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At the beginning of 2017, very few people knew about Crypto-currency and Bitcoin. But just a couple of months later a kind of mass hysteria began. Bitcoin began to grow, as in leaps and bounds. People earned thousands of dollars on this. Someone could become a dollar millionaire in a couple of months.
Such inspirational stories on the web inspired other users to invest their savings in these new digital assets. And people did not even know much about what the crypto-currencies are all about. They tried to have time to make money on this crazy wave of growth.

If at the beginning of last year Bitcoin costs 100 dollars, then by the end of December 2017, one coin was traded on exchanges already for 20 000 dollars! Just imagine how those people who had already been in their hands before the start of this upcoming rally became enriched!

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It is not surprising that large exchange speculators and investors from around the world began actively investing in these new assets. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has fallen dramatically in value. But many analysts and experts claim that this is nothing more than a classic technical correction against the main uptrend.

So it or not, only time will tell. In addition, the opinions of leading analysts and experts are divided roughly equally - some vote for growth, and others for the collapse of the entire crypto-currency market.

I, too, have been actively interested in these new assets since 2017. And believe me, the current drop is not a cause for frustration. Since there are many other ways of earning on the crypto currency. And I will tell you about this in detail in my review.

Now I will try to briefly explain why such assets are growing in price at such a rapid pace. The bitcoin was created in 2009 by a certain Satoshi Nakamoto. For several years, such digital coins have not been in demand and popular. Few knew about them. Well, the first coins people received purely as an alternative payment for goods and services on the Internet.

There are many such sad stories when people stored thousands of Bitcoin coins on their old computer, and then simply threw it out with this treasure. Naturally, no one knew that Bitcoin would become so popular in 5-6 years.

The main advantage of this coin is complete anonymity. This is both a virtue and a disadvantage. Since many representatives of the underworld began to pay for their services Bitcoins, because they still will not be calculated. For this reason, many central banks still do not dare to legalize crypto-currencies and recognize them as official means of payment. But still ahead, as all the leading countries are actively negotiating on this matter.

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The price for such assets is growing due to the fact that the number of coins is strictly limited. In the world, no more than 21 million Bitcoins can be created. Therefore, with each new coin created, the price for them increases.

Crypto currency is valued by stock speculators as assets of asylum. If you have faced Forex trading and are constantly reading news, you know that gold is the most important safe asset. It can not be faked, like Bitcoin. Many analysts and experts predict that Bitcoin will soon move the gold from his pedestal.

Anyway, but the crypto-currencies have already firmly settled in our modern society. And while this wave of popularity has not dried up, you need to manage to make money on it!

At first there was only one bitcoin. Later, as the demand for such digital coins grew, others began to be created, they were nicknamed the Altkoins. Now there is a huge number of crypto-currencies. Go to any exchange, there are dozens, or even hundreds. But most of them will never increase in price, but simply remain a dead weight.

I prefer to work only with TOP most profitable crypto currency:

• Bitcoin,
• Lightcoin,
• Ethereum,
• Ripple,
• Bitcoin Cash,
• Monero,
• Dash,
• Ethereum Classic,
• Bitcoin Gold,
• Zcash.

Earnings on Crypto-Currency - TOP-5 ways in 2018-2019

I will not load you with the complicated technical process of their creation. I'd rather tell you about the best ways of earning them.

At the moment, digital assets on the Internet are earned in every possible way. And every day come up with new, little-known and not tested by time. I also picked up specifically for you 5 the most profitable and best ways to earn money. They are not only tested and tested by me personally, but also by millions of experienced investors and programmers from all over the world!

So you can not doubt. Choose any of the following methods, which is most like and suits you personally. After all, each person is individual in nature and preferences. Someone is more comfortable to drop crypto-currencies, but the other person likes to earn more on the price difference on Forex.

Rating of methods of earnings on crypto-currency:

5. Mining.

4. Cloudy Mining.

3. Cryptus exchange.

2. Trading.

1. Robot for automatic trading Autocrypto-Bot.

Well, now I propose to dwell in more detail on each of the ways, to disassemble their advantages and disadvantages.

5 place - Mining Crypto-Currency

* suitable for a small number of users because of the high cost

binaroptioncom bitcoin zarbtokk 780 3

What is mining? For the moment, this is the only way to get Bitcoin and other digital coins. This is a complex technological process of creation, which is based on solving various computer problems. Well, as a reward, the user receives the coin in digital form.

