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When the state needs money, it is easiest for it to take it from its citizens. Or maybe just someone to moderate their appetites? For some, the problem is to make money, while for others to preserve their capital, others are throwing money into a bottomless pipe.

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By the end of the year 2016 who does not know that you can spend 100 1 billion per working day. However, it turned out that this colossal sum can be spent just over 8 hour workday. On the last working day of the year 2016, 30-December, the US government increased the size of the external debt on 97 billion dollars. Thus, the total debt of the country touched a record ceiling 20 trillion US dollars. You heard right - just 8 hours of the official working day government headed by outgoing President Obama has increased the national debt from the 19.879 19.976 trillion to trillion.

Do you think $ 100 billion is a lot or a little on the scale of a country like the United States? This number with many zeros, a serious amount, but nothing supernatural. For example, Lithuania and Lebanon each have an annual GDP of $ 80 billion. In Luxembourg, GDP for 2015 amounted to 58.1 billion dollars (according to the World Bank). Macau, which ousted Las Vegas from the gambling business, became the modern gambling capital, gained 65.4 billion dollars a year. The list goes on and on. And the United States of America was able to spend 97 billion dollars in just one working day! A few elementary calculations and we get - 200.16 million per minute! So they just took and increased the state debt, no asset was bought for this money.

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And as paradoxical as it sounds, the US debt with the strongest economy is growing much faster than the country's economy itself is developing. Debt good turn deserves another. There is a category of people who believe that for the United States, domestic and foreign debt is nonsense. But this is not at all the case. Unfortunately, any debt has to be paid. It is not the debt itself that is dangerous, but the interest that is charged on it, and which must be paid constantly. In the situation with the United States, if interest rates rise to the level of 2007, they will have to spend about $ 1 trillion annually on interest payments alone.

Today, at every step, you can find advertisements in which new debt is offered to pay off old debts. And this debt eventually gets bigger and bigger. And there is only one way out of this situation - default. Of course, the US authorities will not default on their foreign debts. A country like the United States will not want to lose its reputation and status at the international level. It is much easier to reduce the quality of life of its residents by giving up, for example, social insurance. Eccentric President Donald Trump could trigger an internal default, leaving a lot of work behind his predecessor. Not solving old problems, but creating new ones.

The account in a foreign bank

Diversification - one of the reasons to open accounts in foreign banks. In simple terms, it is not necessary to store all your eggs in one basket. Savings and accumulation is recommended to keep in different currencies, the most robust and stable ones. 

accounts in foreign banks

If you have any assets in the United States or your savings are kept in dollars, then you definitely should think about diversification. Many large economies of the developed countries are following the same path of self-destruction as the United States, so the citizens of other countries, I would not advise to relax.

Someone can now reproach me for not thinking patriotic, maybe. In fact, this is just a perfectly reasonable protection for your savings. What happens in a country if it has debts? First of all, its citizens suffer: taxes increase, salaries, pensions and social benefits are cut.

If you want to provide yourself and your children with a reliable and stable future, then you need to take care of this today. The simplest and most reasonable is to open an ACCOUNT OF INDIVIDUALS IN A FOREIGN BANK. Of course, no country and no offshore company will provide complete reliability. But a FOREIGN CURRENCY ACCOUNT is a very successful attempt to keep your savings safe.

You may wonder how to choose a bank to open a foreign account secure? First you need to figure out what you want to do with their savings - just to protect them or to accumulate? For what purpose you need the savings?

Only after you have figured out exactly what you want, you can begin the search. In such serious matters, I would definitely recommended that you use the services of professional consultants, who will consider all your wishes and will tell you all the details when opening accounts of individuals in foreign banks. There are countries that have never allowed the closure of banks due to default, as some banks do not disclose details of its customers.

Perhaps you do not have a huge capital and you do not need a foreign account. Then let this information serve as a motivator for you to become a trader and change your financial situation. Once I, left without a job, discovered the financial markets for myself, and began to make good money with reliable brokers. It does not matter how old you are and what you have education. As a pensioner, sitting at home, you can learn a new profession and earn a lot of money for themselves.

Hurry, while your government has not come up with how to increase taxes and reduce salaries!


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