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Today I want to share with you my personal work experience at home without any deception and fraudulent fraud. Believe, it is really possible! A few years ago, I myself doubted the possibility of working not in the office, but through the Internet. But when I decided to change the scope of activities, I realized that there were more than enough opportunities here!

The main thing is to decide and believe in your own strength. Well, you will find your occupation anyway, since there are a lot of vacancies and opportunities for getting a good income on the Internet! Everyone will find a suitable sphere for himself, where he will be able to realize his full potential.

Who will be useful for this article? First of all, for those who are still confused, is it worth doing remote work at all? And also to those who, although he decided on this, could not decide on the vacancy and the way of earning.

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After reading my article, you will receive answers to the following questions:

  • is it possible to work remotely at home and how much can you earn on the Internet;
  • what ways of earning and vacancies currently exist;
  • how not to run into fraudsters and swindlers.

All methods and vacancies that will be listed in this article are checked either by me personally or by my good friends or colleagues. Therefore, you can with peace of mind choose any of the proposed vacancies and start a new life, earning a good income on the Internet. Soon you will become completely financially independent people!

Freelance and remote work and on the Internet at home

Even 20 years ago, we could not even imagine that it would be possible to earn somewhere else besides an office or the same factory. But with the development of Internet technology began to open other opportunities for work.

Now you don’t have to get up at 6 in the morning every day and drive through the whole city in traffic jams for hateful work, where you have to work from 9 to 17 every weekday. All those who work at the office, faced with the problem of holidays, when you have to literally beg the boss to let him rest at least once a year.

Newbies often confuse a freelancer from a remote work specialist. They believe that this is the same thing.

Freelancer works out of state. He fulfills orders that he receives through the Internet from other customers. At the same time, the performer and the customer may not even see each other, but can only correspond by Skype.

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Remote work means that you work for the same company in the same way, but you are not required to be present at your workplace in the office.

The beauty of this type of earnings lies in the fact that you can find a job without even having any skills to do so. You can learn it yourself if you wish!

Well, if you have some experience in programming, design, writing texts, SEO optimization, creating websites and so on, then you will find work on the Internet without any problems and will get good money. Since these specialties are very popular in the network among customers and well paid!

As part of proven statistics, a freelancer earns 30-40% more than the average office worker.

Those people who have never tried to earn income through the Internet, are suspicious of this way of earning. And rightly so, because there are many scammers and deceivers. Therefore, do not believe everyone. Nevertheless, you can find decent customers who will not cheat and regularly pay money for the work you have done.

Believe me, fraudsters are found in real life, not only in the network. Even I have encountered throughout my career as a freelancer with scammers, unfortunately. But she did not despair, but rather made conclusions for herself. In any case, remote work opens up so many opportunities for you that you simply forget about such a negative.

How much can you earn online at home

Beginners at first will always be interested in the amount of earnings. And this is natural. After all, they only decide to leave office work. And would it be advisable to do this? Agree, if the payment is less, then it makes no sense to go into such an unknown and unverified sphere.

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As for my personal experience, at first I earned about 15-20 thousand per month. But with the growth of experience and the acquisition of new knowledge, I could afford to take more expensive orders. As a result, my earnings grew already six months later to 1500-2000 thousand rubles a day.

But this is all purely individual. Perhaps you have good knowledge in programming and creating websites. So already for one order you will receive 20-30 thousand rubles!

The earnings of traders and speculators are not limited at all. Experienced Forex traders do not receive tens, but hundreds of thousands of rubles a month!

But remember that if in the same office you receive payment in any case, even if you didn’t do anything, then everything is the opposite. Payment will be solely for the amount of work you have done. Accordingly, they were too lazy - they did not get anything!

Many of my friends who started out with copywriting and wrote custom articles for other sites are already doing this for their own sites. And earn on advertising much more money!

The advantages and disadvantages of freelance

Such a good income on the Internet still has its advantages and disadvantages. Nothing in our world is perfect. And it is better to prepare yourself in advance for any pitfalls of this sphere.


