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At the moment, the vast majority of people still work in offices. Someone loves his work, and someone hates everything around and wants to work for himself. But afraid to decide on this.

I myself was in the same position, but decided to leave the office hateful work. And now I do not depend on the place! Itself decides how much will work and at what point to arrange a vacation. Just imagine that you do not have to get up every day early in the morning, stand in traffic jams, drive in crowded traffic. Just moved to a cozy sofa, opened a laptop, and started to work at home.

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But do not count on easy money! Even Earning online requires doing some work. You also have responsibilities that you must fulfill. Otherwise, you simply do not get paid.

Earnings online imply that you get money for having accumulated a certain amount. If you compare with the same office, there you can wait a day, but it will still be paid. This is a little different. But the final salary does not have a ceiling and restrictions. You can earn as much as you want!

Office slavery

Office work in itself implies a kind of slavery. You must attend the same place every day from 9 to 18. Such a schedule greatly limits the person. Often it is necessary to linger, as the hated boss again filled up with work. Well, sometimes there is no time left for privacy.

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A remote online earnings allows you to spend the entire 3-4 work hours per day, or even less! In addition, if in the office you earned 30-40 thousands per month, then you can easily earn money in 60-70 thousands! At the same time, working in half the time.

In general, I hope I dispel your doubts about this type of earnings. Well, now let's go to the list of ways to work remotely.

Just want to note that not everyone will be able to engage in such activities. Working for yourself requires discipline and strict self-realization. When you are at home, it is sometimes difficult to force yourself to work. There is always a temptation to watch a series of your favorite series and so on. But here the choice is yours!

Advantages and disadvantages of remote work at home

If freelancing abroad has been popular for a long time, in Russia it began to develop only after the 2000-s, when the Internet became publicly available. Already in those days, such a profession allowed to earn big money. Well, now the possibilities for online earnings has become even greater.

One of the main advantages of a remote profession is the ability to distribute your time as you like. You are also not tied to a place; you can work from anywhere in the world. Therefore, many travelers choose this way of earnings.

Many of my friends, precisely because of freelancing, have long been living in Asian countries, such as Thailand or Vietnam. After all, there is enough cheap housing and food.

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Freelance offers you a lot of opportunities! This is a kind of freedom of life, since you are not limited by anything!

Many people think that this requires special skills. But it is not. I myself began to make this kind of income without any skills. Now you can find all the necessary information for training yourself on the Internet. It is not necessary to spend money on paid courses.

Opportunities weight! But you need to decide what you can do best before proceeding to remote earnings. I recommend the first thing to take a pen and a piece of paper, and write out all the skills that you possess. But do not think that you will decompose on the seashore and receive easy money. Yet you have to work hard to make this possible in the future. Especially at the very beginning. But it is definitely worth it!

As for earnings, even a newbie in this profession can easily earn 20 thousands of rubles. Well, then everything will depend only on you!

Where to find jobs for remote work

So, you decide for yourself that you want to work remotely. But where to look for jobs? In fact, it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

You can find earnings online in the following ways:

  • through ads on the Internet;
  • through specialized exchanges;
  • in social networks;
  • create your own website and make money on advertising and promoting your own products.

There are actually a lot of offers. Therefore, first of all track them on special sites. Believe me, not only are you looking for a job, but employers are also looking for responsible employees to work on a long-term basis.

There are many scammers in the network. And so as not to run into those, be careful and do not settle for dubious proposals. Especially on those where you need to pre-pay money under the pretext of tuition.

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The second method is specialized exchanges. There are many of them in the network, there are both general and highly specialized ones. Choose them depending on the area in which you plan to work remotely.

On such exchanges there is a customer and performer. Well, the exchange itself is simply an intermediary who charges a fee for their services. In the future you will be able to communicate directly with the customer. That is how I found my regular customers with whom I worked for a long time.

One of the best online earnings exchanges is There are vacancies in all specialties. But at the beginning of your career do not count on big earnings. After all, to get expensive orders you need to raise your rating.

A lot of offers can be found in social networks. The most popular job is a community and group administrator. All you have to do is keep it, post subject matter and respond to comments. Agree, it does not require big skills, but payment will be approximately 10-15 thousand per month. At the same time, no one limits you by the number of communities that you will lead.

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Well, a more difficult way to make money is to create your own website or blog. You create it themed in the area in which you yourself understand. Well, after you fill with materials and articles that you write yourself. Or hire the same copywriter.

But to start getting your earnings from the site, you need time for promotion.

The best sites for online earnings

Now in the network you can find a huge number of exchanges for freelancing. But not all of them will be profitable for you personally. The fact is that on little-known exchanges there will be few customers, and as a result, there will not be enough orders to secure their own earnings.

Thanks to such exchanges, you can even find a typewriter job that can already generate additional income in 15 thousand rubles per month, while not having any particular knowledge.

Below I give an example of the most common exchanges that can be found on the network. It was here that newcomers found their first customers for themselves and were able to grow into professionals in their field.