Let me remind you that Bitcoin can not be felt, as usual money. Any crypto currency is stored on the Internet or on the hard drive of your computer. Each coin has its own unique code, which can not be forged. There is no complete copy of a concrete coin in the world, it is the only one and unique in its kind due to such a code.

So, any crypto currency is born by solving complex computer mathematical problems and algorithms. The man himself is not able to cope with such problems, therefore for their calculation, huge capacities are needed.

To smear one coin, you need a lot of computers with increased power. Most likely you have heard such a notion as a mining farm. This is not the usual farm with orchards and tractors. It consists of a huge number of computers and video cards connected to each other.
The best and fastest way to do this is with a video card. In 2017 year in computer stores it was almost impossible to buy a video card even for simple gamers who were not interested in mining. And all because they were all bought by people who wanted to have time to create at least a couple of digital coins to decently earn on their subsequent sale.

Now all the main capacities in the world are directed to the creation of three TOP-ONE coins: Bitcoin, Efirium and Lightcoin. But with each new coin created, the creation process becomes more difficult, longer and much more expensive. That's why Bitcoin so grew in price with every newborn coin.

binaroptioncom bitcoin zarbtokk 780 4

The first coins were "minted" for one or two. To date, almost 16 million Bitcoins have been created. And the further, the more difficult.
Just imagine how much money you will have to spend in order to purchase such expensive computer equipment of high power. And, one video card here will not do! At least 8-10 video cards!

You can buy a ready-made farm with four cool video cards. On average, its cost is about 3000 dollars. Well, if you consider that the current cost of Bitcoin has fallen to 6000 dollars, then having combined all the costs for electricity, it turns out that independent crypto-currency mining becomes not very profitable.

In general, all The process of mining can be represented in the form of the following stages:

1. purchase of computer equipment,

2. connection to the power system,

3. installation of the operating system,

4. registration of the Bitcoin purse or other crypto currency,

5. installation of a special program for production,

6. selection pool.

What is a pool? This is a kind of uniting people in certain communities and groups. Since with each month the creation process becomes harder, it is almost impossible to do it alone without the help of other people.

In general, ordinary people, which are the lion's share of modern Internet users, it is almost impossible to smile their own crypto currency. This is very expensive, difficult and expensive. I do not recommend this method, unless you have several dozens of cool computers.

4 place - Cloud Mining

* better than mining, but there is a risk to run into scammers

binaroptioncom bitcoin zarbtokk 780 5

Go ahead. The next method in my rating on earnings on crypto-currencies is cloud mining.

In general, cloud mining almost does not differ from the classical one. But with only one serious difference. The process does not happen on a real farm, consisting of a large number of computers and video cards, but in the cloud. Modern users know what it is. This is a kind of area in the network to which you personally have access. Here you can store your photos from your phone, data, documents from your computer. This is very convenient, especially if you are working remotely. In your office you can go from any computer from anywhere in the world.

Cloud mining is a kind of service provided by a company engaged in real mining. Let's say you do not have money for such expensive equipment. You take it out, or rather buy a package of services for the extraction of a specific number of coins. Well, the equipment itself is in another office. Maybe even in another city or country. This is not the point.

That is, the most prey will be dealt with by the company with which you entered into the contract. But the electricity, which the company spent on the extraction of your share of crypto, you already pay. As a rule, this is included in the general fixed commission, which is negotiated in advance with the company providing cloud-based mining services.

This way of earning and creating a crypto currency began to gain popularity at a time when Bitcoin began to appreciate in price. Well, it became practically impossible to mine itself. As a result, users began to be grouped together, because you will agree that 2-3 integrated farms are able to create a coin much faster. Well, they already split profits in half. It's much better than nothing.

binaroptioncom bitcoin zarbtokk 780 6

It would seem that this is a great way, but it also has its own serious shortcomings. The network is now full of scammers. Therefore, there is a risk to run into scammers who create the appearance of such a successful farm, charge a fee for their alleged services, and then quickly close and run away with the money of defrauded customers.

Similar cloud services are now a dime a dozen on the Internet. And they often close, they are replaced by others and so on. A typical scheme of scammers, which I have already seen on my experience many times, not only in the field of crypto currency.

