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Many have heard about the existence of such a payment tool as anonymous bank cards. At first glance, this card may seem convenient. It does not contain information about the owner, allows you to withdraw money or carry out any operation, remaining “in the shade”. But it’s not entirely clear who produces such plastic, how to get it, and whether it is really possible to count on anonymity. Upon successful exchange trading, the question arises, how and where is it better to withdraw profit. I learned more about anonymous cards and I want to tell you a little about it.

What is an anonymous card?

Some believe that the card, which does not indicate the name of the owner, is already anonymous. This is not quite true: the card is always attached to a specific account. Even if it does not have your name, the issuing bank has data on all transactions on the account.

If necessary, access to this information may be obtained by the FSSP, the duty service and other state bodies. Exceptions are cards of offshore banks and cards of Russian banks, which you can give. But when you start using them, you will encounter many restrictions.

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For example, gift cards issued by Russian banks are not always accepted in stores. Basically, they are designed to withdraw cash from the ATM, and their limit usually does not exceed 20 000 rubles. Such a card will appeal to those who think that money is the best gift. But it will not be able to replenish it: after withdrawing funds it will become just a piece of plastic.

Maps of offshore banks that are issued abroad, allow you to keep a certain anonymity. Such payment instruments are quite versatile. With their help you can withdraw cash, pay for services, as well as goods in stores and online resources.

On an offshore card, you can easily withdraw money from an electronic wallet or payment system. State authorities will be able to obtain data about your transactions only through contacting Interpol.

Most popular offshore maps

The cards issued in Cyprus, in Great Britain, Gibraltar and Belize are of special demand for those who wish to remain anonymous. Banks of these countries provide their clients with confidentiality, and anyone can order such plastic. Since they are issued in the international systems Visa and MasterCard, they are accepted almost all over the world.

There are some disadvantages too. Since your card will be issued in dollars, euros or other foreign currency, conversion losses can not be avoided. The average interest for currency exchange is from 2 to 4%. To this amount, add fees for withdrawals and other transactions. Before ordering an offshore card, it is worthwhile to compare the conditions that different banks offer.

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Payeer card

This plastic is tied to the payment system of the same name and is issued by the British bank WaveCresr Ltd. The holder has the right to choose a card of one of two types: unverified or with verification. In the first case, there will be no data about the owner. To get a verified card, will have to provide a scan of the passport or driver's license. The payment instrument is issued for 3 year, is issued in Visa or MasterCard systems.

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The limits on the conduct of transactions differ. On verified cards, the daily limit for the operation at ATMs is 20 000 euro, one-time - 10 000 euro. The amount that can pass through your card during its validity period is not limited.

The limits for transactions using unverified cards are much more modest. If you work with an ATM, the total amount of transactions per day can not exceed 400 euro, at a time - 200 euro. For transactions via the Internet, a limit of 2 500 Euro is set.

Limited even the amount of replenishment. While the card is operating, the maximum it can be replenished for 2 500 euros, of which through the ATM - 2 000 euro. Such plastic is suitable only for those who operate with small amounts or use Payeer as a backup option.

If you are satisfied with such conditions, you must first register in the Payeer payment system. The delivery time to Russia depends on the urgency, the cost is from 500 to 2 500 rubles. The card can be issued in rubles, euros or dollars.

The plus is that transactions that are not made through an ATM will be free of charge. However, since 2017 the plastic Payeer is not available for Russians who are not EU residents. Previously issued cards are valid until the end of the year.

Advanced Cash MasterCard

The card is ordered after registration. in the payment system of the same name. It is available only for verified users, so you will have to confirm your passport information. The issuing bank is Wave Cresr Ltd. (United Kingdom). Here are the main features of such plastic:

  1. Issued for a period of 3 years. At the end of the validity period, you must apply for re-issue of the card.
  2. Through the terminals you can withdraw up to 10 000 dollars, through ATMs - up to 3 000 dollars. The monthly cash withdrawal limit is 90 000 dollars.
  3. The fee for withdrawing money is fixed - 2 dollars.
  4. The release costs from 7 to 15 dollars. There is no commission for keeping an account, which is one of the advantages.
  5. For non-EU residents, the Advanced Cash card is no longer available. Those that were released earlier, are valid until the end of the year.

The advantage of Advanced Cash is the ability to directly transfer from the Webmoney system, which is used by many freelancers and other network users. For services you have to pay 3% of the amount.

