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Probably, many people know that fraud brokers are also operating on the network. Do you know that even in case of fraud, a refund of your money is possible? Several times I had to help my traders, return money for fraud. In my experience, you will learn what you have to face and how you can return money to a card via a chargeback. In this article I want to talk about this feature in more detail and only for readers of my site: what it is, when it can be used and whether it really works. Even if you think that this will never happen to you, I advise you to read this article to the end. You can always use Chargeback to solve issues not only with brokers, but also with sellers on the Internet. How the procedure for refunding is carried out and where to get a sample for writing an application to your bank, you will read in this article.

What is a heartbeak?

I want to immediately warn that the function that I will tell you about is available at work Only with MasterCard and Visa. It is not available for electronic payment systems. If there are any problems, in this case you will need to contact the technical support of your EPS. That is why I recommend making transfers only from MasterCard and Visa.

Chardjbek is a function of refunding money on a buyer's card. For example, you ordered goods in an online store and paid for it, but it was not delivered or you did not get what you expected. In this case, the payment can be withdrawn by contacting the bank.

The most important condition is to provide evidence that the seller has acted dishonestly and did not fulfill its obligations to you.

Now back to the fraud chargeback. Here, sellers are not honest brokers, but buyers are traders. If you prove the fact of fraud by the broker, you can use the Chargeback function in your bank. But only if the deposit was made using a credit card.

Credit Card Chargebacks

Such an application, which you leave in the bank, will be considered. Why does not the bank ignore it? The matter is that payment systems MasterCard and Visa cooperate with banks under certain conditions. When signing a cooperation agreement, the bank undertakes to comply with these conditions, or the possibility of issuing cards to it will not be provided.

In addition, your bank does not spend its money on damages. He will send a request to the bank, which makes payments by bank cards, as a result of which the funds will be withdrawn from the account of the fraudster broker and sent to the trader. The consent of the broker company is not required.

Since your bank does not spend its money, this procedure will be conducted more willingly.

The only problem that you create is related to wasting time on you. Since not everyone wants to complicate their lives, some banks may not be too eager to get down to business. But the law is on your side, so you only need to show a little perseverance.

You should also know that the charjbek is issued for free. No extra costs for you. But sometimes it's better to pay, but not to the bank. I'll tell you more about this later.

Well, the last thing I wanted to talk about before you refer to the next heading concerns the period during which you can use the chargeback function. It is not more than 540 days from the date of transfer of funds. But in fact for MasterCard cardholders this period is 120 days, as well as Visa - 120 days. In some banks, customer requests will be ignored if they apply later than 45 days. Such actions are illegal, but you have little chance of resolving the dispute in your favor. Therefore, it is best to contact the bank as soon as possible.

By the way, that's why most scammers do not stop communicating with you and continue to "feed" with promises that they will return your money. So they just delay time.

How do I issue a chargeback on binary options?

Visa e mastercard

I told you what this function is, and now let's find out how you can get your money back from the fraudster account.

The first step is to gather evidence. At the bank, no one will even listen to you, if you come and say that some company is a fraud and you want to return your money. It is necessary to provide evidence, but how to do it? Take screenshots (screenshots) of correspondence with technical support and personal cabinet.

Do not be too lazy to take more pictures, do not think about what might be needed and what is not. If anything, you can always remove the superfluous. Do not delay with the collection of evidence, because access to your account may be blocked by the fraudster.

Take screenshots of the letters that you received on e-mail from the broker, make screenshots from your sales office with the history of bidding and of course terms and conditions (if any) on the fraudster's website.

The second step is to slightly scare the unscrupulous broker. In the beginning, just talk to him, tell him that you can use the charjbek function. Report on the existence of evidence of fraud on his part and even demonstrate them.

This is advised to do, but personally I do not know of any case when a broker fraudster voluntarily returned money to a trusting investor. It is also advised to intimidate fraudsters with penalties on the part of the payment system. In any case, you should try this option, but remember that the procedure for refunding money, often takes several months.

Almost in 100% of cases you will be called to the phone left at registration and prove that you are wrong. I recommend replying to the phone call and informing you that you will conduct the dialogue only by e-mail. This will allow you to make screenshots for the bank, to prove that you have tried to resolve the problem yourself.

When the broker has ignored your request to return money, make screenshots of correspondence with the broker and follow the next step.

The third step is to contact the bank. A personal visit is required to the office of the organization, since communication with the bank manager by phone or correspondence by mail will not bring the result.

