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Learn all the most famous and popular ways to work at home on the Internet! Many people recently wondered how to earn extra income over the network. There are those who have long been building their earnings remotely and do not depend on the heads and the location of the office.

This is the advantage of such work - you are not tied to a place and you can build your work schedule as you wish.

In times of crisis, many people are left without work. Therefore, they begin to look for stability, which they find on the Internet. It does not matter where you are, even at sea in Thailand. The main thing is to have a laptop at your side and internet access for work.

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Agree, it is very tempting. Therefore, I also set myself this goal and began to work for myself. Throughout my career, I went through a lot of options that I’ll tell you about today. Especially this article will be useful for a beginner and those who are just starting to think about remote work and are looking for suitable ways for themselves.

From today's article you will get answers to the following important questions:

  • how much money you can earn on the Internet, working remotely on yourself;
  • how to start working at home on the Internet and what specialty to choose for yourself;
  • what sites are best suited to start a freelance career;
  • how not to run into fraudsters and not to be deceived in the network.

By the way, the last question is one of the most pressing. It is because of the fear of being deceived that many people do not dare to make such remote earnings on the Internet. Yes, there really is a lot of scam and deception. But if you follow my recommendations, you can avoid unpleasant situations and not lose your money.

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Millions of people have already made their choice in favor of this way of earning! If they could, then you can! So do not waste time, but proceed to create your new independent future!

How much can you earn on the Internet

You can meet a lot success storieswhen people started to make huge money and their earnings were several times higher than those that people received in the office. But do not think and expect that this will be at the very beginning of your freelance career.

Here, as in any other profession, you need to learn and improve your skills, become a professional and improve the specialty.

The fact is that many people are still condescending towards online earnings. They believe that easy money can be found here. I will say that this does not happen! If you count on this, then it is better to go to the casino right away. Work at home on the Internet is possible, but you need to make a lot of effort here to start making decent money.

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By the way, the network can meet a lot of tricks from scammers in the form of special training courses that supposedly help you start to get huge money from working on the Internet. Naturally, they are paid. And naturally they carry no value. You just want to earn and get your money. In general, do not get fooled by this. There are lots of free services that allow you to work remotely.

As for earnings, they are divided into three categories, and depending on what you will do will depend directly on earnings.

  • Simple work.

Such activity does not require you absolutely no skills and knowledge. Right now you can start such work at home on the Internet and get your first income. But I’ll say right away that it will be small.

It is more suitable for those who are just looking for extra pocket money. Such freelancers get 300-500 rubles per day. Well, the maximum 1000 rubles, but this is the edge.

  • Exchange

This is the most common and popular way of working. Here, too, are not particularly required any special skills. For the most part, you learn them as you work. Or your customer will teach you. On average, such earnings will already be equal to 2000-3000 rubles per day. Possible and more, it all depends on you.

4 rabota dom internet947

This is the beauty of freelance work - you decide how much you want to earn! Therefore, you are not limited in terms of earnings, as is usually the case in office work.

But if for the first category of workers it is possible to pay an hour or two a day to work, then this will require paying at least 3-4.

  • Remote work.

This type of earnings is already much more professional and has a narrow specialization that needs to be trained in advance. But earnings here may be already from 4000 rubles per day and above.

Although there are some exceptions, when customers and employers are ready to make concessions and train their employees free of charge.

But I have met many stories about how people began their freelance career with full zero and after achieving great results! The main thing here is to believe in yourself, be stubborn and never give up! The main key to success in this activity is the desire and desire to earn!

What is required for work on the Internet

Before you start working at home on the Internet, you need to prepare in advance.

  1. First thing you should have E-mail address, as it will be required for registration on subsequent exchanges.
  2. Since you are working remotely and not seeing your boss, you will be paid to online wallet. Accordingly, you will need to start it. There are some customers who transfer payment to a bank cardbut these are rare exceptions. The most popular service is WebMoney. There is also Kiwi, Yandex.Money and so on. After you have received payment, you can further transfer money to your bank card to be able to withdraw. Or there are plenty of options for paying for goods or services through the same WebMoney. I also recommend registering several wallets. For example, WebMoney and Yandex Money. It may also be the case that one customer will transfer you money for one service, while the other will not have it. It is better to prepare in advance so as not to lose time in the future.

