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Today, many people are looking for an independent source of income in the network. Forex currency market - this is one of the most popular and raspiarennyh methods of earnings in the network. About him go to various rumors and controversy, but in this article I want to tell you about the Forex market from the perspective of successful girl (trader). I have for a long time start to trade in this market, and I think that many of my recommendations will be useful for beginners.

Forex ways of earning

Let's start with the fact that we consider the salary scheme in the foreign exchange market. It consists of several stages:

1. The trader makes a deposit with a bank card or electronic payment, and then decides to make a deal on a certain amount. Minimum deposit can be anything, some companies allow you to trade even 10 rubles.

2. Forex broker sends the transaction details to the market in real time.

3. When the right trader makes a profit forecast depending on changes in the price of the currency, and if on the contrary, the loss.

4. The trader may at any time withdraw funds to a bank card or e-wallet.

Thus, the market can make a profit if cheap to buy and then sell expensive. In general, the methods of earnings in the Forex are divided into three areas:

• self-trade;
• use of trading robots (my choice is a robot Abi);
• Trust manages its capital through a PAMM-account.

Personally, I use all three types of earnings in the sector. When independent trade it is necessary to understand the operation of the market and trade on it. To do this, note the following simple example.


This is the eurodollar chart (EURUSD). To any trader in this situation it was enough to assume that the price for the euro will grow in relation to the US dollar. Having bought a currency on 1.06570, after a couple of hours it can be sold on 1.07120 and get a huge profit. In this case, the income is formed not only from the money that you invest. All brokers in the foreign exchange market provide the leverage of 1 to 100, 1 to 500 or even 1 to 1000. Thus, having 100 $ on the account, you can buy the currency at 100000 $ and get the corresponding profit. Your risk is just a deposit, i.e. At the failure of the transaction you will not owe anything to anyone. In my opinion, this is a huge advantage for the trader.

Everyone who is faced with a trade, should be able to use currency charts and trading terminal. I decided to show you an example of how deals are done in practice. Below is the most popular trading platform MetaTrader 4.


On the black screen is a graph of the currency pair AUDUSD (AUD with respect to the dollar). Finger marks are called candlesticks. AUDUSD is now trading at 0.75019, and I began to sell more with 0.75582, which gave me a profit of $ 1335 (more than 50%) for a couple of days with a leverage to 1 100. Of course, such a deal is quite risky, but I can afford to work with such a sum.

earn Forex

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In order to earn on Forex, you need to not only be able to make transactions, sometimes intuition is not enough to determine the market direction. To do this, traders and analysts have come up with various theories about how to determine where to go market. A similar analysis can be divided into two areas:

• technical analysis;

• fundamental analysis.

Technical analysis is a method for reading charts. Thus, analysts expect the market direction solely by looking at the graphics. According to this concept, the price includes all economic events and it is only necessary to follow the history of quotes that are sure to be repeated year after year. Conventionally, there are several different variations of chart reading:

• those classic. analysis (using figures and trends);

• level analysis;

• Elliott wave theory;

• theory of Fibonacci numbers;

• Theory Gann;

• indicator analysis.

The list is not exhaustive. Today there are thousands of different strategies and methods for technical analysis.
Fundamental analysis is based on the account in the forecast, and news important economic events. special economic calendar, which shows all of the most significant events in the various economies is used to operate analysts. Note the example of the economic calendar and breaking news for April 20 2017 years.


Usually, fundamentalists trade in the long term by investing money for a year or more, because the news is usually not immediately have a strong impact on the market.

If you are unable to go into detail analysis of the market, I recommend you to find Trading Robot or invest funds in the PAMM-account of a successful trader. In the latter case it is necessary to carefully analyze the score on several criteria:

• period of existence (at least 1 year);

• yield curve (should be no abrupt subsidence and downs);

• maximum drawdown on the account (should not exceed 30%, and preferably 20%).

Below is an example of the account of the yield curve of one of the traders for 2-years. It controls the amount of over 500 thousand dollars. Investing his money in 2016 year, could increase the score several times.


This investment expense is quite aggressive. There is a lot of depression in the yield curve, which indicates a significant loss. It should be careful with the miscalculation of risks, and then the result will not take long.

Earnings Forex reviews

In the final section, I would like to discuss the reviews about the Forex market. Quite often, people are skeptical because they do not have public opinion. On the Internet you can find both negative and positive responses, but most of them are far from reality, and now you will understand why.

The foreign exchange market and the forex dealers to date are included in the Federal Law "On securities market", so do not count them some deception. Currency Trading - this is a real professional activity, which allows to make a profit, and that is confirmed by law.

Most people wrote negative comments, because I do not have coped with the market on their own, were unable to learn and quickly surrendered. At the moment, every trader can try their hand in the market, even with the minimum amount. If he does not, or will not have time for training, then he can always give money in trust or establish a trading robot.

As a result, the forex market is:

• legally, and it is not in any deception with 100% -th guarantee (under federal law);

• available (anyone can try their hand, even with 100 rubles in his pocket);

• realistic (even if not work out, you can give money to the management).

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