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OKPay card

This option is available only to users who will be verified in the OKPay system. The card is also issued by the British bank in conjunction with the MasterCard system. With its help you can pay for any services and goods on the Internet, as well as withdraw cash. Issued for a period of two years. For the operation in the ATM you need to pay 2 dollars, for the transfer from the electronic wallet - 3 dollar.

You can order a card in one of three currencies: the euro, dollars and pounds sterling. The cost of the issue is 15 dollars, the account, provided that the transactions are performed periodically, is free of charge. If there are no transactions within 180 days, 10 dollars will be charged.

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Prepaid cards are issued in Visa and MasterCard systems exclusively for verified users. To a bank account, such plastic is not attached. Each such card has a certain limit, and in fact it is an inexpensive card with debit card functions.

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There is such a system in the Czech Republic. The advantage of prepaid MoneyPolo cards before analogues is that they can be replenished. Replenishment is possible through bank payments, transfers from Qiwi and OKPay systems. Even bitcoins and some other crypto-currencies are accepted.

The service will not be ruinous for the owner, either. The order and delivery cost 20 dollars, and for withdrawing cash, paying for purchases and other transactions, a commission is charged from 0,5 to 4 dollars. Deactivating the card and changing the PIN number will cost in the amount of 15 dollars. The maximum limit on purchases is 3 000 dollars, to withdraw cash - 1 000 dollars. There is a small restriction on the number of operations per day, which should not be more than eight.


Payment card with the same name can get both verified and unverified user. If you do not want to confirm the identity, the limit will be 1 000 dollars. The cost of production of plastic - 5,95 dollars. Annual maintenance costs 35 dollars, while the holder receives two months as a gift. The card should be periodically used, otherwise you will have to pay 10 dollars extra.

You can top up the balance through the popular Webmoney payment system. A fixed fee of 2,6 USD is charged for withdrawal, but an additional fee of 2,6% is paid. For the transfer of money from purses and payment for purchases, a commission is not taken. Also, money can be directly transferred to the cards of Russian banks.

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Yandex.Money card

This card is anonymous and is attached to the electronic purse of Yandex. After replenishing the balance of the wallet, the funds will immediately appear on the card. With its help, you can pay on the Internet and withdraw money from any ATM.

Issue this instrument of payment in the offices of Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod or St. Petersburg. It is worth 300 rubles: 100 rubles for activation and 200 rubles for three-year service. Here, too, have their own limits: 5 000 for withdrawing cash and 15 000 for transfers and payments. The commission is 3%.

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Credit cards

For the convenience of clients, Russian banks also began issuing instant cards. The surname and the owner's name are not on their front side, but such cards are not anonymous: as I said, they are attached to the personal accounts of the owners. Plastic is produced almost immediately when it is used.

Here are two such proposals from leading banks:

1. Anonymous card of the Savings Bank. A debit card, called "Momentum", is issued for three years in just 10 minutes. With a client you need to take only a passport. The service is free of charge, the rates for all operations correspond to other debit cards. Available in Visa or MasterCard. You can also order a debit card, but on certain conditions. The applicant must have a deposit in Sberbank or a salary account, or he must be a borrower in the Security Council of the Russian Federation and prevent delinquency.

2. The bank card of Raiffeisen. Customers who are interested in the banking product "All at once", the credit card is issued on the day of treatment. It is unnamed, the credit limit is set for two days. For maintenance, you have to pay 1490 rubles per year, for withdrawing cash - 3% + 300 rubles. The grace period is 50 days. A nice addition is a cashback of 5% for all non-cash transactions.


Despite the advantages of anonymous cards, certain difficulties may arise when using them. Not so long ago, a draft law was introduced to the State Duma on prohibiting the withdrawal of cash from anonymous cards. The purpose of such measures is called the fight against the financing of crime and money laundering. Although, of course, the limits established by such cards are one or two thousand dollars more likely to mock criminals.

To be tempted by the services of individual users of the network offering to issue an anonymous card for a certain amount, I do not advise. There are too many scammers on the Internet, and at best you will get a useless piece of plastic, at worst you will still have to.

I can conclude that if you operate with solid amounts, you will hardly be able to achieve full confidentiality. For small expenses, the more it is not necessary to make out offshore cards. You can make payments through an electronic wallet, payment system or draw up an unnamed card of any bank - it's easy, fast and inexpensive.

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