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People around the world began to invest their free money in crypto-currencies. Some even did not quite understand what these digital trading assets are. It just started a kind of mass hysteria. When from the middle of the year 2017 Bitcoin grew in leaps and bounds, investors and traders tried to have time to buy it at a lower price in the hope that it would grow in the future. Buy cheaper, sell more.

Thanks to Bitcoin, many people became millionaires. For the most part, those who had coins in stock even before it began to massively grow in value. Now it's too late to invest in the digital assets themselves and register at the crypto-exchange exchanges. Of course, he can again grow in value. Perhaps, he will continue to update his historical highs and will reach even the cost in 100 000 dollars, as some world analysts predict. And maybe this will not happen. But what to do now, in the period of calm cryptomania? Believe me, there are special programs that help you earn even the slightest fluctuations in the price of crypto currency. And today we will just talk about it.

Official site Autocrypto-bot

So far I have a little information on it on the network, so I decided to make a full and detailed review. But already began to appear reviews about Autocrypto-bot. They are as usual mixed, there are both negative and positive. It is difficult for an inexperienced newcomer to make up his mind in such conditions. Therefore, I decided not only to devote the whole review to this project, but also at the end to make my own decision about this project - is it worth investing your money there?

autocrypto bot

The program implies a fully automatic earnings on crypto-currencies. Similar in the network has spread like mud, so many investors have become extremely skeptical about the emergence of such new programs. And all because most of them are standard scammers. They create deliberately failing programs, which sooner or later will begin to drain the money of their client. Let's see if Autocripto Bot is one of them.

A distinctive feature of the site is its simplicity and ease of navigation. He gives all the necessary information about the project, without any extra deviations from the main topic.

First of all, the Shark robot for crypto currency is a program that will not only analyze the market itself and give out signals, like most similar ones, but also make deals for you. This is what distinguishes it among the majority.

The official site is translated into three languages:

• Russian,

• Polish,

• English.

Without errors, which is already pleasing. Many similar programs, which in the end turn out to be lying deceivers, did not even bother to make a high-quality site without errors. But this is a kind of business card of any project! Think about it, if developers can not even devote enough money and attention to their site, then is it worth it to trust your money at all? So far, many positive responses about Autocrypto-bot on the trader forums are praising him for his conscientious work. As will be the case, only time will tell.

Above there are three sections: Registration, Login and Statistics. If the first two are clear, then I want to focus on the third. The Autocrypto-bot project is completely transparent. He puts on his official website every day the statistics of his work and the deals the program has entered into. Moreover, they immediately see the result.

autocrypto bot review

Here, for example, statistics work for the working day at the time of writing the review. As you can see, all the signals generated by the program turned out to be profitable and brought their customers profit.

autocrypto bot review bst 4

Let's look at how the robot traded in the first days after its official start. There were much worse deals. But still the number of profitable ones prevailed over unprofitable. And this alignment once again confirms the fact that developers constantly improve the work of their robot and make it better.

On the web, users leave feedback about Autocrypto-bot, that also noticed similar changes. Well, this really says a lot. Clear scammers will not focus their attention on the constant modernization of the program and the algorithm.

autocrypto bot review bst 6

So far the work experience of this service is not so high. This is a very important indicator of the reliability of any project. After all, scammers, as a rule, do not live in the market for more than one year. This is enough time to reveal his deception. So far, reviews about Autocrypto-bot confirm that the program does not apply to such that it really works and allows you to bring passive and stable income to your customers and investors. As stated in the description on the site.

At the time of writing, the program Autocripto Bot has acquired three prestigious international awards and a number of clients over 70 000 people.

Registration and opening of the Personal Cabinet

To become one of the clients and start receiving passive income, you need to register. It occurs in several stages:

1. Registration on the project site itself

2. Registration and opening of a trading account with one of the brokers who cooperate with the robot.

3. Deposit the amount of the minimum deposit provided for by the Regulation of the broker chosen by you and pass verification from it.

The first stage will take no more than a minute. Just fill in the name, email address, phone number and come up with a password. Everything is standard, as on other sites. The most important thing is to write only reliable information! If it differs from the one you leave with the broker, then the synchronization does not work, and the program will not automatically enter into transactions for you.

As for the second and third paragraph, it depends on the particular broker you choose. Each has its own trading conditions, its registration requirements, the minimum deposit amount, the documents that will be needed for verification and so on. We will not write for each of them now. This you already need to clarify yourself through the technical support of the broker.

