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I will help you choose a trusted forex advisor. Automated trading is successful not only among conservative speculators, but also those who trade with increased risk. When I just started doing forex trading, I did not have a large deposit, so I had to look for any opportunities for a quick increase in my account. In this article, I want to share with you very valuable information on how to choose a robot advisor to disperse the deposit, and why it will help in achieving the goal.

Benefits of Proven Automation Systems

I used to think that trading robot can not beat a man, as the market - it's constantly changing mechanism. As it turned out, algorithmic analysis is used in many volatile areas of activity. For example, weather forecasting and research all the chaotic changes. The use of robots in trading has revolutionized the market, and no one denies that. Automatic trading system has the following advantages over the man with risky trading:

• Lack of emotion - perhaps the most important advantage of the robots and a key drawback of live traders. All, without exception, speculators anyway faced with psychological problems during the trade because that is human nature. In most cases, emotions lead to huge losses on trading account, especially at high risk. Not every trader cope with stress when it comes to risk almost all deposits, and the robot is always stable.

• Hour Trading - none of us can not be compared with the performance of the robot, because it may 24 hours a day watching the market and waiting for the entrance of the deal. Trader is a real person, he needs to eat and rest, it is simply not as effective as the robot. In the dispersal of the account it is very important to use all opportunities to enter into a transaction, and the adviser can provide it.

• The ability to test for a long period - this means that any system can be checked automatically. The trader is only checked the time (at a distance of a few years). Hand Strategy checked manually, and it also takes a lot of time and effort. The robot can be checked instantly and on a very long period of time. This approach again gives stability and confidence in the results.

• Quantitative analysis - advisors can not only trade without a break, but also analyze a huge number of values ​​every second. It can be indicators of hundreds of indicators, news releases around the world, correlation with a dozen other financial instruments. What a trader will need several hours a robot can do in a second.

If the complex to evaluate all the advantages of a trading robot, then you should not remain doubts about its necessity in trading. This is especially true acceleration of deposit, as in this case, the number of errors exceeds the limit of emotion and even professional traders.

Step-by-step instructions for choosing an advisor for overclocking

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Once a decision on the use of automated systems in their trade, worth thorough approach to the selection of the advisor. In the market there are plenty of high-quality development, and each has its own advantages. There are the best options when the robot is in almost all categories exceeds its competitors. Personally, I liked Robot AbiSo all examples will be associated with it.

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Step 1. Identify your opportunities

To date, there are many counselors, a license for which you must pay. In this case, the high cost of development does not mean that it is high quality. A lot of robots that are clearly not worth the money. Anyway, if you need to decide to buy a license or you need a free trade counselor.

As a rule, if deposit overclocking is required, it is better to invest all available funds in the account than to spend money and check the quality of robots. For example, the Abi Forex system that I use is completely free. And I do not need to look for another robot, even though I can afford even the most expensive options on the market.

Step 2. Please rate trading strategy robot

At the next stage, it is advisable to understand what indicators and signals the EA uses. For example, there are robots that trade in Moving Average, and there are using oscillators (RSI, Stochastic and others) or copyright indicators.

When studying advisor signals need to make sure that the strategy:

• it includes both trend indicators and oscillators that work best in a trading range;
• does not have hidden copyright signals instead of the actual algorithm that can be tested on history.

Used adviser me Abi apply several well-known indicators:

1. TREND - a complex of Linear Regression and Bollinger Bands;
2. RSI;
3. MACD;
4. Stochastic;
5. % Williams;
6. CCI.

As a result, in practice, the robot shows impressive results both in a trending market, when there is a strong movement, and in a trading range (consolidation).

In the dispersal of the account it is very important that the adviser was a versatile and allows for a minimum number of errors, albeit at the cost of less frequent signals. At high risk for any inaccuracy equals loss of deposit. Abi in the long run shows 87% profitable trades on the options, which is enough.

Step 3. Check for special capital management systems

For overclocking, there is a method called Martingale. Its essence lies in the fact that with a negative transaction, the next one is opened in double size to compensate for losses.

Some facts about the Martingale:

• Despite all the criticism of the system, it works in the short term to a few transactions to significantly increase trading account.
• course for a long time to apply Martingale unacceptable. Anyway, the account will be lost, but before that you can manage to increase it in 10 times.
• If you are ready to stop in time to disperse the account, the system you is essential.

There are plenty of advisors based on the doubling of the lot with a losing trade, the choice is important to test them on several periods. This will help to find out the approximate amount that may increase the score. I would recommend to stay after the deposit will be increased 3 times. If the trade continues, the already very high probability of losing the entire account.

As an example, Abi again. In this EA have just three capital management system, among other things, the Martingale. For this reason, the robot can be used to break up the deposit and the subsequent conservative trade.

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Step 4. Check the reviews and contact the developer

Before using any trading system it is desirable to evaluate all the "pros" and "cons", written in a review. This will help to correctly interpret the adviser's reputation and not to be disappointed later use. Pay attention to several points:

• whether the robot's official website;
• feedback what the subject of the robot;
• Is a detailed description of all the options and recommendations present;
• whether there are additional materials and a video of the EA.

Quality product usually has full support from the developer, as well as positive reviews.
Adjusting the robot should try to contact its author, if such a possibility exists. He may suggest some of the nuances in the robot configuration to your specific goals. The market is constantly changing, and sometimes even a slight change in the settings can optimize the robot so that it will show a positive result.


So, automated trading is urgently needed in trade, especially when accelerating deposit. There are a couple of reasons, ranging from the banal emotions among traders, ending the performance of robots, which surpasses the human.

When choosing robot should follow certain recommendations:

• First, determine your budget, preference is given to disperse free advisors.
• Second, check the robot's strategy, it is important to make it work as a trending market, and in the consolidation.
• You will also need the presence of the EA Martingale system, since it can help to work at elevated risk.
• The final point is the existence of positive feedback and developer support, which is also important for the proper setup of the system.

By following the above instructions, you will be able to choose a decent robot without any problems, which implements your aspirations.

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