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When people have money, they want to spend with pleasure and benefit. As practice shows, investing in yourself is the most profitable way to invest. Everybody needs such investments, regardless of age and financial situation.

Before, I did not know what it was like to invest in yourself. In our country it was decided to work for the benefit of society, and taking care of oneself was considered something shameful. But times have changed. Now I understand how important it is to work for yourself, your development, your pleasures, and not postpone life for later. Today, we will consider several options for investing in your own personality.

What does it mean to invest in yourself

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When we talk about Investment, then we mean primarily financial injections. In fact, investing in your inner world is just as important. For each person is characterized by the desire to develop, strive to achieve the goal.

Investments in their development are reading books, doing sports, training, meditation. Even when you simply communicate with interesting people, we are spiritually enriched. All these investments work for us, for our future. Dividends from such investments will be much more than you can imagine.

What we usually invest

First of all, let's figure out what we can and are ready to invest. First of all, we invest the following resources into ourselves:

  • Money. Almost all the valuable things are worth something, and they have to earn.
  • Time. Of course, we spend most of the day performing some duties. This is the service, and household chores: washing, cleaning. But you need to give time and more pleasant things. You can always find a free minute to read a book, watch a new film and even visit a cooking class.
  • Skills and knowledge. Throughout life, we are constantly learning something new. Knowledge helps us not only to earn, but also to rest, and also to monitor our health.

Priorities for people can also change. Previously, great importance was attached to obtaining a diploma. The crusts were highly valued, although knowledge was not always attached to them.

Now the first place is getting knowledge and skills. If we invest finance in knowledge, this allows us to improve our lives. You can even change the kind of activity, for example, start working remotely and live in a more comfortable mode.

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Invest there are many ways to gain knowledge. For example, four years of study at a university will cost about 150 rubles. The same amount can be spent on taking intensive courses for IT specialists. In the second case, we have an important advantage. It will be possible to find a good job, which means that you will be able to receive dividends on the deposit much faster.

I agree with people who say that there is no limit to perfection. If you think that you do not have enough knowledge, you must definitely use the opportunity to get them.

Investing in your health

Agree that without health we are just nowhere. When something hurts or disturbs, neither money nor knowledge pleases. Health should be monitored, in addition, timely prevention is cheaper than fighting with sores.

Of course, investing in health is not just buying tablets at a pharmacy. To maintain it we need a lot:

  1. In time and eat well.
  2. Do not ignore the dentists.
  3. Make friends with physical education.
  4. Have sex regularly.
  5. Try to get rid of bad habits.
  6. At least once in 5 years to undergo a comprehensive examination.
  7. Avoid stress and overwork.

If possible, I advise you to buy a VHI policy. Due to the variety of programs, you can find an inexpensive option, and quality medical care means a lot.

Investing in your own appearance

Engage yourself and your appearance is not less profitable than, for example, invest in a crypto currency or other assets. Of course, they see off in the mind, but they meet something exactly according to the clothes. Girls who try to look perfect to marry successfully come quite sensibly. But men presentable appearance does not hurt. A successful person who wants to make a career and enjoy success with women can not look bad, sloppy.

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I can agree with the principle: to get something, you need to invest. To improve your status, invest in their health and appearance is simply necessary.

You can verify this by simple examples. If we eat quality healthy food, we strengthen our health and improve our appearance. Chances to get a job from a healthy, handsome person are an order of magnitude higher.

When I buy a new coat, it not only warms me in the cold, but also improves my mood. You can not do without investing in quality shoes, because the boots of the young oilcloth get wet, do not warm, and I can fall down with a cold. Investments in good cosmetics can protect the skin from wilting and allergies, and there are lots of such examples.

Investing in your appearance is not only the purchase of beautiful clothes, costume jewelry and other things. A person needs to support himself in the form of: going to the gym or doing home, going to beauty salons.

This does not necessarily have to spend a lot of money, most importantly - the desire to be attractive. By the way, money is very fond of careful attitude. In the purse they need to be folded neatly, as they grow.

Care is needed not only about external beauty, but also about one's inner world. Especially it concerns the female sex. A woman must maintain inner purity, be free from anxieties and fears. Therefore, it is important to spend time, energy and money on what helps to relax: dancing, attending a fitness center, consulting with a psychologist. A man who is not disturbed, cheerful, energetic and looks like five with a plus.

Contribution to your knowledge

Ideally, knowledge should not only bring earnings, but also pleasure. Someone gets knowledge from nature, from parents, others gets in the process of life. In order for them to justify themselves, it is desirable to strive for them constantly. 

There are many ways to learn new things for free, and for decent money. The most effective methods I can name are:

  • Master classes on a specific topic. This is not the cheapest pleasure, but you can quickly learn something interesting in a small group.
  • Trainings. They pass with the involvement of experts in any field and are therefore very informative.
  • Courses, especially language or computer.
  • Travels. This is perhaps the most pleasant way to spend money and improve yourself.

All these things have to be spent. If you have nothing to invest, stop on free options. It can be clubs on interests, video lessons for all comers, distance learning. By the way, interest clubs, in which people can teach each other something, are very popular in Europe.

When a person invests in his own knowledge, he increases his value in the labor market. To increase your income, you will have to improve in a professional way. If you start to develop your own development at least an hour a day, you can quickly overtake colleagues and become recognized experts in their field.

Communicate with successful people

The circle of communication affects our life very much. It is believed that if we communicate with positive people who have achieved a certain success, then we ourselves are charged with the positive. From them emanates positive energy, they are cheerful, sociable and willingly go to contact. When such a person is nearby, we also want to achieve something. So this is a great incentive to change for the better.

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For example, the rich and famous can dress and behave simply, but they communicate with people of their own circle. Look at least at the legendary friendship between Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Since any investments should pay off, try to be surrounded by those who can become a positive example for you. Maybe, over time, you yourself will become an example for imitation.

A successful person is not someone who does not get into trouble. But he tries to overcome adversities or simply steps over them. People who are offended by life and constantly complain, on the contrary, pull us down. When a person achieves success, they are not happy, but begin to envy him. If you fall under their influence, you can quickly become a pessimist and be disappointed in life. A loser is not born, so we make ourselves.

Do not be afraid to pamper yourself

How often we are afraid to spend money, denying ourselves even the necessary. But do not put off life for later. You can feel the value of money only when you spend it freely, with pleasure. Let the salary does not allow to please itself with expensive purchases, but a soft toy or a beautiful cup will not ruin your budget.

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Competent investments in yourself play a crucial role in our life. They help to get pleasure from it, to plan expenses and with mind to spend money. The methods of investment that we have considered will necessarily bring profit in the future.

Of course, my advice can not be called ideal, because each of us knows his needs better. Set a goal and try to achieve it. Investing in yourself will help you in this.

We must always remember that investing in one's own personality is not at all disgraceful, but pleasant and profitable. If we try to get pleasure from life, then we will live longer, and, most importantly, better.

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