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Are you Anna Alexandrovna, today I want to share with you the insider information that I learned from one of the traders. How this information is accurate, I do not know, but certainly food for thought gives. If you are at least a few months in the subject line of binary options, you probably know that one of the major brokers iq option closed to traders from Russia.

To start over, and shall place the point. I have nothing to do with this broker. I tried to trade on the platform of the broker, but after a week of work gave all the money and no longer traded. Just platform was not very comfortable for me. However, to start exploring the options, this platform is the place to be.

Why iq option?

Official information from this broker said that Broker iq option leaves the market py due to changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation legislation and blah-blah-blah. However, a person close to the broker says that it is not so. It is said that IQ option was closed because of cheating customers vip. It's no secret that traders are investing big money in trading binary options are becoming VIP broker clients. The broker, in turn, offers special conditions for such clients. Sometimes this space offers and bonuses. One of these chips, the profitability of the transactions can be very close to 100%. What played and VIP traders.

As everything happens:

At the expense of the client iq option in Russia comes 5-digit sum of US dollars. Broker encouraged, another client VIP. But not here - it was, the trader does not stop trading until natorguet large sum. And then I put on the full amount of the output. Broker shocked, bank account begins to crack at the seams.

iq option registration

Strategy Parley

The trade is used Parley strategy. Now I'll tell you a secret about the Parley system, but to place it in the list of their strategies and to recommend to beginners and traders with an average level I can not. All because of a super high-risk.

Like Martingale, Parlay migrated to binary options from the casino. Methods Parlay bets in the top three most clear and easy-to-use strategies. The idea of ​​the following. We put as much put in the previous round + previous round. For example, you started from 2 dollars earned on the transaction + 90% (or 1,8 dollar). So, following a deal to open 3,8 dollar. In this strategy, all enchanted by the positive progression rate increases only after winning trader.

The point of this strategy in luck, good luck man catches the tail and trying to earn some money. Now add to the knowledge of the luck strategy with a high percentage of profit !? The mixture generally turn nuclear. The main task for the trader to stop in time or else a series of failed trades will eat the entire deposit. If you realize that you can not always be in luck and your plan - to take a certain amount and leave the market, then perhaps it may be for you. If you do not know the sense of proportion, that will merge your deposit.

Just a player is difficult to stop, for this reason it worked is discharged safely. For this reason, a professional trader, Citterio does not reveal a huge number of transactions. