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A little earlier I had published a detailed review of the robot Abi. In it you will find a report of my personal test of the robot, its effectiveness and profitability.

If you are looking for an effective program for automatic trading on the exchange, then in this case robot Abi, reviews which is found in almost every trading forum, will be an excellent assistant in this difficult and risky business. This program becomes for many novice investors a real lifesaver. After all, the first experience of market speculation is rarely positive. If you are just starting to comprehend the basics of trading, the risk of ending up without money is very high. Therefore, it is extremely important that a profitable and multifunctional robot helps in working with the market. This is exactly what Abi is. Next, I will talk about this wonderful invention in more detail.

Introducing Abi

new abi en new 728x90

Each automated advisor is written using a programming language. As a rule, only experienced specialists undertake this kind of work, since any mistake or inaccuracy will lead to financial ruin of the robot owner. In addition to knowledge in the IT field, trading skills are also required here. The assistant is based on a trading algorithm, according to which the robot will make transactions on the market. As a rule, only a specialist with real trading experience can develop a high-quality analytical strategy that monitors all fluctuations in the value of exchange-traded assets.

If you want to have the most modern and efficient trading assistant, then the best option is robot Abi. Reviews clients of the system speak about its adaptation to the needs of each investor. The program was really created universal. Abi knows how to form orders to the broker on his own, and also shows excellent results in the mode of giving signals to enter the market.

Developers Trading Robot Abi wrote a simple and user-friendly interface that is easy and pleasant to interact with. You can master the program in just a couple of days, even if you have never dealt with automated advisors before. Many traders note the deep and carefully thought-out system of internal settings, which is available in the user's personal account. With their help, the robot adapts to its owner and starts trading in the most comfortable mode for the investor.

What is offline trading? With its help, you will save yourself from having to study tons of specific literature to master technical analysis. Abi independently studies the market, detects potential trends and finds the best moments to make a deal. Your only task is to choose an overall strategy, assets and set the level of the bar to minimize risks. All the rest robot for making money on Forex will do it himself. No more doubts and fears. Abi is unfamiliar with feelings of passion and greed. Only an accurate calculation, supported by figures and facts.

Abi can operate around the clock. While you sleep, the deposit is gradually replenished. At the same time, the accuracy of transactions does not suffer in any way, which cannot be said about a living person. Do whatever you want while the helper makes a fortune for you. I personally know a trader who constantly rests with his family somewhere on the islands, logging into the Abi system only in order to withdraw the accumulated income. Isn't this a perfect life?

Abi official website

robot Abi official website

Most of all about the project can tell its page on the Internet. If the design of the resource seems too complicated for you, and the search for even a banal feedback window takes several minutes, then you should think about the quality of such a project. A good website should be user friendly and read like an open book. Otherwise, you shouldn't even register on it.

There is everything a novice trader needs here: a detailed description of brokers, a list of trading instruments, strategies and their capabilities, pitfalls and the potential for automatic work with the market. Usually all this can be read only in specialized literature, which is hardly distributed free of charge. Here, the developers have taken care of their customers, providing them with a wide range of additional services.  

Register on the site forex robot Abi can be already on the start page. You do not have to look for a data entry window for a long time, for this there is a special tab at the top. Filling out a few fields will take just a couple of minutes. After that, an account confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address. A personal account is created automatically. It is in it that you can customize your robot as you see fit.

Answers to the main questions

Since the automatic assistant Abi, reviews which will be described in more detail below, I tested it personally, then I know firsthand about its features. Visitors to my site often ask a number of questions regarding Abi's guts. I have selected the most popular ones to dispel all your doubts and slightly open the veil of the mysterious world of automated trading.

  • What is the minimum deposit to work with Abi? To open an account, you need a very modest amount of $ 20. And this rule is established not by the management of the resource, but by brokerage companies (the amount of their starting deposits).
  • Is the demo up-to-date? Yes, it is quite. This is a great opportunity to test the robot's abilities and your level of knowledge of the exchange without risking money. All internal settings are completely identical to those used in real time. You can choose a suitable expiration period, set a set of indicators, indicate working currency pairs and manage risks. I noticed slight discrepancies in quotes in the demo. This happens due to the lack of connection to the platform. The trial mode is needed, first of all, to learn the basic principles of Forex trading. It is also a great chance to find the perfect combination of settings for the most convenient and effective trading.
  • How to top up a deposit? This can be done immediately after completing the registration procedure in the system. Click the "Deposit" button. The site will transfer you to a brokerage platform, where you can easily transfer the required amount to a deposit from a card account or in any other convenient way. You can withdraw profit in the same way. Click the appropriate button, after which the system will also redirect you to the platform where you need to fill out an application for withdrawing money.
  • What determines the size of the minimum trade? Only on the conditions of an individual broker. If the platform provides a starting level of $ 20, then the robot will not be able to lower this bar in any way.
  • Why are some brokerage firms not available for registration? It all depends on the restrictions of professional market participants. Abi perfectly syncs with over 15 brokerage companies. However, some of them set up a block for certain countries. That is why Abi shows only those options for which you can register here and now.

