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Good time dear readers! I am the author of this wonderful site of binary options. For several years I have been studying the global financial markets and trades, enjoy and profit from their work. I do not claim to be a super economist, but some of the processes that take place during the global financial crisis, I have been a surprise, so I write this article. I do not impose my point of view, just sharing their knowledge and vision of the situation.

Anna Alexandrovna

The crisis in the post-Soviet countries is continuing and it is not clear when the end. GDP and exports falling, grow the amount of losses, declining real wages, no work. On the TV show meetings for meetings of world leaders, but no real improvement can be seen.
A place under the sun.

Right now we are witnessing the integration period of the global economy. Globalization is everywhere. Already the world's major corporations operating in our markets, even if it is just at the level of representations of those companies. Mail, the buyer can get any product bought from foreign online stores. Whether we like it or not, but we are already woven into the market economy. There is no guarantee that having built the customs barriers within the country, we can help maintain or improve their production.

If you want to be competitive, it must produce high quality products, not worse than the foreign analogues, and the buyer will vote ruble. To support and especially to create new, obviously unprofitable enterprises - it is a utopia, money thrown away. Right now, most of the products on the former Soviet Union at a price almost, Germany, and the quality is almost China. No upgrades and other injections in loss-making production does not bring dividends. This is sad.

At the well-known manufacturers the robot replaces human labor. Performance certainly many times higher. The difference in the technologies of production of European and post-Soviet countries is enormous, advancing for decades. The gap between the technical level of the average post-Soviet enterprises and Western will only grow. German Gref (note -. Russian statesman, of German origin) came up with a very capacious definition of loser countries competition, calling them countries daunshifterov.

While some were sitting on an oil needle, others adapted their own economies, social systems and institutions. Loafers will continue to lose, the gap in technology will be even greater than in the course of the last industrial revolution. All this is reflected in the first place in public. Once the breathing enterprises will cut their employees, and cut the salaries of the remaining employees. Highly skilled workers will be needed and the demand for low-skilled workers is kept. The real problem for those who are not highly qualified and does not want to engage in rough work, for this category of work there. And this is a huge number of decent, intelligent people.

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Artwork is not, but you keep ... or independent work

Now we come to the point, which may interest my readers most of all you need to do to secure a decent income? If you can not find a job with decent pay, you need to create the job itself! I earn in the financial markets, so I can recommend you to trade binary options. This self-study, the result of which will depend on you, not on your head.

For starters, I recommend to learn a simple rule. Money is not given a reason, nor the network, nor in real life. Efforts should be made.
Trading binary options is available absolutely for all adult people to start earning necessary, to perform several non-complex actions. If you treat these words not seriously, most likely, you will fail. In other it is not necessary to think, that here all is difficult. At me on search and studying of all materials on a subject has left less than four months, but here all individually. Now, thanks to my site binaroption, you will take much less time. All the most useful and my personal experience, you will find here. For this purpose I made this site, where I collected the most useful tools of the trader, and just useful articles written by me, based on my experience. If you are interested in independent work on the Internet, I recommend that you study my article binary options from scratch. There I tried to paint every novice step and warn of possible pitfalls.

So, how to independently earn and not depend on the economic situation in your country, I prompted you. If you set a goal to become financially independent and do everything right, then you will definitely succeed. The main enemy that hinders the development of the country is someone else's laziness. What can interfere with your goals is your laziness. I urge you, depend only on yourself, then no external factors will prevent you from enjoying life and being in abundance. You will work for a scanty salary of the employer, or you will work independently for yourself, the choice, as always, is just wains!

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