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All people, without exception, at least once had a desire to invest money somewhere, in the future to receive a stable monthly passive income and not work in the office. Only to someone it manages to be made, and to someone is not. What is the reason? It all depends on where you invest.

There are many proposals, but not all of them are effective. Today I will share with you the best ways to earn big money.

With the growing popularity of such remote passive earnings, a large number of scammers appear. After all, big money is spinning here, which attracts many cheaters. Therefore, another difficulty after choosing the scope of investment is not to run into such scammers.

Regardless of the area you choose, my article will be useful for you anyway! After reading you will get answers to the following questions:

  • what are the options for investing money in order to get passive income;
  • where you can get big money on the Internet;
  • how to invest money in order not to go bankrupt in the future;
  • how not to run into fraudsters.

What you need to know a novice investor

The most important rule that must be remembered by any investor - you should only invest your free money! By no means borrowed. It also does not have to be the money that you have set aside for vital needs. You should not save on food to invest in any project.

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Many people believe that having invested their last savings, they will multiply them by 100%. And they are already starting to make any plans for these funds. As a result, the project burns through with your last money for existence.

There is never a guarantee that you will receive money. There is always a high risk of losing the invested money even there, there are high guarantees (for example, bank deposits).

The following advice for a novice investor will be a preliminary assessment of not only risks, but also potential returnswhich you can get in the future.

The higher the return that the project offers you, the greater the risks.

But on the other hand, whoever does not risk, he does not drink champagne! Recall the biggest investors on Wall Street. They make millions from one deal. But few people think about how much they have already lost on unsuccessful investments. Even they understand that losses are part of their work.

Before investing your money in any project for the purpose of earning additional income, evaluate it in terms of the following parameters:

  • yield;
  • risk level;
  • investment period and future payback;
  • size of the minimum allowable investment.

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The following rule can be formulated in the form of a popular and well-known saying. Do not store all eggs in one basket.

That is, in no case do not invest all capital in high-yield projects. Yes, they will bring in the case of success large salary. But also more likely that he will burn with your money.

Learn diversify your portfolio. That is, to distribute funds depending on the level of risk and profitability.

You will be able to earn big money on passive earnings only if you learn how to correctly distribute capital and risks. Therefore, remote earnings always goes hand in hand with money management.

Everyone is primarily thinking about money, completely forgetting about the risks. Do not make this common mistake among newbies.

Where to invest money: options for earnings

After a short lecture on how to properly manage your money, I would like to go to the list of the best and most profitable ways to earn money on the Internet and not only.

Bank deposits

I will start with the safest and most conservative way to get a stable and passive income - these are bank deposits. On average, their income is 8%, depending on the lending institution you have chosen.

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Yes, the percentage is small, but high guarantees that you get your savings back after the expiration date. There is always the risk of bank failure or revocation of a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. But even in this case, you can avoid losing money thanks to the deposit insurance system. Just do not invest an amount that exceeds the one covered by insurance. Well, if you want more, choose only the most proven and reliable banks.

Forex, CFD and Binary Options

The Forex market is one of the largest in terms of daily turnover. Here you can buy / sell currency of different countries. Well, people earn on the difference in courses. It is no secret that the price never stands still. Under the influence of different fundamental factors, it changes every second.

Due to this, by no means the first ten years, traders have earned a lot of money.

Remember that year when the dollar exchange rate took off from 33 to 70 rubles in a short time! Many people were able to become millionaires because of this, as they managed to invest their money at the very beginning of the growth rate. Well, by selling dollars, when the rate reached its peak, they earned a lot of money on the difference.

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But buying the currency and changing it in the bank is not very profitable. Especially for those who do not have enough capital. Buying 100 dollars and waiting for the exchange rate to grow is completely inappropriate. To earn on this method, you need to buy a few thousand dollars.

Therefore, trading in financial markets has become popular. And thanks to over-the-counter trading, you do not need to buy the currency itself. You can simply make money by correctly determining whether the price will rise or fall.

To do this, you need to know at least the basics. technical и fundamental analysis. At first glance, this may seem very difficult. Stochastia, Moving Average, Bear Bearing Absorption candle pattern, graphic analysis Head and Shoulders figure. Many newcomers, having read this, will immediately close the page and start looking for easier options for earnings.

In fact, there is nothing scary. The main thing is assiduity and desire! Remember that your work will surely pay off in the future!

Do not try to shove the entire market analysis in a short time. This science is very extensive. Start gradually. Study first one indicatorthen connect the second one and so on. As you study the theory, consolidate your knowledge in practice. Good now all brokers Provide a free demo account where you can practice on the conclusion of transactions without risk.

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Another important aspect of success in this business is Trade Strategy. The conclusion of transactions should occur only within the framework of such tactics. Otherwise it will all turn into gambling and casinos.

On my site you will find a large collection of ready-made trading strategies. You just need to choose the most suitable for yourself!