3 place - Crypt exchange

* Serious earnings for true speculators. I recommend!

binaroptioncom bitcoin zarbtokk 780 7

Now let's move on to a more decent way of earning money on the crypto currency - it's crypto-exchange. If you once again dealt with Forex and stock trading, then it will not be difficult for you to understand what it is. it classical exchange. Instead of goods and currency pairs, indices and shares, they only trade crypto-currencies. And the most diverse, even little known to the general public.

Once there was a Bitcoin, there was no need to create such exchanges. But after its take-off in the price, other crypto-currencies began to be actively born. As a result, there was a need to exchange the Bitcoins in the same dollars, the Etherium, Lightcoin and so on. Well, where to do it? Correctly - on the crypto exchange.

At the moment there are a huge number of them, and you need to choose with all responsibility. As there are scammers here, as in any other sphere.

The scheme of work here is simple:

1. Choose the most suitable for yourself crypt exchange,

2. Register, the process as a whole is not much different from those of forex brokers.

3. Go through the verification process. It is worth noting that here he is quite strict.

4. Refill the account.

Replenishment takes place in two ways:

• Transfer of Bitcoins from your own purse,

• replenishment of the account in usual currency (dollars, euro, and sometimes Russian rubles), well, after you already acquire any necessary crypto currency on them.

How is the trading process going?? Here, each client places lots to buy / sell a certain number of coins. Their cost can differ from the general market. Since each user has the right to expose his price. Well, the buyer himself decides whether to buy the product at such a price or not.

Typical market relations. Earnings here are due to the difference in buying / selling. Has bought more cheaply - has sold more expensively. This is the main motto of all existing exchanges, not necessarily a crypto currency.

For example, you are sure that the Etherium will grow in price in the future. You buy it, for example, at a price of 400 dollars for a coin. A week later its value was already 500 dollars. You believe on the basis of market analysis that the price will no longer grow. As a result, you sell the asset, but the net earnings amounted to 100 dollars.

The best crypto exchange:

• Bitfinex,

• Poloniex,


• Cryptopia,

• Localbitcoins,

• and so on.

There is no point in enumerating them all, as some are periodically closed, new ones appear. From this no one is immune. Remember the sensational story of the biggest crypto-exchange in China BTC-e, which was unexpectedly closed to all by the government of the country. As a result, customers could not even withdraw their savings. Therefore, you need to be extremely cautious if you decide to keep your savings on the account of the crypto-exchange.

binaroptioncom bitcoin zarbtokk 780 8

Poloniex is the American crypto-exchange, which is the largest. It has only the English version, so you need at least a basic knowledge of English. Moreover, there is only one way to replenish the account - through the Bitcoins. Even in dollars there is no possibility to replenish the account. Therefore, you will have to exchange currency for a crypto currency on another exchange, and after the bitcoins have been deposited into the account of Poloniex.
Bitfinex is not as large an exchange as Poloniex, but it takes an honorable second place. And here it is already possible to replenish the account in dollars. But on this site very strict verification requirements. And you need to go through it when registering your account.

EXMO - it's more an exchanger than a full-fledged crypto-exchange. But there is a Russian version of the site, which essentially simplifies the process of trading with crypto-currency assets. All the most popular assets and currencies are available on the site for exchange.

Well, this is more worthy variant of earnings on crypto-currencies than mining. If there is a desire and means, then I can recommend registering on one of the exchanges described. They are reliable and quality, have proved themselves among millions of investors around the world.
But remember that there is always a risk that the stock exchange will suddenly close due to a ban on the part of the state. Nevertheless, this industry has not yet officially been legalized anywhere. Also on a regular basis, hacker attacks occur. Large exchanges have professional protection, which can easily withstand such attacks. But in the case of the embodiment of a sad scenario, money, profits and savings on their accounts at the stock exchange you are unlikely to get back. In this, the risks are very high.

2 place - Trading crypto currency

* An affordable way to earn money for most users. I recommend!

binaroptioncom bitcoin zarbtokk 780 9

If you do not have enough money to invest in computer equipment for mining or in buying real currency on the exchange, then the surest way to earn - Forex and CFD Trading.

To be honest, I myself have been trading for a long time and make good money on the price difference of all TOP digital assets. Why do I give them a greater preference than the same popular currency pairs? The fact is that practical all known crypto-currencies have increased volatility. Sometimes their jumps reach several dozen points in just a couple of hours. Well, that's exactly what I need for big earnings on Forex, where the final profit depends on the number of points passed.

