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By registering with Arotrade Broker, You will be able to trade bitcoins with binary options. Replenishing the account in rubles you will earn in rubles, trading bitcoin.

My name is Anna Alexandrovna, I am the author of the site and a practicing trader. Right now, you hear on TV, radio or read in newspapers that bitcoin updates its highs. Such a great popularity is caused by the rapid growth of the exchange rate. To write this article, I was inspired by the money that I earned thanks to bitcoin. It all started with the fact that one of my friends recommended me to invest in bitcoin. Motivated by the fact that the rate of USD / BTC broke its three-year maximum, which in 90% of cases means further growth. Having opened my live schedule And having analyzed this pair, I decided to try it.

Binary options bitcoin

Registered on the exchange kriptovaljut and decided to exchange part of its Yandex money for 3 bitcoin. Of course, like any trader, I was motivated by the desire to earn money. If you hear about Bitcoin for the first time, then I recommend that you read my article how to earn money by trading Binary options bitcoin. There you can find out what is so bitcoin, and find a trading strategy for options, which one of the subscribers kindly shared with me.

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As you can see on the screenshot above, I have 3,1158 bitcoins, I bought them at the price of 1130 dollars for one bitcoin. Right now, at the time of writing, the course fluctuates within 2480-2450 dollars. Already, I can earn + 100 with a pint of percent profit. I promise that I will properly manage my money and give some of the money to the fund for the protection of the Ussuri tigers. :)

All this for 3 with a few months. Perhaps, such a profit, for such a short period can only be obtained on binary options and bitcoins. The bitcoin rate is less dependent on external factors, because Is not under the control of the state with their financial institutions and regulators. Not controlled by the state, but the course is manipulated by large players - market makers. The bitcoin rate depends only on supply and demand in the market. And the fewer external factors, the easier it is to predict the asset. Such a high volatility, suggests that this is still a young asset, which has not yet received wide distribution. However, if we are logically approaching, now we are seeing another big pamp. When the market maker plays, and decides that it is enough, we will see the same grandiose dump. Therefore, I believe that now is the best time to exchange electronic figures for a paper dollar.

As for me, my main income is trading in binary options. I took the purchase of several bitcoins as an opportunity for additional earnings, in such a short period, I did not expect to receive big profits, it certainly is encouraging. For earnings, all methods are good, at times even the most unexpected.

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