How to start a newbie

Ways to earn a lot! It would seem that such a variety of choices is an advantage. But that’s what scares newbies who simply don’t know where to start. I decided to help you and provide the ways in which to start your freelance career ideally. I myself started with these sites.


This is the easiest, easiest, most affordable way to earn money for beginners on the Internet. You just need to enter the captcha. That is, the characters from the pictures.

5 rabota dom internet947

Well, the most popular and best way for such earnings is Rucaptcha. Here you can earn about 60 rubles for an hour and a half work. Just enter the captcha from the pictures, and for each you will receive a guaranteed cash reward. Work here is always around the clock. You choose for yourself the time when you want to earn extra money.

There are about a million tasks each day! Therefore, without work, you certainly will not stay!

As you work, you will start captcha introduction much faster, but this will allow you to earn even more money!

To start work, simply register. You can withdraw money both to your e-wallet and mobile phone. By the way, for the work at night payment here is many times more.


If you know how to write texts well and understand, for example, traveling, then why not make money writing articles on this topic. Some customers are willing to pay big bucks for sharing your knowledge.

But in order to work here, you need to be able to write correctly, without mistakes, beautifully express your thoughts and so on.

6 rabota dom internet947

There are very strict requirements for copywriters. But then the pay for work is much higher than on other similar services and text exchanges.

How much can you earn on these exchanges? If we talk specifically about CopyLancer, then the average rate is approximately 70 rubles for each 1000 characters. If you write text on 10 thousands of characters, then its value will be 700 rubles. Well, you yourself can calculate how much you will have to go out per day. It all depends on how many texts you write.

Professional copywriters, who have a high rating here, can easily earn 50 000 rubles per month. This is one of the best ways to work at home on the Internet.

And you can choose for yourself those topics that you know best. Well, depending on the complexity of the topics will vary and payment.


If you are a beginner and have not yet chosen a direction for remote work, then while you are thinking, you can use this service. Here, customers give simple tasks for which you receive cash rewards.

Your main task is to post to various forums. It is possible to publish in social networks, if you have accounts.

7 dop dom rabota internet o chem mechtaet

Your main task is to register in various forums and leave at least a couple of comments per day.

As for payment, here you can earn about 40-50 rubles for the post you have published. That is, when 10 performs such publications, you will receive 400-500 rubles as payment. Agree, quite good money for a beginner.

For the main earnings, this portal is not suitable, but for additional - perfect!


Also a portal for those who are looking for a side job. Here you can perform a variety of tasks and get paid for them. On average, a couple of hours of hard work can earn 300 rubles. It all depends on how complex tasks you perform.


Another popular text-based exchange with copywriters, where you can not only carry out orders, but also publish your own articles in the store, exposing the price you want.

If you want to make money on writing articles, then I definitely recommend registering here!

TOP-10 easy ways to earn money on the Internet

As I mentioned earlier, there are three types of work at home on the Internet. And the first category is easy and simple work, which does not require any skills and additional knowledge. Basically it lies in the fact that you perform simple and homogeneous actions.

Earnings on trading

One of the most profitable and effective options for earning at home is to make deals for rising or falling prices. At first glance, this may seem complicated. But in my experience I will say that even the market Technical Analysis you can learn on your own and without any expenditure and investment in training.

Yes, you can pay for courses from some fashionable "guru-teacher", who in most cases will simply give you the basics that have long been registered on my website.

By the way, your blog has a valuable collection of basics, strategies, tips, secrets, and so on. In general, here you will find everything that will help you learn how to correctly predict the future price movement.

Binary Options

Let's say you have learned to understand the market less and are ready to make money on it. Believe me, modern traders make huge money! There are many options for this activity. The most difficult thing is to play the stock market yourself. But nobody will let you in there just like that. And the starting capital there is needed from 100 thousand dollars. This is for serious investors and brokers.

You and I need an over-the-counter trade at first. Yes, and preferably with minimal investment. Binary Options - this is exactly what the doctor ordered for newcomers-traders. Here, on average, the amount of the minimum deposit is from 300 rubles. Everyone can afford it!

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Will the price go higher or lower? This is what the essence of such trade. If you have guessed, then on average 80% of the profit from the transaction amount will be yours. If not, then the entire 100% will go to the broker's account.