  • You set your own schedule. You do not need to work on a schedule, which means you can arrange a day off for yourself on any given day. Similarly, with vacation. Distribute your work day as you personally would like.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world. It is not necessary to be tied to one place. Dreamed of going to the sea? Now it has become real! The main thing is to have a laptop and internet for work.
  • Now you choose your orders. If something does not suit the current customer, choose another! You are your own boss and do not depend on anyone.
  • The level of earnings depends only on you and is not limited by anything. Even at first, you will at least earn what you received earlier in the office. Only the work will not take 9 hours a day, and 3-4.
  • No bosses! There is only a customer before whom you have an agreement to complete an order or project. No more reporting to anyone!
  • If earlier you had to wait for payment, which will be only at the end of the month. Then here you get paid immediately after the completed project.


  • You need to be disciplined and responsible, as work at home implies a lot of temptations. Still, on a cozy sofa, we are accustomed to relax and relax under our favorite series, and not to work on a laptop.
  • Lack of communication. There are many people in the office with whom you could talk on any topic. Freelance is for the most part implies loneliness. Well, not all people from a psychological point of view can work that way.

Jobs for work at home on the Internet

Now that you have a general idea of ​​what it is to work on the Internet, you can go to the list of remote earnings methods that are ideal for beginners. They do not require special highly specialized skills and education.

All methods are proven and guarantee a good salary. In addition, no one forbids you to combine them, thereby increasing your total income!

Trading in financial markets

Work on Forex and binary options is very interesting and exciting! But to get a stable income, you need knowledge in the field of market analysis. If you make deals at random, such an activity will not be different from gambling. Yes, and stable earnings will not work.

Therefore, at first it is necessary to devote more time to theory than to practice. On my site there is a lot of useful information about how to start making money in this area from the very first days! I recommend to visit the section Strategieswhere even a beginner can find the right tactics for himself.

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If you do not have time to study, but really want to work in this particular area, then I recommend paying attention to automatic trading. Many experienced pros gradually began to move it to him.

There are many advisors, robots and special programs. Among them there are both profitable and losing ones. To save you time searching, I recommend to look at Abi.

This program has brought auto trading to a whole new level! You no longer need to worry about installing advisors in Metatrader and optimizing the robot. Here everything is done by the developers for you! It remains only to choose the system and set the amount of bets in the Settings panel. Turn on Auto Trading mode and observe how the program itself analyzes the market based on the settings that you personally set.

One of the main advantages of Abi is that it is completely free! There is even a demo account on which you can practice and make sure that the program is really working.


This is a simple job that even a schoolboy can do. And payment is made on a daily basis.

As you have already guessed, you need to reprint text from handwritten pages, scanned, from books, and so on. On such work, it is quite realistic to earn an average of 700 rubles per day per day. And the higher your typing speed, the more volumes you can complete.

It would seem that everything is simple and affordable. But such a vacancy has one significant drawback - a large number of scammers! Therefore, choose only proven portals, read reviews and comments on independent subject forums. And it turns out that you have completed the work, but have not received payment.


I myself started with this profession. She does not require special skills. The main thing is to be able to beautifully express your thoughts and create texts without errors. Start with rewriting. You are given a finished text, but what is required of you is to rewrite it in other words, but only with the uniqueness of 90%.

Uniqueness is the main requirement for such work! Non-unique texts will not be paid.

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As for payment, for rewriting you can get 10-25 rubles for 1000 signs. But copywriting is already valued much higher. From 35 rubles and above. It all depends on the subject and your professionalism and rating.

Naturally, articles about Forex will be paid much higher than about travel or psychology. But for this, certain skills and knowledge will be needed.

My advice to you: start with the rewrite of the simplest topics that you understand the most. Further, you will already have experience, rating, payment will grow. You will gradually move from rewriting to copywriting.

I have friends who are now quietly making copywriting on 40-50 thousand rubles a month! All in your hands!

Well, you will find work on specialized text exchanges. Advego and eTxt are the most popular for beginners. Here you will begin to earn your good money on the Internet.

Administrator of groups in social networks

This job has a lot in common with the same content manager. Your responsibilities will include the publication of articles and material in the framework of the established topics. Payment for such work is generally very decent. In a month can go on 15 000 rubles for maintaining one group.

Again, no one limits you in the number of such communities. When working with five, your earnings will already be from 40-50 thousand rubles a month! But here you need to be responsible and lead the community within the framework of established agreements. You have to make the group interesting!

Call center

This is a remote job. Many large companies offer call center operator jobs. Here you get the official employment, social package. But you can work from home. It takes about 4 hours a day to work. In this case, you decide what time you start working and when you finish.