From ourselves, we can only list those companies with which the program cooperates at the time of writing the review:

• 24Option.
• Arotrade.
• Brighter Trade.
• Emarkets Trade.
• Emarkets Trade IT.
• FinTechPrime.
• KayaFX.
• Millenium FX.
• Olsson Capital.
• Roiteks.
• TradeInvest90.
• VE Markets.
• Wilkins Finance.
• X Trader FX.

Personal cabinet and trading platform

After the registration is completed, you enter the Personal Area, which has the following appearance:

autocrypto bot review bst 8

Since this program is completely dedicated to crypto-currencies, here it is possible to work only on 10 the most top-end digital assets, among which you will find Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Ethereum and so on.

Just want to warn that it is better to check with the broker beforehand on the availability of such assets. After all, if they are on the Autocrypto-bot website, and there are no brokers among the trading assets of the broker you choose, the synchronization will not work either.

The trading platform itself is quite simple. In the right panel there is a chart where you can see quotations for the selected trading asset on different timeframes from 1 minutes to 1 days. Going to the Signals tab, you will receive trading recommendations. which the program generates based on the algorithm embedded in it.

If you prefer to control the work of the robot, then you can independently conclude transactions in the same panel.

But nevertheless, the distinctive feature of this program is the ability to fully automate its work. To do this, just move the slider to the correct position and turn on the Auto Trader mode.

Many reviews about Autocrypto-bot confirm that this mode works flawlessly in most cases.

But do not think that everything will be so simple. That you just turn this mode on with the basic settings and the program will bring you thousands of dollars of stable profit. For success, you need to properly configure the operation of the program. If you are a beginner, then use the recommendations that are available on the main page of the site. Experienced pros also experiment with the settings and adjust them to those that bring them the desired result.

autocrypto bot review bst 9

This panel, which allows you to fully control the operation of the program Autocrypto-bot. Here you set up a trading system, the maximum number of trades, the level of risk and the desired profit (take profit), technical indicators, which will be used for market analysis, and so on.

In the panel on the right of the Personal Cabinet you can deposit and withdraw funds to the broker's trading account. Here you can also change the broker. By the way, the program allows for simultaneous trading with different companies. This will allow at least somehow to diversify its risks, if suddenly one of the brokers goes bankrupt. In our world, everything is possible, so it's worth being mentally prepared for everything.

autocrypto bot review bst 10

On the forums, many reviews about Autocrypto-bot are discussed by the trading systems. Around them there is a lot of confusion among beginners. Therefore, in the end of the review, we will give them more attention. Robot Autocrypto Bot works on one of three trading systems. The trader has the right to choose the one that suits him the most.

1. Classic - The most simple and conservative strategy, which is ideal for beginners. The risks here are minimized, the profit though small, but stable. At first, it is best to make minimum rates that are acceptable for your chosen broker.

2. Martingale - A more risky tactic that traders choose, leading aggressive trading. It is suitable for rapid overclocking of the deposit. But also it is necessary to take into account the fact that in case of unforeseen circumstances in the market it is also possible to quickly deposit the deposit. Its main essence lies in the fact that with each unsuccessful transaction the subsequent one doubles, so that, if successful, it should cover all past losses.

3. Fibonacci - Suitable for true pros. This is a kind of golden mean between the first two tactics, due to which it has high accuracy.

Advantages of working with robot Autocrypto-bot

According to reviews about Autocrypto-bot on forums, many users are already making a profit in a fully automated trading. It is thanks to this function that clients choose the program. After all, not everyone has the opportunity to independently analyze markets and spend time learning complex technical analysis. Therefore, if you already have a basic job, but still think about additional passive income, the robot AutoCrypto Bot will be the perfect solution for you.

The program does not require any additional installation on the computer. Most of the analogs are created for the terminal MT4, which requires this. Autocrypto was originally created in the web version, all work is done from the window of your browser.

The robot is completely free, no hidden commissions and paid subscriptions are required here. Developers conduct transparent activities, report directly on the site about all transactions concluded by the robot. Moreover, a demo account is provided here, where each client can verify the program's performance without risking its own money.

There is no ideal program that would bring 100% revenue. Everyone has its own shoals and shortcomings, including the robot Autocrypto-bot. But still the advantages prevail over shortcomings. Therefore, at the moment it is one of the best programs that allows you to receive a stable income from trading in the crypto currency market.

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