Many pros call this trading frivolous, compared to a casino and so on. I say that I have a lot of examples where people raised fortunes on such bets! The main thing is to competently approach your business!

Well, how do you know where the price will go? Answers to this question will give you a technical or fundamental analysis. Well, this need to learn hard!

Forex and CFD contracts

This is all the same OTC trading, but only more serious and profitable. But more complicated. If in binary your transaction is limited by the expiration time (time), here you can keep the transaction open for as long as you want.

Well, your earnings, respectively, will depend on how many points the price changes from the opening of the transaction to the moment you decide to close it.

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If you predicted the emergence of a strong trend, or just caught a new trend in time and a change in direction, for example, the price for gold, then you can earn a decent price change.

If binarks are more suitable for short-term trading (deals can be made in 60 seconds), then Forex - for a longer term. Since in a short period of time the price will change to a small number of points. Well, if you consider the spread in Forex, it becomes generally unprofitable to trade on such conditions. But over a longer period the price may change greatly.

Robot for automatic trading Abi

It seems all sounds simple and clear. But then why all of us have not yet become professional traders and do not move millions like wolves on Wall Street? Yes, because it's all really not so easy. The market itself is chaotic and uncontrollable. The person who would have learned by 100% to predict the future price movement has not yet been born.

Even experienced pros with experience in 10 years may be wrong, what can we say about you and me.

And some just sometimes do not have enough time to learn. But with the development of technology began to gain popularity automatic earnings. There were a lot of advisers, robots, scripts, programs, and so on. 

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Rarely when you can find a truly high-quality program that will allow you to get a stable passive income. But I found one - this Abi program!


One of the easiest ways to make money online, which does not require any investment - is earnings on surveys. Even if you already have a main job, I would even simply recommend this method as an excellent option for additional income.

In just 10 minutes, you can easily earn 50 rubles on average. It is best to register at once on several sites, at least five. So you will receive much more tasks and as a result - higher earnings.

8 dop dom rabota internet o chem mechtaet

There are many portals, among them: Internet Questionnaire, Internetopros, Platnijopros, Rublklub.

The main essence is the same - you register on the site, fill out your profile. Well, then you will periodically receive polls, you answer questions in them, but after completion you will receive a guaranteed payment, which is stipulated in advance. On average, 50-60 rubles are paid for each survey, depending on the category and complexity.

Earnings on social networks

If you are an active user in social networks, then why not make money on your hobby and hobby! Such earnings include the placement of advertising posts on their pages on Vkontakte, Instragramme, Odnoklassniki and other social networks.

There are other tasks, for example, putting likes, making reposts and so on.

This is not the most profitable way to make money. On average, a day can go on 100-200 rubles. But this is a great opportunity to make money on minor expenses.

Мобильный телефон

Now it is almost impossible to meet a person who would not have a smartphone based on the Android or iOS operating system. Many people use it for communication and conversation. But few people know that your phone can help you make a little extra money!

Millions using this method does not earn, but you can get additional 1000-2000 per month. Well, that's not bad either!

The most attractive thing is that for this you need only a couple of minutes a day! After all, money is never superfluous!

9 rabota dom internet947

What is required of you? Yes, just download a specific application, after which you will be immediately transferred payment.

One of the best services is AppCent. Here, for each downloaded application you can be charged up to 20 rubles. First of all, you need to download this application to your phone. After register and create your profile. Well, then choose any task and begin to perform.

Earnings on clicks and site views

Another simple way to work at home on the Internet is to view the sites and go to them (clicks). That is, you simply make one click, for which you receive a guaranteed payment immediately. Naturally, in one click it will not be big.

There are many proven services. On average, you can earn 200 rubles per month. But it is this type of earnings that allows you to make sure that making money online is really possible!

Entering captcha

Earlier, I already mentioned this type of income, which I started with myself. It is very easy and simple, suitable for those who wish to receive additional income in their free time from the main work.

Here you can easily earn 100-200 rubles per day for hard work and quick captcha inputs.

Captcha is a picture with symbols on it. You just need to enter these numbers from the image in a special field.

10 rabota dom internet947

Since this is a very easy and simple way to earn money that does not require any skills and knowledge, you should not expect high pay for your activities.