My advice to you! In the first months you will work on your Name, to earn a reputation for yourself. Try to fulfill orders with 100% quality and impact. And then your name will work for you. Believe me, you will pour orders from regular customers. But for this you need to try initially! Even carry out orders for the minimum payment at first.

This exchange has been on the market for a very long time. She is the most trusted hardened freelancer. Every day a lot of orders appear here, millions of performers work, and a lot of new customers appear.

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Orders can be searched for free. But there is also a paid account that is persuaded to persuade the project developers to buy. Allegedly, you will pour more orders. This is perhaps the only disadvantage of this project. But I know from my own experience that you can easily do without it.

In order not to be deceived, always carefully study the customer profile and reviews about it!

Here you can find a job not only as a copywriter, but also as a designer, translator, programmer, journalist, photographer, and so on.


One of the most popular professions for making money online is copywriting. And if you decide to become one, I recommend starting with this text exchange. Etxt is the oldest and most comfortable exchange for beginners. Here you will always find orders and start a career.

Here, customers place jobs every day. Well, you have the right choice of tasks. There are texts on a wide variety of subjects - from travel to complex medical specialties. Depending on the complexity of the topic will depend on the payment for the order.

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One of the main features of such exchanges is that here one of the lowest commissions. The exchange is a kind of intermediary between the customer and the performer. Naturally, she will charge for her services in the form of a commission.

All the money earned can be displayed on WebMoney, Yandex.Money and other electronic payment systems. Money is withdrawn stably during 5 working days. Checked by me personally!

The essence of the work here is as follows:

  • the customer places an order;
  • you are applying for it;
  • the customer chooses the performer among all the applications left;
  • if he approves of you, then you proceed to the execution of the order within the deadlines set in advance;
  • the customer checks your order;
  • if everything suits him, then he transfers payment to you; if not, he sends it for revision.

On average, a novice copywriter can count on the amount of 10-15 thousand rubles per month. More experienced people naturally get more, as their payment is already increasing with a rating and length of service.


Ukrainian stock exchange, which has existed on the market for many years. She managed to establish herself in terms of high-quality and highly paid intermediary between customers and performers.

The program for automatic earnings Abi

Отличный сайт for those who want to receive additional passive income. The beauty lies in the fact that you are not required to study a complex market analysis. The developers have tried and created a special program, the algorithm of which has already laid all sorts of indicators and other technical analysis tools.

Just turn on the program, make the minimum deposit, customize it for yourself in terms of the amount of the minimum rate and so on. Well, after watching how the robot will trade in the market, and earn money for you.

1dop zarabotok online 45u

I will tell you a secret, in many respects success will depend on correct settings. On the Internet in the thematic forums you can find many examples from users. Or independently test your selections on a demo account.

The most popular jobs for earning online

If you have not yet decided on the type of activity for remote work, the following material will be very useful. Below I will list the most basic professions that allow you to work on a remote basis and bring a stable good income. Many people combine them, getting even more money.

There are vacancies that do not require special knowledge and experience. And there are those (programmers and designers) who need to learn in advance. Otherwise, you simply will not give up the order. But this can be easily learned by yourself.


Very fashionable and profitable profession in recent times. Here you are in no way limited in your earnings. The main thing is to learn to correctly determine where the price will go - up or down. Well, how to do it? This will help you technical и fundamental analysis.

In general, sometimes determine the future trend is not so difficult. Suppose you heard in the news that a strong hurricane is approaching the United States and Canada. Due to this, oil-producing regions may suffer. The prey in them will naturally fall. Well, this will contribute to the fact that the world market will receive less raw materials. Supply decreased, but demand remained the same. Hence, the price is guaranteed to crawl up. We conclude a deal on the Forex market to increase Brent and observe how the account gradually grows.

2dop zarabotok online 45u

There are many trading platforms. The most suitable option for beginners is binary options. You must admit that the prospect of investing a large amount in a project where you do not understand will scare many people away. Well, in Forex, on average, you need from 100 dollars to open an account.

In binary options, this threshold is reduced to 300 rubles on average. But you can feel that in general such a market. See how the price moves and how it reacts to certain events. In general, you can train enough. Well, after that, if you wish, you can go one step further - this is Forex and CFD. Here already and earnings will be higher.


This is the most popular profession, which for many years now allows you to earn remotely. To study it is not difficult. The main thing is to be able to express your thoughts competently and beautifully.

You can write on a variety of topics - from travel to the description of complex medical products. And depending on the complexity and narrow specialty will depend on the payment, which is calculated per thousand characters.

But do not confuse this profession with a writer. Here you simply write short informational texts for articles on sites. On average, one article will appear on 7-10 thousands of characters.

There are several areas in this profession:

  • copywriting;
  • rewriting;
  • SEO copywriting.

Rewriting is the simplest and accordingly low-paid occupation. You just give the finished text that you have to rewrite in your own words with high uniqueness. Well, copywriting already means that you will write a text exclusively new, without any hint of rewriting.