In addition, learn to be cool and control your emotions. Money Management and the psychology of trading here are the most important components of success!

As for income, the average trader earns 15-20% per month of net income from the amount of his deposit.

Auto Trading Robot

Not everyone will be able to master the technical analysis. Sometimes even there is not enough free time. Therefore, especially for such people, there is another option for earning a lot of money on a passive basis - this is automated trading software.

There are many similar programs. But not all of them are capable of making a profit. Unfortunately, the topic of fraud touched this sphere as well. Many cheaters initially create losing programs to get your money unfairly.

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It also happens that under the guise of a profitable robot, they sell a low-quality program.

During my career I tried many such programs. And recently stopped at the work of Abi. I have already described the principle of his work in his article. I recommend to get acquainted!

PAMM investment and trust management

Another option for those who want to earn a lot of money on trading, but do not want to trade independently. But, as elsewhere, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

The essence of it is simple - you give your money to another trader who trades them. Well, after giving you part of the profits that he received.

If you have a close friend whom you trust, then there are no questions. But how to know that your chosen trader through the Internet really knows what he is doing? Often, behind the face of successful specialists, ordinary young scammers are hiding, who collect money from investors, and then completely hide in an unknown direction.

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Another disadvantage is there is always a high probability that the trader will lose your money. Especially if he leads an aggressive trade. In this case, you not only do not make a profit, but also your own invested funds.

I recommend cooperating only with trusted brokers. By the way, now almost all major brokers, such as Alpari, offer PAMM investment service. You simply choose the most suitable candidate for yourself and conclude an agreement with him. At least, this significantly reduces the risks compared to the way when you just find a candidate on the Internet.

Even the same Alpari always offers to view the level of profitability. This can be a beautiful upwardly growing yield curve. But remember that even ate on the history of such a PAMM account was profitable, it is not a fact that this will happen in the future. After all, the market is chaotic. And at any moment a collapse may occur, which will pull along with itself all your investments.

Another tip - again, do not store all the eggs in one basket! Well, in our case - do not invest all the capital in one PAMM manager. Distribute it among at least 10 traders. After all, even if the 1-2 of them will fail, then at the expense of the rest, you will still be able to end up in the net profit!

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Trust management has almost the same principle. You also give your money to another person or company. But only here the minimum allowable amounts may already be much larger. For example, from 300 000 rubles.

There are also structured products offered by many large Forex brokers. Here the risks are minimal, as there is a guarantee of capital. With the realization of even the most pessimistic forecast, you will lose only 10% of your capital.

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The above are examples of such investment ideas that Alpari has posted. This is very convenient, especially for beginners who do not understand anything in investments and the stock market, but want to receive returns up to 200% per annum.

This type of trust management can actually bring more profit. It is on average equal to 100-150% per year. It is also suitable, as well as for beginners and more experienced pros.

You can reduce risks by picking up your portfolio. You can choose one aggressive project, conservative and so on. Also allocate your funds to projects that use different strategies. Well, the main advantage - you do not need to independently engage in trading.

Investment in stocks

Many large investors earn big money by finding profitable investments in stocks of the world's largest companies. There are several ways to get big money in this way, and the most common ones are:

  • earnings on dividends;
  • on the sale of shares through the stock exchange.

This is one of the most profitable trading instruments, but with a high level of risk. Not every investor will be able to competently manage their capital and invest in reliable and profitable trading assets. This is an art that you can learn throughout your career.

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There are many different companies, each of which has its own securities. But to earn big money on this type of earnings, you need to choose stocks wisely, and not to invest in everything.

In this case, you should follow all the news of the company in whose shares you plan to invest your capital.

Experienced investors earn the most from corporate reporting seasons. Everything is simple here - if the company reported a large revenue and net profit, then its shares will grow for a long time.

Also, many pros advise to buy stocks at the moment of completion of the correction against the main trend (at the time of retracement). This is really a working strategy used by many banks.

But on the stock short-term strategies are practically useless. Here you need to be patient and be prepared for the fact that you can get the first tangible profit only in a year, or maybe two.

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However, the biggest risk is financial crisis in the country. It is at such moments that often collapses on many trading assets, not only on stocks.

With proper investment, you will be able to consistently make a profit, which once exceeds the same bank deposits.

Precious metals

This is also a fairly common way of earning, which is used by experienced and large investors from around the world.

And their choice is based on the fact that it is investments in precious metals that are characterized by very high reliability. Choosing this method of obtaining passive income, you can be sure that your money will not go anywhere.

The best time to invest in precious metals is a crisis. And all because precious metals of their kind are a safe haven asset. During the crisis, the same stock, currency markets are subject to strong collapses. But the precious - on the contrary. Here, investors immediately start transferring their money from the stock market.

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However, crisis times do not always occur. Therefore, the rest of the time precious metals are more suitable not for obtaining stable passive income, but for preserving their savings. People just keep their money in gold, as they are sure that no inflation or crisis will eat them.

