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A little earlier I had published a detailed review of the robot Abi. In it you will find a report of my personal test of the robot, its effectiveness and profitability.

Recall that Abi robot offers users a free account, where you can configure the automatic mode or online trading signals for manual trading. When registering a trader chooses a broker with which the robot is synchronized. All transactions made by Abi, can be seen in the reports in the office of the robot and is duplicated on the broker's platform.

Robot Abi

Now I will give some answers to questions that to me address my site visitors (all the information I found on the website of the robot, in the section of frequently asked questions or asked to support):

1) The minimum deposit? - Starts at $ 250. It establishes not a robot, is the sum of the minimum deposit brokers.

2) To replenish the deposit? - After the registration of the robot cabinet you will see the button "Add". When you click on it you will be redirected to the broker's platform and it will fill up there. So it is with the conclusion arrived. You press the button "Output" to get a broker platform and the application for withdrawal of money earned.

3) Why some brokers minimum transaction 5 $, while others 25 $? - Again, it depends on the broker's restrictions. If 24option platform minimum transaction $ 24, the robot will not be able to open a transaction at $ 5.

4) Does the trade on the demo coincide with the real regime? - in demo mode you can use all the same settings as on the real account (indicators, currency pairs, expiration time, simultaneous transactions, trading systems). Sometimes in the demo you can see small differences in quotes, if you compare with the platform of the broker. I found out that this is due to the fact that in the demo mode the robot can not connect to the platform of the broker and take direct quotes from there. Demo mode shows traders a general working principle, and takes quotes from Etoro. The demo is still needed in order to test different settings and find the optimal combination that would give the best result.

5) Why do not all brokers are available for registration? - Indeed, the robot can be synchronized with more than 15 brokers. But they are not available for all countries. These restrictions are brokers. Therefore, when registering a robot show you only those brokers that are available for your country.

Robot Abi best settings

From questions proceed directly to work with the robot. Now I once again demonstrate how you can make a binary options with a robot. I previously tested in the Fibonacci trading system settings. Who tested the classical systems.

Here are the settings I used:

abi bot ssettings

I traded in the first half of the day, when no expected important economic news. I recommend you pay attention to it, not to get to the point when the market is raging!

Total trades:

Trading time - 2,5 hours

The total number of transactions - 15

Trades - 11

Loss trades - 4

% Profitability turned -73,3%

Net profit - $ 131

Abi trading robot

My review of the robot Abi

By following simple rules of trading you can earn by using a binary robot Abi. All you need to do is properly set up the robot, it is possible to test it on the pre-trial, observe money management, enable the robot to a safe time or to trade in manual mode by the signals controlling the process. And so you will achieve a high percentage of profitability and can make good money!


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