 Feedback and Comments

Just write reviews, leave comments, perform similar tasks from customers - and get guaranteed money for each successfully completed task. On average, with a fruitful assignment, you can earn 100-300 rubles per day.

But here it is necessary to leave practical reviews and comments that carry a semantic load. Typically, such tasks include the need to comment on products in online stores, to express their opinion on whether you liked him or not. You can invent reviews or leave real - you decide.

One of the most popular services is Otzovik. Here, people are paid not for comments, but for viewing the comments they left. Each participant is assigned a rating. And depending on it, other people will view your comments more. And your future payment will depend on it.

11 dop dom rabota internet o chem mechtaet

Also it is worth considering that the minimum amount of feedback you leave should be from 500 characters. That is, they must be deployed and carry useful information.

To invent here is no longer recommended. The more useful and valuable your review will be, the more views you will have. Approximately for 100 views you will be credited 6 rubles. In my opinion, this can be an excellent passive income. You just write your opinion, for which in the future you will drip a little money.

View videos and ads

The network has a lot of ways to make money, as you have already seen. There is also the opportunity to receive additional passive income and viewing videos and advertising.

On the video, you can earn in two ways:

  • viewing videos posted by other users;
  • publish your own and make money from advertisements that can be placed in it.

As for the latter, we all know the success stories of video bloggers who started earning hundreds of thousands of rubles per month on YouTube. Naturally, for this you need to have a popular channel and be able to shoot interesting, high-quality videos that would interest people.

12 rabota dom internet947

As for watching videos from other users, here the earnings are already much less. Here you can earn about 100-150 rubles per day.

You can also view banner ads from your browser and make money from it. Just download a special extension that allows you to do this. On average, for 1000 hits you will be charged up to 50 rubles.

Groups and communities in social networks

Another good way that can bring up to 10 000 rubles. Although the final income is still individual and depends not only on your skills, but also on the community itself and its popularity among people.

There are two ways to make money:

  • work as a group administrator or content manager, filling it with necessary information periodically;
  • creating your own group or community, promotion and promotion, and of subsequent earnings on advertising.

Already for maintaining one group, you can receive an extra 3-10 thousand per month. But no one limits you. You can take several such groups and lead them at the same time! So will grow your income!

The second method will allow you to earn hundreds of thousands of rubles a month. But before you achieve this, it may take a long time to promote the community. And this is very difficult to do without special skills. And not everyone will have enough patience, because you want to receive money right away.

Earnings on exchanges

Above, I described easy and simple ways of earning that do not require any skills. Do simple tasks and get a small payment for it.

Now I want to tell about more profitable earnings on the Internet. These are exchanges for copywriters and rewriters, freelancers and so on. Exchanges are special platforms that serve as an intermediary between customers and performers. With each order you pay them a small commission. But it is usually very small.

If you're lucky, it is on such exchanges that you can find your regular customers and in the future already cooperate directly, without overpaying the commission for orders.

13 rabota dom internet947

The profession of a copywriter is very popular at the moment. There are many sites on the network, and at the same time new ones appear every day that require filling with useful information. Without this, the site will be completely useless. And the owners also want to earn thanks to this, so they are ready to pay big money to high-quality copywriters.

Well, since there is a lot of work, you do not have a ceiling in terms of earnings. You can even write articles round the clock and execute orders on such text exchanges.

But there are some points that determine the quality of the article. Not everyone will pass the test and will be paid. Here the main thing that the text was unique from 90%. And it is better if this indicator is equal to 100%. This gives the customer a guarantee that you have not copied this text from any other site.

The average earnings of copywriters is 40-50 thousand rubles per month. The cost can also increase as the copywriter rating grows. At first, no one will give you a highly paid order, as the customer must make sure that you are a responsible employee.

The surest way is to start with a rewrite. Take the finished article and rewrite it, but only in other words and with high uniqueness. Well, then you can already much more understand the specific topic that will allow you to write your own texts. Copywriting is already paid much higher than rewriting.

Do not be afraid! Everyone can learn on their own and without any investment! The fact is that now all the necessary information is located on the network on forums and thematic sites.

For example, I also studied everything myself. And this is no big deal. Yes, at first there will be a lot of incomprehensible, but the main thing is not to give up! After all, in front of you will be waiting for unlimited opportunities and the lack of a ceiling on earnings.