Which settings to choose

settings of the forex robot Abi

I will share with you my personal experience with the mechanical trading system Abi. I examined all the internal settings of the assistant up and down, so I can safely give recommendations to those traders who are still planning to register on the advisor's website.

I'll start by choosing a trading method. Abi offers three of the most popular exchange strategy options:

  • Martingale;
  • Fibonacci
  • Classic.

An excellent basic set to meet the needs of any investor. The first option is more suitable for those traders who want to earn fast and a lot, and who are also not afraid to risk their deposit. If the result of the transaction is not in your favor, then the next rate is immediately increased (the progression can be set in the settings of your personal account). This is a rather dangerous strategy that tickles your nerves even when the robot is trading on its own. I took a chance to test the Martingale technique. In this case, Abi did not disappoint and worked with a bang. The main thing is to trust your assistant.

The next option is Fibonacci. In my opinion, this strategy is intended for the most cautious traders who are worried about every penny deposited into the account. In this case, the emphasis is on the accuracy and efficiency of each operation. The robot will not submit an order to the broker until all the stars converge (signals will be at the maximum). As my personal experience has shown, you won't earn much here, since only a very large deposit will give you a solid income. If you have the opportunity to deposit a lot of money into the account, Fibonacci will work as it should.

The classic scheme is a universal strategy for all investors. Most users Abi (reviews clients of the system claim that this trading method is the most popular among both beginners and experienced specialists) choose it.

When testing the Classic scheme, I used the following indicators:

  • CCI;
  • MACD;
  • STOCH;
  • RSI.

The choice fell on AUD / USD, EUR / GBR and EUR / JPY as currency pairs. These assets are quite popular with experienced traders, so I didn't reinvent the wheel. The expiration time was set at 5M, and the deal size was $ 25. For trading, I chose the first half of the day, making sure that no economically important news is planned for the near future. If you stay in the market during this period, there is a risk of ending up without funds in your account, as the movement of asset prices becomes unpredictable. Although I know of cases when especially risky investors managed to snatch a good jackpot on these wild surges in volatility. But here, it seems to me, it is more about banal luck and professional intuition than analysis. In any case, when trading automatically at the time of news release, I recommend turning off the robot to make money on Forex.

I must say that today most large investors trust their portfolios to Abi. Robot reviews about which are found almost everywhere, demonstrates real miracles of profitability. So that you can see this for yourself, I provide a real confirmation of my words.

pribul binrobot lady 25 04 2020 11

The indicated amount was earned in two weeks of work and from the minimum initial deposit. But it was this bot for the Forex exchange that managed to bring money to a new level of profitability.

I would like to note that the entire system is completely free and open for everyone who wants to join the ranks of these lucky ones. Abi simply does not have any additional commissions. Therefore, you can be 100% sure that not a single penny will be wasted.

Free trading robot Abi: reviews from real people

It is unlikely that there is at least one resource in the world that has exceptionally positive comments from Internet experts in its arsenal. There will always be someone who will remain dissatisfied. But let's figure out how to distinguish real customer reviews from Abi from the intrigues of competitors.

To begin with, most of the negative opinion comes from traders who simply do not trust the robot's abilities. If you act against strategy, you can hardly expect fabulous riches. And nobody likes to blame themselves for failure. So the corresponding comments appear on the forums. But it is enough to simply recognize them by the clearly traced offense in the words of a person.

And here's a great example of a truly current opinion. It is immediately clear that the commentator did not just play with the test mode for a couple of days, but really began to actively work with Abi.

Robot abi review 118

And there are many more such messages than even fake reviews that competitors often order. After all, the people who have earned huge sums with Abi are already almost 100 thousand. And their opinion is clearly worth trusting.  


Automated trading is the future of stock trading. I am sure that very soon robots with artificial intelligence will come to the fore, and the number of classic investors who prefer to analyze Forex manually will drop to almost zero.

Finally, I want to give you one very practical professional advice. Nobody knows how long Abi's project will remain free and open source. Register there, while the developers have not yet decided to start collecting money for the use of their "brainchild". Start changing your life for the better right now.

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