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"Lightweight earnings on the Internet!" Such headlines are now very much. text authors argue that it is possible to put together a fortune, just sitting on certain sites a couple of hours a day and pushing a couple of buttons. This is usually offered to invest money, but minimal. Someone is offended by such suggestions, someone once skeptical and did not even open these pages. Who is right? Is it possible to "easy earnings"?

Earnings - yes. Working exclusively with the help of the Internet, you can provide for yourself and your family by making the "part-time job" a full-fledged and main source of income. "Easy" is not. Money never comes just like that. Earning income via the Internet is not a "lottery", but a full-fledged work that requires effort and preparation.

Once upon a time, I, too, was a beginner in everything related to investing money on the Internet. In search of earnings, I learned about binary options, became interested in this topic - and managed to realize myself, began to earn real and very substantial sums! In this article I will tell you how to invest money on the Internet most profitably and start earning, while practically not risking your capital.

Earnings on the Internet with an attachment: Binary Options

So how do you earn on options to the person who started doing this recently? To begin with we shall understand, What is binary options... They represent an investment of money (purchase of assets) for a short period. In this case, the trader indicates in which direction the price of the asset will change over the specified period (compared to its original value). For example, we select the asset “oil price”, put 1 dollar and indicate that in, say, 30 minutes the oil price will rise. If it goes down, we lose the rate, and if it goes up, we return it and get 85 percent of the profit from the broker! The remaining 15 percent of the profit remains with the broker.

Brokers, ideally, should be intermediaries between traders and the market: buy options and output rates. But in fact, the work of unreliable brokers usually held on the principle of the casino (or, as they say, "kitchen"): all means, operated by brokers, treated within the company.

Of course, the actions of "casino" directed primarily to their own benefit, not to help traders. As a consequence, 90 percent of traders do not make money quickly and lose their assets on their deposits. This is especially true of those who work with short-term options: 5, 10, 15 minutes ... During this time predict the price movement very difficult. Looking ahead, I will say that the best option for a period for beginners I think 30 minutes.

So, only 10 percent win. But this 10 percent is not just those who are "lucky" to invest money and keep the deposit. These are the people who really succeeded in making good money on options - and it didn't work out thanks to luck. Making money on options is the result of hard work and the use of competent strategies.

How do you get into 10% of traders who consistently work in plus?

First of all, you need to find a good broker. Respective programs on the market a lot, but not all provide favorable conditions, not all securely together. Personally, I once chose Arotrade - one of the most reputable intermediaries - I continue to work with him and do not regret it at all. Another good platform that many of my raiders choose is BDSwiss. In fact, reliable brokers more.

Earnings on options: Strategy

So, let's move to strategies earnings on options. I must say that you will need to invest at least US $ 100. But do not let that scares: a successful sale will help us to "recapture" this investment of money and earn many times more.

Let us turn to the experience of gaming and remember the Martingale strategy. What does it mean? What if we lose money, then the next bet is done twice as much as the previous example, after losing 1 dollar put 2, then 4, then 8 ... keen on (to put, for example, more than 64) is not recommended: you should always be a real opportunity to win.

Popular strategies for options

1. currency pairs

Very popular strategy is to determine the trend of the currency pair: how to change the value of one currency against another in the coming 15 minutes. To determine this, you can use a variety of ways, it is best to use several methods simultaneously.

  • Data heat map currency.

    Heat Map Rates

  • Read financial news.
  • The study of graphs. In the chart we are primarily interested in spades: they can be used to determine whether the price will go within the next 15 minutes up or down.

Here's a picture shows an upward trend:

The upward trend

And this one is from a downtrend:


2. Scalping on binary options - time frame 5 minutes

There is also easy to make. Monitors forums where the Forex traders are going, and are guided by their rates. You can also sit on Investing website and learn tips about the actions in the next five minutes. Here's how it looks:

Scalping - an effective way of earning money on the Internet with an attachment

3. Using signals for trading

Anyone who does not want to read the news and think about how it will affect the market can use services that give signals to buy or sell selected options. I have on my site online chat with the signalsand Signals Expert Advisors

for Trading Signals

How about binary options Internet users respond? Yes, I had heard negative comments about the "scam", but now there is another trend! Thanks to the numerous positive articles from competent experts opinion on the options "the people" is improved: up to 80 percent "fresh" reviews are positive.

Making money on binary options is real, but you can't treat it like a "lottery" and bet at random. Only deliberate actions, a clear strategy, strong nerves and a cool head will bring profit. Learn, improve, think about where to invest your money - and good earnings will not keep you waiting!

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