be accepted. It is necessary that the number of visitors be at least 3000 rubles. Well, the group must consist of at least 20 000 people.

But believe me, it's worth it! Since this service is already at times more payment. With every thousand views you will receive into your account the amount of 800 rubles.


Like the previous portal, this one is a powerful tool for promoting your projects. He is very much appreciated by advertisers and webmasters. If for the first it is a great opportunity to promote their projects, for the second, the site is an excellent way to make money on video.

The site on which you are going to earn should meet certain requirements. As in the case of the previous project. Although the requirements here are less stringent, but still the number of visitors should be from 300 active per day.

Affiliate Earnings

I personally tried this way of earning myself and from my own experience I was convinced that you can make great money without creating your own videos.

Its main essence is that it is necessary to have your own promoted group in social networks or the same own website. You place here a third-party video from the customer. And later, he charges you a fee for each viewing. On average, the payment is equal to 0,5 rubles. Agree, this is quite a good income! In addition, you do not have to do anything!

But if you want to cooperate with the largest partner portals, then be prepared for the fact that you will put forward and the corresponding stringent requirements. Not every group or site is suitable. You must have a certain number of active visitors per day. 

Video Hosting

In order to become successful in this business and earn money on video hosting, you need to have a creative vein. You have to create your own unique videos that will be of interest to the audience and your subscribers.

7 zarabotok video 565748

Earnings here will directly depend on how many views your video has scored, as well as how many customers have placed ads. Well, the second will directly depend on how popular your issues are.

You can create videos on a variety of topics. I recommend to go to the same YouTube and see which topic is currently in the greatest demand and popularity. Well, after that create similar videos and upload them to hosting.

Online cinema

If you are a movie fan and like to watch movies, you can get not only pleasure from it, but also real money!

The essence of such earnings is that you can earn on affiliate programs. There are many online cinemas on the net. You simply enter into a partnership agreement, and then post a link to a particular movie on your portal, website or group.

The total income will ultimately depend on the number of visitors who will follow your link to the online cinema site itself. Such earnings on the video does not require almost any effort and time from you.

In general, having your own group or site opens up a lot of additional features for you! Therefore, I highly recommend doing it. In the future it will all pay off at times!

Posting videos on your own website

This is a very good source of income. It lies in the fact that you need to create your own website on a specific topic and post a video there that other users can watch.

8 zarabotok video 565748

It doesn’t matter whether the commercials are of your origin or others. You simply place them on your website and insert advertising there that can be taken from such portals as BeSeed, VideoSeed, Seedr, which I have already described earlier.

But such earnings on the video can no longer be attributed to those that do not require investments at first. Yet here may require initial investment in the creation of the same site.

Depending on the attendance of your site will be earnings. On a less promoted website, you can earn with ease on 1000-1500 rubles per day! A great option for passive income!

Video to order

Another highly profitable way of making money on video. But there are several options for how this can be done.

The first and most basic way is to have your own YouTube account, which is very common and popular among subscribers. If it is made so that advertisers will actively place ads on your videos, then you will be able to earn money by advertising various brands.

9 zarabotok video 565748

For such earnings you will need to insert short commercials right in the middle or at the beginning of your own. Sometimes you may be asked to create a separate video advertising a particular product or service. In either case, you will receive a generous payment.

The second method is much simpler, since it does not require the presence of its own channel on YouTube. You will simply create those videos that are needed by the customer.

In this case, you should have a creative streak, the availability of skills to create videos, special equipment, the ability to mount the video and make it an excellent movie that will attract people.

Very often, on every freelance market you can get an order to create a video greeting, presentations, and so on. Depending on the complexity of the order, you will earn from 500 to 3000 rubles for each completed.

In any case, such video making skills will come in handy for you in the future. Therefore, I strongly recommend to master all the necessary programs.

Earn money on YouTube

Well, finally, we have come to the most important way to generate income from video - this is your own channel on YouTube! This is the most highly profitable way of earning, although the most difficult.

