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The modern pace of life requires constant human development. In particular, attention should be the financial sector, because they need money to survive and carry out his plan. Since the time the average person a little, is gaining widespread popularity investing. Pursuing this kind of activity, you can easily combine a normal employment situation, which is quite convenient. Few people can afford to throw most of the work for the sake of the business, it's a huge risk. Today, I continue the theme online investment online.

One day, and I am very attracted to the given direction, and decided to invest their money first. The reason for this was excessive work and the risk to remain without money. It was clearly obvious that if nothing is done, it is possible to be without money, and did not want to. The first thing that came to hand - this is the Internet and its possibilities, which was the best decision in my life.

Online investing

A worldwide network allows us not only to communicate. As soon as the opportunity to buy and sell goods and services, was actually created reserve for business and investment. Development investments were at the time of release into the global network of financial markets, which has been beneficial to both investors make a profit, and the government, because the Internet makes it a great success attracting money into the economy, thereby stimulating its growth.

For example, investing in stocks, currencies or precious metals, you do not just make a deal and reap the profits. The economy of the country, where there are operations, develop, as it increases the total turnover. Plus, the government gets more taxes as a result, it contributes to stronger support of the population.

As you can see, the simplest scheme for the purchase of assets represented by investment, both on the Internet and in real life. This method of attachment is not only easy to understand, but also safe, since you'll have to deal with the already-established structure of interaction through a broker.

The opposite option advocates financing young start-ups through specialized sites that will be more risky. In fact, you will not be able to check the company, in which invested money. Another option to earn an income higher than the bank deposit - to provide electronic loans, but then again, a high probability of remaining free of money if the borrower will be non-creditworthy, and the percentage is not so large as to risk it.

The most common network assets: stocks, bonds, futures, options, currencies, precious metals and even commodities (coffee, sugar, etc.).

Stocks, bonds and futures suited more to those who already have some experience in investing, since such investment requires considerable initial capital. In addition, the process of working with these financial instruments is not as simple as it seems.

Options, currency and other tools well suited to beginners and professionals because they have no difficulty in understanding and do not require large investments.

Personally, I have chosen for myself binary optionsAs they seemed to me as simple and interesting. In addition, they have a professional advantage in opportunities to earn income, even if the market is not strong movements. Plus, options have almost everything: currency, stocks, indices, metals and so on. In addition, the niche of binary options have yet to develop, and the competition is not as great, than in other areas of trade.


I contributed to several advantages of investing in the Internet:

• simplicity and user-friendliness, since everything comes directly from the house in a few mouse clicks;
• speed, so I can invest in a few seconds;
• large range of possibilities among the various financial instruments.

The list is far from being closed, because on the internet you have the freedom. You have no status or require high education in a prestigious university. In other words, independent in all its manifestations will open new horizons and ideas.

Just imagine, in the network, you can invest in almost any time and anywhere in the world where there is internet access. It turns out that you can earn income while in any kind of islands or traveling the world. I always found it very tempting and I was able to realize his dream.

How to make money on investments in the Internet

Of much greater interest is the procedure of earnings on investments in the Internet. Many are interested in this aspect. I am more involved in options, so talk more specifically about them.

Buying options, a person acquires the right to buy a certain commodity at a specified price for a period of time. By purchasing an option for a fall in the price of gold, you can get a premium, even if the price will go in your favor by only one point. As a result, by buying and selling options, you can make a profit by simply buying cheaper and selling more expensive.

When dealing with currency, the mechanism is simpler, but also yield less. One simply buys one currency in exchange for another, and no special rights in this moment does not arise. For example, the British pound gains in exchange for the US dollar or the Japanese yen in exchange for the Swiss franc. Profit is achieved through the use of leverage, for example, to 1 500. It turns out that by buying the currency at $ 100, you make a deal at $ 50000.

By purchasing shares, we get a share in the ownership of the company. Futures - a contract of sale of shares, currency and other goods, which gives the right to make a better deal in the future. It turns out that every financial instrument has a specific value that can be realized directly on the Internet.

In practice, everything looks a little different. There is a schedule for a specific financial instrument, for which you need to make a decision to buy or sell. Consider a small example of a known currency pair Eurodollar.

eurusd falling options

As you can see, the price falls, this means that the euro becomes cheaper relative to the US dollar. It could affect several factors from News, Ending with the technical picture of the market.

In this situation, our task - to sell. By purchasing an option to decrease as soon as the end of its period of validity (expiry time), we get the bonus, if we are right. Typically, the standard size for option premiums of about 70-80% of the cost. It turns out that the profit potential is very high, in contrast to more conservative investments.

In the same situation, we can sell euros for US dollars on the Forex market. In this case, the profit is likely to be less, as the purchase and sale of foreign currency revenue is achieved through the use of leverage.

Another option is provided for those who do not want to understand charts and news. Many brokerage companies can give money in trust. You just have to choose a control, drawing attention to its profitability and stable activity. According to the results, all will benefit, because you get passive income, managing increases their wages by means of commissions with large investment capital.

In summary:

• return on investment in the Internet is achieved due to the fact that we buy cheap and sell expensive;
• buying a specific financial instrument, the person with it acquires a specific right (for example, to carry out transactions at a reasonable price);
• in practice is required to pay attention to the price charts to make transactions;
• there is a possibility to entrust their money to manage, if you do not want to understand the intricacies of the investment process.

Website investments

To begin to make the above operations, it is necessary to find a decent broker (intermediary for the conclusion of transactions on the stock exchange). Typically, brokerage services in the binary options are available through the official website of the chosen company. The interface is extremely simple, enough to register and open an account. Rating of binary options brokers >>> My choice - it Arotrade broker и Abi robot.

Brokers may differ from each other, so it is useful to examine their main advantages and disadvantages. The first thing you should pay attention - this reputation. Most of the popular brokers have great prestige among users, and try to maintain it. You can also take a look at the organization of regulators that control the activity of the broker. Usually it FMRRC and CySEC, sometimes there are others. Most of those who are under the control of these organizations has a transparent and fair activities.

Next time - this is the minimum deposit amount. Many brokers offer a deposit of US $ 10, some limitation. In this regard, it all depends on your financial capabilities. If you can afford to invest on 250-300 $, then the choice will not be difficult.

Maximum income - another criterion for selection. In most cases, income from options ranging from up to 80 100% premium. However, you should be careful with high premiums, as these brokers tend to have shortcomings in other areas.

Have a demo account with a broker will also be a definite plus in his favor. Agree, better than to try to start investing on a demo account, to once again not to risk their money. Once you feel confident, you can switch to real money.

The final aspect in the selection will be the availability of quality educational materials and user-friendly charts with indicators. This point is also very important, because a comfortable work and training - is the key to success. Many brokers are trying to stand out from the rest, and sometimes offer very lucrative and attractive offers in this area.

To sum up a little:

• Investment services are available through the official website of the brokerage company;
• When choosing a broker should pay attention to its reputation and organization of regulators;
• decisive criterion for many advocates of the minimum size of the deposit;
• the maximum income (premium) ranges from up to 80 100% of the value of the option;
• availability of a demo account with a broker will have confidence for the future of trade;
• convenient training materials and schedules create a working comfort, thanks to which you will be able to achieve success.

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