Exchange for copywriters

It is best to write articles only on the subject in which you are well versed. If you do not understand anything in the same trading, then you should not suffer and write articles on this subject, although they are paid much higher.

A great beginner exchange is Etxt. Here you can start your copywriting career and get your first profit, gain experience, find your regular customers and so on. It will not be difficult for a beginner to find a job for himself, since there are a lot of orders here!

Another good exchange is Text and Advego. Here you can also put your own articles for sale in a special store in parallel with writing the main orders.

Writing articles is a proven and real opportunity to earn money at home on the Internet! If you are friends with the Russian language and are able to express your thoughts easily and beautifully, then I strongly recommend that you try yourself in this area!

Other exchanges

These include those exchanges where translators, programmers, designers, and so on can find work. Excellent exchanges are:

  • Weblancer;
  • Freelance;
  • Kworks.

Therefore, if you understand something very well, for example, in creating and processing video or photos, you can easily find work here.

It is better to periodically browse these sites, as there are often good deals and interesting work that can be done at home remotely.

On average, such specialists can receive 50-150 thousand per month with ease! Especially if you have programming and site creation skills.

There are also student exchanges where you can earn money by writing term papers or even diplomas. Any student will be able to find for himself an excellent job that can bring in 10-20 thousand rubles per month as an additional income.

Remote earnings on the Internet

Above, I listed the main ways to make money online, and the most common. But besides this, you can find other ways to work remotely.

Many large corporations host jobs on their sites that allow them to work at home. At the same time, you are officially employed and registered in this company, but you absolutely do not need to go to work every day.

One of these popular remote jobs is the call center operator. Working about a couple of hours a day, you can get an impressive additional income. Finding such jobs is difficult. You just have to constantly monitor the websites of companies, and look for a suitable job vacancy at home on the Internet.

15 dop dom rabota internet o chem mechtaet

Often, social networks offer a vacancy of the Administrator of groups and communities. This is a very simple job, which does not require special knowledge and skills from you. You just need to lead the community in accordance with customer requirements. Usually the responsibility is to find the right information and publish it in a group.

You can learn how to set up advertising in Yandex Direct and look for potential clients for yourself on the same Avito. At first glance, this may seem difficult, but again, you can learn if you wish!

I also recommend visiting the largest and most popular job search sites. As a rule, they work remotely in the following specialties:

  • type texts;
  • lead groups in social networks;
  • fill sites;
  • promote and unwind them;
  • designer;
  • programmer;
  • website development.

16 dop dom rabota internet o chem mechtaet

Another popular way to generate passive income is affiliate programs. Many people consistently earn their passive income on them and constantly travel due to such earnings abroad.

The meaning of this work is simple. Many large companies are willing to pay part of their profits to you if you brought them new customers.

How to avoid cheating on the Internet

In fact, deception is more common here than in regular jobs. Therefore, you must be careful and take care not to lose your honestly earned money.

  • Do not believe those "customers" who promise you quick and easy money. This does not happen, and to get money, you need to make an effort and perform certain actions. You just want to make money, do not let them circle you around your finger!
  • If you are offered to first pay money in order to get a profitable job in the future, then in 99% of cases this is a hoax! Never agree to this.
  • In the article I listed all the known and proven ways of earning. Better choose one of them.
  • Working with new customers who are not yet verified, it is better to take an advance payment from them for fulfilling their orders.

The advantages and disadvantages of remote work

The benefits of such a huge amount of earnings:

  • Unlimited income, you decide how much you will earn.
  • Free work schedule. You do not need to sit in the office from 9 to 17. All the work can be done before 11 in the morning, getting up early. Well, then relax and go about their business.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world - even on a beach by the sea in a warm country.
  • You do not need to spend money on travel to work and food.
  • There are no hated bosses here. But there is a responsibility to customers. But if you do not violate the deadlines and do not constantly mow down, but lead friendly cooperation, then the customers can make concessions too.

The only negative is the lack of communication. Although for many people, this is what is most comfortable in the work of a freelancer.

Well, if you, say, get sick and do not fulfill orders, then you will not receive any payment. And in the office you would have paid sick leave.


I hope that my article will be very useful for you. I tried to find the most profitable and proven work at home on the Internet, which will allow you to receive both additional and passive income! The most important thing is desire and patience! But everything else will definitely be achieved!

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