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Hello, dear friends! I welcome you and I want to tell you a little about the work of binary options analysts. In the network there are negative reviews about brokerage companies. Often they are associated with the work of analysts of these companies, whose forecasts are incorrect. Let's try to find out whether the fault of these specialists is so great and what they are doing.

Who is an analyst of binary options, cfd, forex

If you do not go into details, the analyst of binary options is a person with serious knowledge and experience. They give him the opportunity to collect information, process it and predict the development of events in the market of binary options.

The same should be able to make a good trader. But at the beginning of his career a newcomer, who lacks experience, hopes for the analyst. I trusted him, for which in the end and paid.

More precisely, at first everything went well. I opened an account with the company and followed the recommendations of my analyst. My deposit began to replenish quickly, because within a month, its forecasts came true with astonishing accuracy. But only I began to dream of wealth and build grandiose plans, that the whole world will be at my feet.

Analyst binary options

But then a series of failures began. I did not recognize my analyst: all the forecasts now fell by.

The account was quickly empty, and together with the profit I could lose the last. Attempts of independent trade did not bring success, because I was a novice without experience and special knowledge. As a result, I had to close the trading account and withdraw from the company, as I then thought was specially cleared my deposit.

So I was left alone with heavy thoughts, was angry with both the analyst and myself. Until I realized: blaming someone does not make sense. This specialist is a living person who is also mistaken. Each trader must develop his own strategy and follow it clearly. Analyst binary options, cfd, forex for him - just an assistant, to which you can listen or not. But to consider his opinion as the ultimate truth in any case is not worth it!

Analyst binary options

What causes the errors of analysts

To understand why analysts are mistaken, we must remember about the peculiarities of the market of binary options, cfd, forex. It is a living organism that is constantly changing. Some of its signals periodically fail, and the transaction fails.

To adapt to the new situation, a person needs time. The trader may have more, but no one will give a staff analyst of this time. The manager demands from him new forecasts for his users, and under pressure he has to give out at least some information, sometimes dangerous for a player's deposit. During the exit economic news The situation on the market changes radically, and analysts are required to give forecasts!

From this, a specialist loses his reputation, but retains his wages. He just does not have time to understand what happened and how to proceed further.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that the analyst is able to benefit the trader, but this does not always happen. To maintain normal partnership relations and not to go into negative itself, you do not need to be completely trusted even by experienced specialists.

It is important for a trader to have Strategy, which, of course, are produced by trial and error. We must constantly monitor the market, study theory, listen to your intuition. Analyzing the situation will help study specialized literature, watching videos, attending seminars and webinars, using Trading Robots и trade advisors. The opinion of the staff analyst can sometimes be asked if it is necessary to confirm or disprove a specific trade decision.

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