How much can you earn a copywriter? It all depends on you and your experience. Professionals with long experience can easily earn 50-70 thousands per month. But at first, be prepared for the sum of 10-15 thousand. To get more, you must increase both your skill and level.


In order to work as a designer, you must not only have an artistic style and be a creative person, but also have skills in the work of various specialized applications, understand computers and other modern Internet technologies.

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Go to any site. What do you see? Graphic design. This is what web designers do. For their work, they sometimes get a lot of money. It is these people who decide in what style and color scheme the site will look better so that as many visitors as possible can visit it.

For one project, such a web designer can easily get 200-300 dollars. Well, a month can go on 100 thousand rubles of net earnings.

But if a copywriter can write the text in half an hour, here the web designer can work on the project for several days, or even weeks, depending on the complexity of the task.

WEB programmer

Another popular online job vacancy that pays well. This profession also originated with the development of Internet technologies.

I have many friends who have learned the skill of creating websites from scratch and independently. But now they get 200-300 thousand rubles per month! Therefore, everything is in your hands!

A specialist in such a profession should know HTML, JAVA, JAVAScript, PHP, Perl as a minimum.

11 zarabotok online 45u

But then you will receive only for one order on average 20-30 thousand rubles. This is the cost of creating a single site. In your responsibilities will be not only the creation of the site, but also its testing, verification and final launch.


Recently, the profession of an internet marketer is gaining popularity. A specialist of this level is engaged in promoting various goods and services on the Internet. You must be able to present the goods to the buyer so as to interest him and sell. Well, for this you need to have certain skills and character traits.

Internet marketers should be able to understand human psychology. That is what will convince many people to buy a particular product.

Also, you should understand the promotion of sites, determine the most popular and popular queries and directions by search queries. In general, to know what people want and offer them what they want.

Content Master

This profession is usually closely related to copywriting. The duties of such a specialist include the placement of materials on the site, as well as their analysis. In addition, the content manager is obliged to engage in the design of images to the texts when publishing, searching for the most appropriate and so on.

12 zarabotok online 45u

The profession is quite easy and profitable. The average specialist will be able to receive up to 20 thousand rubles per month at first. It can be combined with other professions listed above. It all depends on you and on your ambitions!


If you like to learn languages ​​or already own one of them, you can earn an average of from 20 to 80 thousand rubles per month on translations. This profession is very much appreciated, as there are not so many specialists in it.

There are several varieties of this profession. And one of the most popular in freelancing is a linguist translator. They must be proficient in at least two languages. Among the orders often found technical translation, which is to translate from a foreign language into Russian. As for the subject, here you need to translate texts in the field of medicine or complex technologies. But with the increasing complexity of the task increases and pay for your work!

To find customers, you need to start with exchanges. Well, there you will be able to find permanent customers for yourself, and grow in this area, increasing your skills and pay.

Admin in social networks

If you are a frequent visitor on social networks, you can receive from this not only pleasure, but also benefit! There are a lot of groups and communities. And their owners sometimes do not always have time to lead them. Therefore, they are prepared to pay an average of 15 thousand rubles per month for you to guide them and regularly publish thematic material, periodically responding to comments from visitors.

Many modern moderators successfully lead on 5 or more groups, while earning 30-50 thousand rubles per month. Everything again depends on you!

It will not be superfluous to have the skills and abilities in the possession of Photoshop, since sometimes you will have to publish a lot of photos. You must also be a diligent and responsible person. Within the framework of such a profession, you will have to reread a lot of material and select for yourself the most suitable, which will fit the publication.

You will need to maintain live communication in the group so that it will be in demand and continue to remain popular. Your main task is to make visitors come back again and again. In general, interest them.

Sales Manager

If you know how to sell a product and interest another person in purchasing it, then God himself told you to work remotely as a sales manager! This profession allows you to earn big money. But for the most part, your total earnings will depend on how much you sell.

14 zarabotok online 45u

An interview for such vacancies can be held on Skype. The employer will also be profitable to work with you remotely, since he does not have to pay taxes for the maintenance of the staff in the office.

In your duties, first of all, you will have to call customers and attract them to the purchase of goods that the company produces. Not all people from a psychological point of view can withstand such work. Since be prepared for frequent rejections by customers.

You must admit that you yourself are not very pleased when they constantly call you on the phone and begin to offer what you originally did not need.

SMM Promotion Specialist

As part of this profession, you will need to promote products and services in social networks. With regard to skills, you should not only be able to analyze the material, but also to establish communication with people and be able to arrange them to yourself.

On average, such a profession is paid fairly generously - from 30 to 60 thousand rubles per month.


If you understand that you are tired of tedious office work, that you have no career prospects, and you feel that you have reached your ceiling, making money online will allow you not only to escape from the established routine, but also open up many horizons! You will become a truly free man, you will be your own boss! I recommend to choose one of those professions that I described in the article. Many freelancers who have now become financially independent people started with them!

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