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To trade binary options, it is not at all necessary to calculate each trade yourself. Automated trading (which is also called automatic, algorithmic, robotic) is very popular among modern traders - both beginners and experienced ones. This activity involves the use of special software that analyzes binary options, reads charts and based on them makes forecasts. All that remains for the trader is to make transactions according to these forecasts - and make a profit with minimal effort. I also enjoy using proven algorithms and thus make my job much easier.

Sounds tempting? Maybe - but you don't need to think that the whole secret of successful trading is to skillfully choose the right robot. To really make deals "in plus", you need to carefully work with the programs, understand how the mechanism of binary options trading works, independently take into account many factors that can affect the level of profit.

Automated trading binary options

You can not just blindly entrust the trading of a robot program: or rather, it is possible, but this will not lead to anything other than the rapid combustion of the deposit. Serious preliminary and time-consuming work is required: input of the necessary parameters, adjustment of certain actions. But on what is the actual time savings, it is on the study of diagrams and graphs. Of course, binary options can be analyzed independently, but it takes a very long time. If you entrust this work to the program, you can free up a lot of time for those activities where the human factor is more important.

Such activities include monitoring the political and economic situation in the world. And then, and another is too difficult to the analysis of all the data he could handle a computer. The robot understand what the activity of the market, when there are upward or downward trends - but to anticipate them, he can not. Therefore, you need to follow the news very closely: your surgery will be able to save a deposit from ruin.

So, can novice traders use algorithms? It is possible, but experience is also important here: you will not be able to immediately start making huge profits just by following the prompts of any robot. The developers of the corresponding software in their advertising texts emphasize precisely the fact that autotrading allows you to "do nothing" - but this is not true.

Even working only with algorithms, you need to understand what information charts and diagrams carry, how trading markets actually work. It is necessary to study binary options at least at the "elementary" level - but in general, you need to strive to learn more about them, constantly read relevant articles and books, watch training videos, and communicate with experienced traders.

Automated trading for beginners: the benefits

So, you are a beginner (even if you already know a thing or two about binary options) who want to start trading with robots. The programs will be a good help at the initial stage of work, when the trader does not yet have a developed strategy, established skills, intuition, and experience. All this is acquired over time - and will be acquired much faster if you enlist the support of a reliable robot at the beginning of your career. If you are inclined to analytical thinking (by the way, if you are not at all inclined - maybe working with binary options is not for you?), Then you can develop your own strategy only by observing the actions of the robot, tracking successful and unsuccessful moments.

More recently, automated trading was no legal way: use programs considered cheating and punished. Do not worry: for algorithmic trading programs has long ceased to be an outlaw. Mastering the binary options, you can quite legally use any assistant: as the saying goes, "if only to health." One of these robots is reliable Abi robot.

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What are the specific benefits automated trading system? These are just the most obvious:

  1. Automated Trading increases the chances of the inexperienced player to win;
  2. It works even without the "human factor" in the worst sense of the term: the possibility that some sort of deal will rashly committed under the influence of emotions, absolutely excluded.
  3. To make successful transactions, not necessarily to study numerous financial instruments that analyze the market situation.
  4. Watching the actions of the robot can independently develop a strategy for trading binary options, which can be profitable.

However, algorithmic trade transaction and are not without drawbacks. Here are the most significant:

  1. The program has no emotion - but it also lacks intelligence. The trading algorithm is unable to fully analyze the market situation, and in the event of a non-standard situation, abrupt changes (which is very common), the binary options advisor does not change the strategy, which leads to excessive trades.
  2. Programs are written and tested in accordance with the strategies that brought success in the past, but because time is changing! What was urgent yesterday, it may be totally uncompetitive today. Current market situation, many modern advisors ignore. I would like to note that Abi robot has a free update from the developer. Therefore, the shopping assistant is always relevant.

Variety of automated trading systems

All program advisors can be divided into two main groups:

  • Programs that replicate transactions. They thus can focus on the activities of any one trader or aggregate information about multiple transactions at the same time traders.
  • Programs that are able to create your own trading signals. For this purpose, a technical analysis of binary options. I believe that such a program is preferable, since those who use them less dependent on external factors.

The trading program is a reliable assistant, ready to replace you at any time when you are out of sorts or unable to trade. In a word, everything in trading is almost the same as in other areas of activity: the program cannot completely replace a person, but with skillful use it will make his life much easier!

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