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Comfortable trading platform - is one of the overlooked factors affecting the success in trading. I immediately realized from their own experience that it is impossible to make educated trades when everything slows down and takes off, or not convenient schedule with the required indicators.

Not every trader has more than one monitor to switch between hundreds of windows with the required schedules or news. In the end, you put money broker, with whom he has a guaranteed profit and the trader is clearly worthy of convenient conditions for the conduct of operations. For this reason I decided to write about what a platform for binary options are the best.

The importance of high-quality platform

Brokers in the options market a lot, and each has its own customer base and commercial interface. Nevertheless, it is imperative to know how to check that you are getting quality services and terminal transactions. Agree, terrible platform creates tension, and psychology is given the lion's share of professional trading.

If you will take into account all the complex factors that can increase the efficiency of their trade at times. It would seem that such a minor factor, as the slightest delay in the work, will not affect the result, but in reality it radically changes the picture.

The list of shortcomings of modern platforms

1. Lack of information on transactions on the chart. Perhaps, one of the most terrible omissions, which reduces the quality of brokerage services. When I do not see where the transaction is opened, I have to remember everything, and even worse switch between the windows, and then draw the price lines where the entry was. Frankly, this disgusts the trade, because you are in constant tension because of attempts to memorize quotes. It's one thing when you can count deals on your fingers, the other if you open hundreds of them and look through a lot of graphs. Therefore, a broker with such a platform does not fit uniquely.

2. Uncomfortable interface with graphs. There may be several drawbacks. As a rule, it is small (micro) windows quotes unsuitable location of the buttons to open transactions, inaccessibility price history. I do not see the point of contact with the broker, where there is no high-quality technical instruments, because it is the most important thing in the work of the trader. According to the schedule you see and analyze, and depends on your decisions - whether you lose your deposit and earn interest. I think nobody wants to lose their hard-earned money out of savings or omissions brokerage.

3. Slippage and delays quotes. In this case, it is not so much convenience, as the quality of services as a whole suffers. Judge for yourself, price is the only factor by which your profit is determined. In this regard, it is necessary to be very picky for each point and cent, because this is an indicator of the professionalism of the trader. Imagine that you see a profitable entry into the deal, open it, and the price of opening is so much gone in your favor that you lose most of your chances of profit. Sometimes, transactions due to slippage open where prices never existed at all. Intraday traders, such a defect will break the whole trading plan, and profits will not have to wait.

4. Invalid quotes of financial instruments. This disadvantage is more related to the deception of traders and not to a technical omission. I recommend to compare prices from reputable sources, and only to trade in reliable brokers. A good broker always have information about which agency provides the quotation database.

5. Minimum lot available in the platform. This item rather refers to the trading conditions of the broker, not the technical characteristics of the terminal, but still it should not be overlooked. Novice traders and small depositors should pay particular attention to the lot. The size of the transaction depends on your risk management, which would be impossible to comply with huge lots. 

As you can see, there are many nuances to consider when choosing a platform. Especially pay attention to this list of newcomers, because they will be difficult to immediately understand a trick on the part of the broker.

List as the best trading platform for options

high-quality user-friendly platform is not so easy to find, so I dare to show you a small sample of one of the brokers. such is the brokerage uTrader. Consider it on all the criteria.

utrader broker

1. Transactions are displayed in the chart, that immediately leaves a significant plus in favor uTrader platform. You totally see the results on the quotes for each transaction, not just one. As a result, it is possible to monitor the results, adding to profitable positions and reduce unprofitable.

2. User-friendly interface with all popular technical tools and innovations. On their official website also has charts with the support of the popular service Tradingview, indicating that their customer focus.

3. Absolutely no slippage and delays. All quotations operate in real time, the opening price point deviates any one point. Believe me, no slippage will save you a lot of money in the long run.

4. Supplier quotations for uTrader acts SpotOption. The company, which is one of the most prestigious projects of options around the world. Therefore, there is no reason to distrust. In addition, you can easily verify that the quotations with the same or on my Tradingview live chart.

5. The minimum lot for the turbo option is 5 US dollars, which will comply with the risks even with a small deposit. For this reason, the platform is suitable for beginners and to trade binary options.

Now, you already know one of the high-quality platform uTrader . You can dwell on it or look for more, but at least now you will know, with what to compare. When you provide comfortable conditions for doing business, everything will depend on your decisions. This responsibility will bring your trading to the next level.


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