Your responsibilities will include calling the potential customers and offering them services and products of the company you work for. Well, if you manage to conclude an agreement, then you will be entitled to a percentage of sales as a reward.

Website development

If earlier this required programming skills, now there are a lot of programs that allow you to create a high-class website without such knowledge. You can study this business by yourself.

You will receive a lot of orders! It is enough even to place an advertisement about your services on Avito, and in a couple of days to receive your first order.

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But it is better to practice in advance and create a couple of their sites, which will be a kind of your business card.

On average, the cost of such a site can be 5-8 thousand rubles for a simple site, and from 20 thousands for a more complex one. Therefore, with the fulfillment of all 3-5 orders per month, you will be able to reach the salary level in 40-50 thousand rubles per month!


Also a popular job on the Internet, which can bring good earnings at the level of the previous post. Even if you have no experience in this area, but there is a creative streak, then it will not be difficult to learn how to master special programs. Actually, this is the only thing that is required of you before starting the work.

Now the most demanded in the market design services in the creation of new sites. There are also many orders for the development of the company's brand, advertising booklets and much more. You will always find work on freelance exchanges, as well as even on free advertisements such as Avito or Yul.

Setting up contextual advertising

Vacancy, which is also closely related to the promotion and creation of sites. For setting up an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct, you can receive an average of 7 000 rubles per project.

Many people simply do not want to study and master this business, therefore they are ready to pay money to marketers and advertisers for this. Well, learning is not at all difficult. But in the future you will have a lot of orders for setting up contextual advertising for the same online stores, which are thousands of online!


In order for the site to make a profit, and the earnings on the same advertisement were more, it is necessary to promote the site to the top lines in the search engines Yandex and Google.

In the modern age of information technology, this profession is very much in demand and popular. Having acquired the skills of a seo-specialist, believe me, you will never be without work! As far as payment is concerned, depending on the complexity of the order, the cost of one project can even reach 50 000 rubles!

Online consultant

As I said earlier, there are many online stores in the network. People no longer want to go to the malls. It is much more convenient just to go to the online store and choose the most suitable product for themselves.

That is why now the profession of a consultant has become relevant, whose duties will include not only advising clients, but also the placement of goods, receiving calls and calling customers.

You can work here on a flexible schedule. You decide when and how you will cooperate with the store.

Job Search Tips for Newbies

From my personal experience I want to add you some tips on finding a suitable job on a remote basis. Newbies at first simply do not know where to start. I hope that my recommendations will help you quickly find the cause of your life!

  1. Do not focus on the same stock exchange and freelancing site. Search simultaneously on several, register, leave applications. This is the only way to find the highest paid customer.
  2. Pay much attention to the compilation of your profile and resume. This kind of your business card, which will make the first impression from customers.
  3. At first, your priority should be reputation, not money! Believe me, having gained an impeccable reputation and high rating, in the future the customers themselves will look for you, and not vice versa.
  4. Having mastered one profession, do not stop there! Always develop and gain new skills. So you will become a highly professional specialist who can afford to significantly increase the price for their services.
  5. Look for only the work that you like! Do not torture yourself to one that is not comfortable with you. Sooner or later you just give up and burn out at work.

How not to run into fraudsters in the network

There are a lot of scammers in any field. I myself several times faced with deception by unscrupulous customers. And so you do not step on such a rake, always follow the tips:

  • Always take a prepayment for the project before proceeding with the order. Prepayments can range from 20 to 50%, depending on how you agree with the customer. Even if the customer merges, then at least you will not be left with nothing.
  • It is better to look for orders through specialized exchanges, rather than directly. Here at least there are high guarantees that the payment will be transferred to you after the completion of the order, since it is initially blocked on the customer's account. Therefore, the risks of being deceived are extremely small.
  • Work should be free. And if initially you are required to transfer even a small amount before giving the task, then it’s a scammer on 100%! Immediately refuse such offers.


Good earnings can be obtained in any field, including working on the Internet on a remote basis. Moreover, your salary can be many times more than that which you receive or received in the office! From my personal experience, I can say with 100% confidence that you can learn any of the above professions. Even creating websites! The main thing is desire and perseverance! Well, for this you will be rewarded in the future with high earnings and full financial independence!

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