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Why is related to binary option is contradictory? Because they are easy to get started - but even easier to start playing! Many traders are unfulfilled, losing to the skin on the first day, forever disappointed in trade. And not just disappointed, and the pipes to the ends that earnings on binary options - this is a fairy tale, but the trade itself - a solid "divorce".

At the same time, binary options - this is not "divorce", but rather an effective way to make money. Proof are stories of other traders: have achieved success, made the earnings on the main source of its options - no small! - income. I, too, at one time started to trade without much hope of success, however, was able to build a good career trader.

Basic trading rules

Why does it turn out not at all? Because most beginners have no idea about the secrets of earning on the binary options, do not know that trading binary options should be carried out according to a certain strategy that the transactions do not need to mindlessly "stick" up and down, and read charts and analyze data ... Finally, just because man is by nature weak and to control their emotions get not everyone.

Emotions ... How many traders Pogorelov because of them! I have repeatedly witnessed how traders with a good level of theoretical training, which were aware of the policies and tried to follow them, be impulsive, unnecessary transaction concluded - and eventually deprived of all funds in the account, disappointed in the trader's profession as such. Therefore formulate first rule Trader binary options: try to "turn off" the emotions!

The second rule is: follow the strategy! Hope to intuition, if you trade binary options, it is not necessary, no matter how lucky you are. Anyone who enters into transactions at random, always burns, and very quickly. Therefore, study the existing strategy, and subsequently create yours!

Finally, it is important third rule: We always control the risks, we realize what risk! From the very beginning, put yourself a bar - risk no more than 1 percent (you can 2, 3 - but not more than 5!) Of the total amount that you have in your account. And never, under any circumstances, do not exceed this bar. Never, no matter how profitable you may seem to be a deal! That is, if you have an account, for example, 2000 rubles, then the maximum rate - in all cases - should be 100 rubles. Remembering about risk management, you insure yourself against major losses. Thanks to a reasonable strategy, your earnings on binary options will necessarily increase, and a sharp "bankruptcy" can not happen. Do not be greedy, do not seek to put everything on the map - and enrichment will necessarily come.

The proven way to make money on the binary options

So, you have mastered three main rules. Now you need to choose a strategy, and, of course, effective. That is, with the help of which the majority of your transactions will be closed in a plus. The majority in this case is not 51 percent, but 55-60: otherwise the strategy is not effective. There are many good strategies for binary options: they are based on different principles and have a different degree of complexity. Among the many strategies I recommend you to choose the simplest and most famous ones - they will bring you a good profit and will be useful even with significant changes in the global financial market, as they adapt to them.

Binary Options: Strategies

Trading Strategy on moving averages (Moving Average)

Simple Moving Average indicator (Simple Moving Average / SMA) - really simple but very effective tool.
What is a "moving average"? It is a measure of the average price of an asset for a specified period of time. To work with such an indicator of binary options is quite simple. First build a simple moving average (time interval 60). Then - another moving average (4 interval). On the chart are respectively blue and green lines. Then, look:

  • The green line crosses the blue from top to bottom. So, we need to open a transaction on an asset sale.
  • The green line crosses the blue line from the bottom up. On the contrary, we open an option to purchase.

The method (strategy) for binary options earnings

Trading strategy from support and resistance levels

Another one of my "favorite". What is the support and resistance levels? So called zone on the chart, which is a sharp reversal in price (and, accordingly, its directional movement in the other direction). resistance zone - a graphics portion comprising the maximum price support zone - area where the displayed minimum value. On this chart we have identified a red stripe resistance zone support - blue.

Ways to earn money on the binary options

Describing such graphs are often used compared with the floor and ceiling. The level of support - a "floor": the price does not fall below it. Resistance level - a "ceiling" which restricts the upper price growth. How this information will help a trader? You can use it to identify trends and make transactions, the profitability of which will be very likely. If the price is close to the areas of support or resistance, we can assume that soon the reversal and open the binary options in connection with this assumption.

Paying attention to the minimums and maximums, you can build a trend line. we remember from school mathematics course that is sufficient for the construction of a direct two points. Accordingly, we are building the top line in two with the minimum price, and verhnyuyu- two maximum. Then we look at where the trend. If the down - we need only deal on the market. If up - only to buy.

The construction of trend lines (the secrets of earning on the options)

Trading Strategy on combinations of candlesticks

So we call a very convenient graphs showing how the price over time. By studying the graphs displayed by the combination of two candles and more, it is possible to reliably determine the future increase or decrease in value of the asset, to see when the reversal takes place. That's - (1) - is the combination of which point to future growth rates, and that's because - (2) - that signal the lowering of prices:

Candlesticks on binary options: a proven way to make money

Trader using this strategy, looking at the graphs and similar combinations performs trade in accordance with them. it is possible on the basis of these strategies - and should! - create your own, that will be perfect for you personally.

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