How much can you earn this way? Top bloggers easily get on their channel from 500 000 to 1 000 000 rubles per month! And this is not the limit. It all depends on the popularity and number of subscribers and views on your channel. Well, average video bloggers can count on the amount of 40-70 thousand rubles per month. Which is also very good!

10 zarabotok video 565748

Well, then I will try in simple words and explain in an easy way how they make such big money on their channel in YouTube. There are four main steps.

Creating your own channel

The first thing you need to do is sign up for Gmail and create your email address there. We will need it in the future to register our own channel. He will also need to be able to enter his channel in YouTube in the future.

We also need to connect contextual advertising through a special AdSense service, where we will receive additional income. It is for this type of advertising you will be charged cash rewards. It is placed directly in your videos or on the page itself with your channel.

By connecting an AdSense contextual ad once, you no longer need to do it again and again. Advertising will run automatically.

To start monetizing your account, you need to log in to your profile on AdSense, then click on the Video Manager, Channel, and here click Status and features. Then you only submit an application by filling in all the required fields. And everything is sent for consideration. On average, the application is moderated from 1 to 3 working days, after which the answer is sent to your Gmail mail.

Filling interesting content

So, the account is created, connected to contextual advertising. Now the most important thing is to fill it with the content that will be of interest to users. It is the content that affects site traffic. If it is interesting, then users will constantly visit your account, subscribe and actively comment on records. If so, then advertisers will quickly pay attention to your account and will offer cooperation.

11 zarabotok video 565748

But there are some rules that are best followed. Otherwise, your account will not be so popular, but on the contrary, repel visitors. Including there are ethical standards. After all, if there is one continuous mat, then it will cause discomfort from viewing among visitors.

Once you have created your own video that meets all standards, you can begin to post it on your channel. But before you need to properly mount it, make high-quality sound, remove unnecessary frames, cut all unnecessary, impose special beautiful effects and so on.

To do this, you must master the special programs that will help you to do this. There is a lot of free software that can be mastered in a short period of time and at no extra cost. You can use free Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere. The first is suitable for the initial stages, but the second is for more complex processing, which is suitable for full-fledged professionals.

I recommend to additionally impose on your video music. This will make it even more fun and interesting.

But it is better to avoid putting other artists in the video. They may complain about this, which will lead to a complete blocking of your account. And you need it? Also, some performers are not allowed to put their songs without proper permission, which, as a rule, costs a lot of money.

Uploading video to your channel and subsequent SEO optimization

Once you have created and edited your own video, you can safely begin to download it to your channel and the subsequent promotion and optimization. Pour the video on YouTube is not difficult. Just click on the add button and wait for it to load.

Also, during the download you will need to fill in some fields, including the title, keywords, so that in the future, users can easily find it in search engines and so on.

12 zarabotok video 565748

Picking up keywords is also not at all difficult. To do this, you can use the popular service It shows those requests that have been popular over the last month on the network. It is for them and create your videos by writing the appropriate names and keywords for the search.

Channel promotion

Now the next important step will be promotion and promotion of your account. This means attracting new subscribers and even more views for your video.

For a much more efficient and fast promotion, you can pay money. But this is absolutely not necessary, as there are a lot of free services.

13 zarabotok video 565748

The first and most important rule of fast promotion is the creation of truly interesting and exciting videos that will interest users. If they are poor quality and do not attract attention, then no one wants to watch them, and even more so subscribe to your channel, so as not to miss the following videos.

Well, you can always promote your website due to the placement of orders on all the above portals. Here you will already pay people to watch your video.

Content on your channel should be unique and not repeated on other portals. That is, I highly recommend not to copy video from other sources. Sooner or later, the administration will block your account.


I hope that my video earnings story will help you decide which type is best for you. This is not so difficult, but it will allow to bring both additional and basic income with due respect. Well, in addition to working with video, there are many other ways to make money on the Internet, which I already wrote about earlier. I recommend to get acquainted with them, if for some reason you are not interested in making money on online video. Everyone will be able to choose for themselves what will be comfortable personally to him!

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