Therefore, it is best to invest your money in gold or silver in times of crisis.


There are no more people left who have not heard about cryptocurrencies and the famous Bitcoin, which grew by thousands of percent in 2017 year! Many people became millionaires on this. Investments in crypto-currencies Now they have become one of the most promising areas in the last two years. And you should not worry that you missed that wave of rapid growth to the price of 20 000 dollars for a bitcoin. Now there are many other ways to obtain passive income, even in the current period of narrow lateral consolidation.

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Many analysts and experts continue to believe that digital assets will continue to grow. In this case, all their historical highs will be easily updated. There are specialists who predict the cost of Bitcoin to 1 million dollars!

So it will be or not, none of us yet know. But in any case, I recommend taking advantage of the current trend and have time to make money on such a promising direction!

But with such large earnings, which promises this way of investing, it is worth remembering that it has high risks. No wonder many experts compare any coin with a soap bubble. At any moment there is a risk of collapse and total collapse of the entire cryptocurrency system.

Therefore, I strongly recommend not to invest all your savings in this asset. Properly distribute your risks, so invest no more than 10% of the total amount of your capital.

Earnings on Internet projects

Many people in the modern world make good money on various Internet projects and other types of online businesses. Moreover, it is not necessary to have a large initial capital. Many of them do not require large initial investments, as novice speculators mistakenly believe.

Let's look at the most popular of these methods of online earnings.

  • Site.

You can simply create an information site on any subject and start filling it with material within the chosen subject. It is important that the material was interesting and useful to the reader. Otherwise, attendance will be low. Well, that is what will affect your future earnings.

As for my personal experience, I will tell you that with 1000 visitors you can earn approximately 1000-3000 rubles per day per day.

This way of earning is passive. You only need to fill the site at first, well, and then just maintain it and sometimes publish new materials so that the site does not go down in search engines due to inactivity.

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This way of making money is ideal even for beginners. The main thing is to be able to write interesting articles. You can independently fill the site without ordering material on the same text stock exchanges.

  • Groups in social networks.

We all are subscribers of certain communities in social networks. We just read the public, enjoying the published material. But few people know that with this you can earn quite a good additional income.

Most owners of such groups earn on advertising posts. In a group of about 1 million subscribers, one such ad will cost from 2 to 7 thousands on average.

Moreover, this way of earning quickly pays off, especially with small investments. The main difficulty lies in finding an interesting topic, publishing relevant material that will be in demand.

  • CPA and arbitration.

These are affiliate programs. The main point is that the company is ready to pay a certain percentage for helping to find customers for their goods. If you have your own website, then you will receive a fixed remuneration whenever the user follows your link to the seller’s website and buys his product.

It is very important to be able to attract users and lure them. Therefore, it is important to own psychology and know marketing.

Unfortunately, in such a business is very important experience and certain knowledge.

  • Apps for smartphones.

In this area really spinning huge money. If you have an interesting and unique idea, then why not create a mobile application. If it is in demand, then you will get rich and start earning a lot of money in a short time!

  • HYIPs.

In other words - these are the same financial pyramids. They offer you a very high percentage of the investment. But remember that all the pyramids fall apart sooner or later. Sometimes their life may be up to several days.

Yes, I myself have met such projects that have existed for several years. But no one ever knows for the future when it falls apart. Therefore, such a business, though highly profitable, is very risky!

Here it is mainly owners of such HYIPs who earn, and not investors.

Tips for beginners on competent investment

Well, at the end of my review about the best ways to get big money online, I would like to share tips from my personal experience on how to properly manage your capital so as not to merge it in the first few days.

Do not store all eggs in one basket.

This is the most important rule of the investor. In no case do not invest all your money in one project. There is always a risk that he will fail and go bankrupt.

Invest no more than 10% of your capital. Even if the project goes bankrupt, the profit from the others will override the losses from this. Well, if you do not have enough capital to divide it into so many projects, then perhaps it would be better for you to open your own business.

Invest more than half of the funds into projects with the least risk.

Experienced investors in the first place do not think about how much money they will end up with. They think primarily about risk! And you should also think in this direction. Therefore, if you have absolutely no experience, then you should not invest in such risky instruments as trading, cryptocurrency and trading on the stock exchange.

Do not think that you will be the exception. It is such self-confident behavior that led to the fact that millions of people have failed.

Always keep a cash supply.

I mean funds that will last you for at least half a year if your business fails. Do not think that you will earn money in any case. Always be prepared for what you burn.

Well, for this you must have a prepared "cash pillow". It will help you survive this adverse time and find other sources of income.


I have listed the most basic options for generating a large income on a passive basis. Naturally, it is impossible to list them all, as with the development of Internet technologies, new ways to earn money appear. But the above are at least proven!

I hope that my experience will be useful to you. But remember that the most profitable investment is in your experience and knowledge! Never stop learning and improving. And do not rely on easy money!

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