On my site you can find a training course, how to earn on crypto-currencies. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with it for all newcomers. This will save you time, because not all information portals can find detailed information on how to earn money on crypto-currencies.

In section "Strategies" you can choose the most appropriate tactics for trading. I have collected a large collection of strategies that have been tested not only by the time and myself, but also by numerous experienced professionals around the world.

Forex Trading is a lucrative sphere of activity, which has earned several decades already. If earlier they could not do everything, now in the age of modern technologies, trading in financial markets has become much more accessible. Now everyone can feel like a trader, even with minimal costs as a deposit and the size of the bet to open a position.

binaroptioncom bitcoin zarbtokk 780 10

In many ways, the dynamics of crypto currency depends on the news background. It is enough to keep abreast of the main news in order to understand the main trend of Bitcoin or Efirium. In addition, I recommend that you study at least the basics of technical analysis. Best of all, crypto currencies are developed from key support and resistance levels, and reversals should be tracked with reversal candlestick patterns. Recently, I trade precisely in this trading tactics.

At first glance, technical analysis may seem complicated. But the main thing is to decide on its study. Well, after that you will easily recognize the signals for opening positions on the growth or fall in the price of crypto-currencies.

Since at the time of writing the review there is a kind of lull in the crypto-currency industry, and the price of the main digital assets has closed within narrow side ranges, then trading on Forex is the surest way to earn money. After all, you do not need to invest big investments into buying real coins, as on the crypto-exchange. Here you simply earn on the price difference.

1 place - Robot for automatic trading on Autocrypto-Bot crypto-currencies

* autotrading and online signals. Available earnings for anyone older than 18 years. I recommend!

binaroptioncom bitcoin zarbtokk 780 11

Well, the best way to earn money on digital assets is robot autocrypto-bot. It is ideal for those who dream of passive earnings. Many people because of employment at their main job can not afford to study market analysis to independently trade in financial markets. Therefore, the developers have created a special program that does this for you in automatic mode.

Already throughout the year the program is actively in demand. They won three international awards, which once again confirms the high quality of work. The number of customers is growing every day, and now their number already exceeds 70 000 active users.

In the network there are many advisors and robots. But they need to be tuned, optimized, tested and installed on your computer at the MetaTrader 4 terminal. In most cases, their work is severely limited, and there is no possibility of making changes to the program code.

Autocrypto-Bot robot in this regard, an order of magnitude higher than all known advisors for trading on Forex. There is a flexible system of settings, where you can customize the program completely individually.

The robot analyzes the market based on six technical indicators. In the settings, the trader can specify at least all of them. And the program will not open a trade exactly until the signals coincide simultaneously for all six indicators. This will effectively filter out false signals.

binaroptioncom bitcoin zarbtokk 780 12

Man by his nature sometimes can not simultaneously perform many tasks. Due to fatigue or malaise, he may miss some details that can eventually become fatal for the deposit. Well, the computer program is not afraid of fatigue or emotion. Autocrypto-Bot can work at least 24 hours a day without interruption.

Many customers use this program for passive earning. There are also those who are traded on their own in the daytime, but at night turn on the robot. It turns out that they use absolutely all the possibilities of the market!

If you are still skeptical about such a program, then you can test it on the demo. This mode is completely free and has no limitations compared to the real account. Test as much as you want. I recommend doing this for at least a month. This is the minimum period for testing all other trading advisers for Forex. Well, having convinced of the suitability of the program, choose any broker from the list of Autocripto-Bot partners, and deposit the minimum deposit amount. On average, it is 250 dollars.

As for the settings, some beginners may have some confusion. I recommend at first to install the Classic trading system with minimal risks. Do not increase the already high risks on Martingale. Trade for the time being at the minimum rates that are acceptable for your chosen broker. When you get comfortable, you can try a more risky strategy for quickly dispersing the deposit.


It's time to sum up such a detailed review of the best ways to earn money on the crypto currency. I tried to tell in detail about the most popular of them. I hope that my review will be useful to you. And you can find the most suitable methods for yourself. At the moment, crypto currency is the most popular and promising way to earn money. And I recommend using this opportunity until it has exhausted itself!

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