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By the numerous requests of readers, I decided to tell in this article about the indicators of the well-known Broker of binary options Olymp Trade. Personally, I do not trade in this company and can not recommend it, so this is not advertising, but rather an answer to a frequently occurring question. Looking ahead, I will say that it will be much more convenient to use such indicators Website TradingView.

List of available indicators Olympus Trade

Platform Olympus Trade has in the arsenal of several Standard technical tools:

• SMA - a simple moving average, which is practically in any terminal;

• PARABOLIC - a well-known trend indicator SAR, developed by Wells Wilder almost 40 years ago and is analogous to the moving average;

• MACD is one of the most popular indicators of technical analysis, presented by Gerald Appel for trading in consolidation;

• RSI is the relative strength index developed by the creator of Parabolic SAR and used as an oscillator;

• Stochastic - a popular stochastic oscillator for trading in the range;

• Bollinger Bands - the so-called Bollinger Bands, a very well-known and effective trend indicator to this day;

• Sentiment - a dubious indicator showing the ratio of open positions for buying and selling (probably data is taken only from customers of Olympus Trade). Many large brokers provide more reliable data on the ratio of buyers and sellers.

All of the above tools are in the "Indicators" section of the main window of the platform.

Olimp trade indicators

In the "Technical Analysis" section, to all the others, the Alligator from Bill Williams and many other indicators in a special form (trend, oscillators and others) were added, as seen in the screenshot below.

Olimp trade indicators

There are indeed some useful standard indicators on this chart, but there is already no access to trading. Therefore, you can use a much more convenient source of graphical analysis, which I'll discuss below.

Olympus Trade adjustment indicators

All previously mentioned indicators are freely available in the well-known many online trading platform TradingView (section Live schedule), Plus a lot of author's developments that have no analogues.

Olimp trade indicators

I for myself highlighted several advantages of this platform:

• more pleasant design and a huge number of different individual settings;
• a wide range of author's indicators developed by well-known traders and users of TradingView, which can significantly increase the level of trade;
• a reliable source of quotations - there is something to control the prices of the broker;
• no lags and malfunctions.

A simple strategy for trading on the indicators Olympus Trade

For successful trading, to use all indicators at once is at least unreasonable. Most traders will take 1-2 for the indicator they need. For example, trend Bollinger Bands with a period of 20 and an oscillator Stochastic with a period of 14.


• time interval and expiration time - any;
• financial instruments - the most volatile EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, metals can be taken from metals (XAUUSD);
• trading time - European and American trading session with about 10: 00 Moscow time;
• It is desirable to have no important news.

The entry point to the transaction is carried out depending on the situation on the market (trend or range). When the market has a pronounced and directional movement, we trade, relying on the middle strip of Bollinger Bands. This can be clearly seen in the following image (the entrance to the position is highlighted in a green circle).

Olimp trade indicators
In another case, when a corridor was formed on the market, and it is not clear in which direction prices are moving, we use the Stochastic Oscillator.

Olimp trade indicators
This strategy is very simple and involves the use of only standard indicators, but this does not prevent it from competing with more modern and sophisticated systems.

Note: do not forget about the rules of risk management (in one transaction it is advisable not to risk more than 2% of the deposit, when overclocking - no more than 5-10%).


The indicators of the Olympus broker are far from the most convenient option available today. In general, the set of tools presented is standard and available on almost any trading platform, for example Binomo. When working with binary options it is much easier and more convenient to use the service from TradingView.


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