In the bank, you need to make a statement on the form (See below for a sample of the chargeback application). In some cases, they are asked to provide additional information in free form. Do not forget to take a copy of your application, which was assured by the bank employee. It is useful if the original is "lost". If you are denied the requirements, ask for an explanation.

Let the bank employees understand that you are well versed in this matter and are determined to fight to the end. If you have undeniable evidence of a broker's fraudulent activity, the fraud chargeback will be successful.

In the bank, write a statement on the chargeback on your bank's letterhead, attach screenshots from your mail correspondence with the broker, evidence of fraud of the broker (transaction screens or other), and conditions and rules, if any, on the broker's website. It is possible that this list may differ depending on the bank.

I know an easier way, but you have to spend a little.

In which case is it better to pay and to whom?

I already said earlier that you do not have to pay a bank. But there is an option to pay some money, so that you have collected the necessary evidence for you and wrote a statement for a refund.

In the network there are specialists whose professional activity is in the return of funds. They take almost all the work for themselves. The payment for their services can vary greatly depending on the specialist, but on average it ranges from 2500 to 4000 rubles.

I can not recommend a specialist in the network for the reason that I never applied to them and I can not be sure about 100% in their professionalism.

But you should know that in this sphere there are also scammers, and the probability of a refund when working with a professional is not higher, so no one can give a full guarantee.

If you do not have the experience of doing such operations or just do not want to figure it out, use the paid variant of the chargebeek on binary options. In any case, the choice is yours.

Which banks are more likely to have a jarjabek?

When I helped my traders, I learned a lot of information on the money back and chargeback feedback from banks. I now know that not all of them are willing to undertake the repayment of money, and some may have additional problems.

Some small banks do not have their own cards. They draw up maps of other organizations for their clients. If you have such a bank, additional difficulties may arise.

Some even large banks refuse to consider chargeback applications for fraud. For example, Tinkoff belongs to such.

Look at the screenshot:

Table loyalnosti bankoff

This table I borrowed from a company that specializes in refunds. Based on its data, it will be easier for you to navigate with which banks it will be easier to work with. But do not forget that even though the organization does not want to consider the application, it will have to fulfill its obligations to you. You can always contact the Central Bank, consumer protection organization or court. Just think about the expediency of such actions.

What should I do if the bank refuses?

Do not be discouraged if the bank did not want to consider your application the first time. From the first time you rarely get to the bank, but this does not mean that you will not get anything done.

You need to get an explanation of why you got a refusal from the chargebeek on binary options. Perhaps your statement is made incorrectly. Then just correct the errors and send it again.

There is a high probability that you will be able to get your money back. In any case, it is higher than when trying to persuade a fraudulent broker.

Two of my traders, whom I helped with the charjbek, returned all their money. From the moment of writing the application in the bank, until the money was returned to their cards, on average it took a little more than a month. Returned the amount of 2000 dollars and 90000 rubles. The effort spent was not in vain.
Sample text for writing a charterjack application:

Application for a disputed transaction

By map No. 3806 8700 1452 7982 Ivan Ivanov

I, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, 14.07.2019/19.08.2019/XNUMX and XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX Paid the services (brokerage account servicing) for the amount of 2000 dollars, From my card Mastercard 3806 8700 1452 7982

On the Internet site at

I did not receive paid services.

My representatives have access to representatives of the company who, without my permission, independently do various buying and selling operations, which is a gross violation of our agreement. Also require me to pay the loan. I did not sign a loan agreement and did not ask for a loan from me. The company refuses to withdraw funds from my account.

I applied on several occasions to withdraw funds to my bank account according to the company's rules. All my applications were rejected.
I wrote to the company's support service, but the company does not respond. (Correspondence is attached)

I ask you to accept my claim for these payments and to conduct a claim work under the rules of the VISA (chargeback Management Guidelines for Visa merchants), which corresponds to the conditions for the provision of services by the payment system.

When considering my application, I ask the bank to indicate reason code 30 for Visa: Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received.

From the conditions for the provision of services by the payment system (no goods or services received)

14.07.2019 - 500 $
19.08.2019 - 1500 $

Please return the funds in the amount of 2000 dollars, After the claim work on the card No. 3806 8700 1452 7982

Date Signature

PS Chargeback for fraud is not an easy task, but nothing is impossible. If you do not have the desire or strength to deal with this case, entrust it to a lawyer. But it is not worth giving your money to a scammer, especially if he illegally took a round amount of money from you.

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