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The company called "eToro" is well known to many investors. People say that the monthly profit on this platform is from 10 to 30%, and by investing only 1 000 dollars, for a year on terms of reinvestment you can get five times more. I also became interested in this site and did a little research. Today I will share with you the experience and tell you a little about this authoritative company.

What is eToro?

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eToro is a well-known broker that deals with investments in the market of raw materials, currencies and other assets. Its main feature is the presence of its own unique site. MetaTrader 4 is not used in this company.

eToro uses an innovative approach to the investment process. In his work he uses the most modern Internet technologies. Its technical capabilities allow participants to simultaneously copy traders' trades-pros and communicate with colleagues. You can make a deposit in just a few minutes.

Overview eToro makes a pleasant impression about this broker. He works with 2007 a year and during this time managed to achieve a lot. It is trusted by millions of users from 130 countries, and the minimum deposit is only 50 dollars. One of its key partners is Sberbank, which also speaks volumes. It is worth mentioning that in the MoneyAM contest this trading platform was recognized as the best, having defeated its competitors by a large margin.

The undoubted advantage of the site is its availability for users. In 2010, it was adapted to their needs. In addition, a new platform for investors and the social network OpenBook was created. As a result, market participants got everything they need for collective trading on a single platform.

The company helps its clients in training, holds contests with an excellent prize fund, supplies the necessary literature. The 24-hour support service will promptly answer any questions that arise from the participants. Receive and read the news of the economy can be directly in the terminal.

The platform provides players with the following options:

• Trade in indices and commodities.
• Currency and crypto currency trading.
• Copying trades of experienced traders.
• Trading in securities.

eToro offers market participants 30 currency pairs, ETF funds and more 600 companies for trading other resources. Agree, very few brokers can offer this.

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Trading on such a platform is not only profitable, but also interesting. If we talk not about copying, but about independent trade, I was attracted by a large securities market. The shares are distributed in such sectors as services, health care, industrial goods, conglomerates and much more. Investment in securities is one of the most effective ways of investing, but we will not dwell on them in detail: this is the topic of a separate article.

Other benefits include absolute network transparency. Each user registered in it can learn from the experience of colleagues, copy profitable trades and discuss trading strategies with other participants. The number of contracts the site does not limit. In this case, there is no need to transfer money to someone for management, they remain on your deposit.

Getting Started with eToro Broker

The interface of the site is quite simple, even beginners can easily navigate it. To open your first order, you will need to create a personal account.

You need to start by watching the video about the broker on the main page. If you have not lost the desire to cooperate with him, press the key "It sounds interesting." After that, you will be offered a registration form for completion. Also need to come up with a password, after which the mail will send confirmation of registration.

Then click on the link and fill out a more detailed information about yourself in your own account. The questions are standard here: which assets do you prefer and which trading strategy do you prefer, what is your income level, do you have experience in trading on exchanges. The broker guarantees the confidentiality of this data, so you do not have to worry. After their instructions you will be asked to provide the address and contact phone number.
On its website, eToro not only represents its trading platform, but also warns about risks. Any trading operations are associated with it, and there is always the possibility of losing some part of the funds. Even if the trader still worked with a profit, this is not an automatic guarantee of the same success in the future. Therefore, do not spend the last money on the transaction: it is better to limit yourself to capital, with the loss of which you will be able to reconcile.

How to choose the best traders in eToro

Find the best participants to copy transactions in the automatic mode on the site is not difficult. Just go to the page "Traders" and select players by the following criteria:

• Profile. Here you will see the status of traders and the place they occupy in the ranking.
• Social activity. Here you can see data on the growth of copiers and the capital that is in control.
• Current indicators: the most profitable months and so on.
• Tool portfolio and activity level.
• Risks, for example, daily drawdown and weekly drawdown. 

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To repeat a successful transaction, just one mouse click is enough. You can customize the settings and find colleagues who meet your requirements. It is interesting that even investors of other investors are subject to copying. If to you in the course of search the trader who receives a constant profit has met, you too can repeat its success.

With these people you can talk, then subscribe to their deals. To do this, it is enough to find the option you are interested in and select the option "Invest".

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Of course, on eToro you can not only copy other people's transactions, but also open your own. There is no need to install or download the platform, all work is done directly on the site. I believe that here is a fairly convenient schedule, and a large selection of settings and indicators convenience and efficiency:

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By the way, this broker I met Chaykin indicator, about which I was often asked.

How to use earning opportunities on the eToro platform

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Work on eToro is similar to trading in other venues: the player puts on the price increase or its decline. Of course, one can not say with absolute accuracy, the price will fall or grow. But there are several small secrets that will help to trade successfully:

1. Buy shares of well-known companies. So it's easier to make predictions for the growth or fall in value.

2. Pay attention to what assets are the most popular. Most rarely make mistakes. It is advisable to purchase securities, when rates in one direction are made not less than 90%.

3. Before making a bet, look at the price movement chart. To be convinced of the correctness of the decision, it is necessary to observe fluctuations of cost.

4. Look at what traders are making in the TOP.

5. Since small amounts are easy to lose, it is desirable that the minimum amount of investment is from 200 dollars.

6. To reduce risks, invest in several assets.

7. Choose to copy traders' trades, the risk for bets in which is not more than 3 points. They will bring you about 10% of income each month.

I advise starting a trader's career with trading on Demo Account. Practice it for at least the first week. With the help of these tips, I in the first month earned 30% on the training deposit and was able to switch to real.

How to invest and withdraw money eToro

Account replenishment has its own peculiarities. To transfer from a bank card you need a lot of information. To simplify the procedure, you can use the systems Yandex.Money or WebMoney. You will find them in the section "Additional payment methods".

Then I connected to several traders, started trading and received 10% for a month. In total I received 95 dollars of profit, which I invested in HYIPs.

Verify identity it was troublesome, but the commission for the withdrawal me quite arranged. The commission is 25 dollars and does not depend on the withdrawal amount. So I advise you to try trading on this resource.

If you describe each procedure step by step, to replenish the deposit you need to click the "Login" button, enter your login and password. Then select the option "Fund your account" and click "Deposit". Specify the desired amount and method of transferring money.

To withdraw your earnings, you need the "Withdrawal" section. Specify the amount in dollars you want to receive, fill out the application for transfer and send it to the broker. So everything is extremely simple.

What do brokers think about the broker?

In 2106, the company redesigned the platform, which for a long time needed updating. Since then, most of the players are pretty much her job, but 30% are negative about eToro. Some write that this is a divorce, and outraged by the behavior of Sberbank, which allegedly supports scammers. Others are dissatisfied with the long withdrawal of money and other moments.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, this is a complex procedure for confirming the identity. In addition, the withdrawal of funds is often delayed. Finally, in the trade there are occasional failures.

But often bad reviews are left by players who are too lazy to sort out the withdrawal of funds or constantly lose. Therefore, I advise you to immediately learn the rules of work when registering.

I think eToro is a worthy resource where you can make good money if you want. This is a good option if you want to dilute your investment portfolio with something new, for example, stocks of giants like Amazon. Trading on the platform is easy and convenient enough.  

* Disclaimer: Trading involves risk. Use the capital that you can afford to lose. Statistical indicators of past periods are not a guarantee of future results. This message is for information and education purposes only and can not be considered an investment recommendation.

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