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Endless work duties in modern reality reminiscent of a vicious circle, where there is neither time nor money, and the only way out - is to make money out of thin air. One day, and I was faced with such thoughts and tried to find a way out. Despite the apparent difficulty in reaching, there is a method, like all the same to achieve this. Binary options trading and is one of the most simple and easy ways that I used and is ready to share all the details with you.

How to make money out of thin air

The idea is very simple, you need to make the money work for you rather than the other people. To do this:

• accumulate a small capital;
• to invest their money.

I thoroughly studied this issue for a long time and can tell you one thing - do not mess with the banks. They offer a variety of things on the similarity of their deposits or mutual funds. At first, you are likely to lose several tens of per cent and the latter will get so small that it did not override the inflation. More there is trust, but it requires a huge amount, usually from 1-2 million. Rubles (more or less reliable banks). This option is clearly not personally came to me, and most of it is also not suitable as millions are not so simple.

Then I was faced with financial and markets. I am very interested in the benefits of this type of investment:

• unlimited income, which depends on your enterprise;
• a variety of options to create a passive source of income without their own participation;
• simplicity of the method and full control;
• the opportunity to start with a minimum amount and try your hand on a demo account.

When I tried on a virtual account, I came out at once, so it was clear that I do not have enough knowledge. So I decided to learn binary options from scratch, Completing a training course in one of the brokerage firms. I do pretty much helped in the early stages of market research.

We earn money from the air

After reviewing all the the best strategies to binary optionsI decided to start trading for real money with a small sum of just $ 200. For the first month I could not make anything serious, he has remained even. On the other hand, the second month was very good, I was just a vacation, and I was able to increase the score in half, as the market was just perfect for my strategy.

The only difficulty for me was to combine trade with my regular job, constantly mistaken because there were other duties. Therefore, I began to look for opportunities to facilitate trade to begin with: online signals up transactions, trading advisors. Becoming a professional trader, I know that my "Binary Options Signals"Help many novice traders.

As a result, I was able to earn a starting capital of a few thousand dollars and fully concentrate on trading. They say that it is not women's business, but it is fundamentally wrong. Girls just much easier to trade because of their nature. I think that everyone deserves a chance to break free from the vicious circle of money and make it work for yourself. To do this, you need to perform a few steps:

1. Find a good broker (there are many ratings in the network);
2. Complete training, which is essential in the early stages and does not take much time;
3. Practice on a demo account, create and test your personal trading strategy (this helped me a lot of my mentors);
4. Introduce a small amount and start trading, the result may be not immediately;
5. Multiply your money and provide for themselves.

money air

Beginners often ask questions about how long it takes to learn. Timing all completely individual and depends on the person personally, I was able to develop a market for the year 1, despite the fact that I had no talent for trading. Some people may require less time or more, it depends on the teacher and the desire to learn.

Also, many are interested in whether or not to start immediately with a large amount. Personally, I believe that it is not necessary, because in the early stages need to mentally adjust to the market. Anyway loss will start, so it is best to do so they were minimal. The perfect plan - is to gradually increase the trade turnover. I started with $ 200, 200 earning more $, I brought half of the profit (100 $). As far as I know, this council - to display half the profits, given the great speculator Jesse Livermore in the last century. So think about it.

Money air from the Internet

Binary options are good not only because it brings huge profits, but also to those that are available from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Some platforms are available even from a smartphone, it is what I enjoyed the early stages of trading on the job.

Frankly, it is better to be completely focused and still use a personal computer. Professional traders use in their work a few monitors (4-8 pieces). It's pretty handy when you have a variety of charts and news on every single screen. However, most will not be able to provide for themselves such equipment in the early stages, but nothing wrong with that. Personally, I have been able to earn and a laptop, so do not because of this delay option in options.

As for the Internet, many doubt in choosing between options and standard trading currency or precious metals. I have to say, as a professional, that binary options much more advantages:

• You can even make a nizkovolatilnom (quiet) market;
• accurately calculated risk, you always know that the risk only by the amount of the option;
• No need to put stop orders, which depart most traders;
• You need only to predict the direction of market movement, and not the path.

These are the four major advantages, there is also a lot of additional. For example, various bonuses from brokers, as it is a young area for the financial world, and much more. Sometimes even the training of highly experienced traders brokers carried out free of charge, but again this is typical for options. At the same Forex, such a picture is not observed, since brokers have already formed customer base.

So, I hope that my story will help you start getting money out of thin air. At least you will be able to provide for themselves and no longer dependent on the whims of the employer. You will have free time for the things that are really important to you.

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