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Opportunities to earn on the Internet is now a lot: in particular, active brokers offer their clients the earnings in the Forex without attachments. But whether it is really possible? Or whether we are dealing with another "wired"? I have long wanted to solve this, I conducted a mini-investigation - and sharing its results with you.

Forex - is the foreign exchange market, albeit virtual, but dealing with real money. Therefore, it seems logical that the beginning of trading in this market involves some investment of their own funds. After all, in order to sell the currency, first it is necessary to buy - and how to do it, if on account of a penny? Meanwhile, it's real, and I'm very convinced of this. Start making, not investing their money, it is really possible: for this there is even a number of ways.

How big can be trading on Forex without attachments? Just wanted to say - a lot of money should not wait here. You can get a certain amount, but for really serious games do not work without investing their money. However, we are not talking about the amounts and to understand whether it is possible in principle to earn without investing their own money. And once again answer: can!

Ways to earn money on Forex without investing its own funds

Earnings on forex without attachments

Opening an account no deposit broker

No deposit is put on the account of the minimum amount. Naturally, bring it just like you can not. But you can start trading, risking only that amount. If the trade is successful and your capital will increase, you will be able to bring on own account real wages. It is not only the possibility of earning without any risk of losing their money, but also, above all, excellent "training" on the battlefield, the ability to internally and in real time to know what is Forex.

What platforms can open such accounts? On a variety. The most famous and popular brokers who provide this service - it Instaforex, XM. The bonus amount that the client receives no deposit account - from the 5 70 to US dollars.

Why no deposit brokers to open an account? Of course, to attract new customers. Starting to trade without investing, the rookie is dipped in a real trading environment, an opportunity to try their own or already existing strategy, "to fill the cones" and not lose their money.

brokerage competitions

A very common thing that attracts gamblers. Contest participants are given a virtual account, and the one who was able to help increase transactions in the Forex deposit for a considerable sum, than the rest, gets the prize: a real money account. This is an excellent lesson in the game in the currency market, because it is conjugate with the need to win, and at the same time does not imply risks. How can you cope with anxiety and excessive passion - qualities detrimental to a trader? Participation in the competition will help to check it and make conclusions.

Investment in PAMM accounts

No, there is no mistake: it is possible to invest in the company's accounts ... without spending their money. The funds can allocate the company itself - and the customer chooses to invest them in the PAMM-account or start trading.

As this process occurs. I can describe their own experience: at the time so I was able to earn quite good money.

So, first you need to register on the ProCapital forum and apply for participation in projects: "investor school", "school managers", etc. First, at the investor school, you will work with demo accounts. You are allocated 1000 US dollars, which can not be withdrawn, but you can invest in PAMM-accounts. You need to write reports to the forum, get profitability above 4 percent - and then you can go to the next stage. "School of Managers" is trading on a demo account, writing reports and, if the yield exceeds 10 percent per month, the transition to the next stage. At this stage, you will receive 600 dollars, which you can use for trading, taking profit. What do we really need!

So, is it possible to become a trader in the Forex, not putting their own money? Can! Just think of it primarily as an excellent opportunity for learning, for the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills - and the maximum use of this opportunity!

Real earnings in the Forex (Foreign Exchange)

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