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Are you Anna A., author site. If you are new, from the ground want to try their hand in binary options, you will learn from this article how important practice. choose reliable brokersWho checked me personally.

Knowing the problems that novice traders, I decided to develop the theme binary options practice. The main problem all beginners that they start looking on the internet texts, books, theoretical materials, some courses to learn the basics of options trading. In practice, not all sites provide quality material for learning. There are websites that simply overwrite each other. Thus, the author, without knowing all the details, just playing broken telephone, providing their readers do not work, misinform material, and sometimes charge a fee for it.

true binary options

Therefore, I urge you to use the materials of practicing traders who am I! And not just amateurs who rewrite each other, not even knowing what technical analysis, figures of technical analysis or analysis of the economic news calendar.

Without practice theory it does not matter. That is, in practice, you have to earn money and make a profit on the binary options. Similarly, a release from the university, each graduate in mind only one theory but without practice, he will not be able to become a top manager or a good-paid specialist. So in the binary options!

I have written articles binary options from scratch, What is binary options, trade binary options. But what is the binary options in practice? This discovery deals at BO broker platform, applying your knowledge, strategies and trading tools. No need to rush headlong to open a real account. Of course you need to practice and to fill his hand on a demo account. The more that learning accounts are available at many normal, regulated brokers. Check out my ranking of brokers with a demo account. In addition, there is even a broker who provides demo account without registration. Such a huge amount of learning accounts, almost all brokers with high minimum deposits, as well provide demo accounts to its customers immediately after funding your account. Necessarily need to be trained!

Where to start your binary options practice?

Theory and Practice of binary options

Selection and study trading strategy. You can use my strategies. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the thermal card currency and pivot points (updated on my website online), as well as the trading strategy on the news the economic calendar. Read carefully study all the nuances that I am describing, open a demo account and test all in practice. Do everything possible to increase the percentage of winning trades. If something is not clear or does not work, I'm always open to dialogue, you can write to me, to ask questions as to why something did not happen.

Each trader can tailor the strategy to him. Someone adds a live schedule additional indicators, someone chooses a different time frame, someone sells at night in the Asian session. It all individually and depends on the trader.

When will begin to be produced, you will see that go in the plus transaction, go to a real account, start earning money. So go ahead, practice, just so you start earning. This is a step to your success and profit.

Some brokers offer their training with a financial analyst. But, as a rule, all such training is reduced to the sending of signals, in this case the novice does not understand why, on the basis of what should the transaction be opened? Therefore, working with analysts is good, but do not forget about account management. A personal analyst is better than staying with the market one on one. However, it is not always worth following his signals blindly. Often the forecasts are not always correct, and the responsibility for your deposit lies only on you. Try to find useful information, be sure to double-check the signals of broker analysts. Do not open all the signals, but only those that you have rechecked and in which you are sure! To use signals, and in practice not even to understand the basics of technical and fundamental analysis, this is not correct. I call on at least a minimal level to become a practitioner, and not just a copyist, frozen on the level of theory.

An excellent practice for the traders and can serve as my online chat signals. I mostly trade on 15 - 60 minutes, so I recommend their traders to open live schedule, customize 5 minute candle and open a set of indicators and to give me a signal, not only to enter into a transaction, but also on the chart to see a live example of that currently show indicators, why in one direction or another, we open the deal. The trader starts to analyze itself, and further can independently open the right deals.

Invest in yourself and your training, do not stop at the level of theory. Remember, in any business earn only practice!


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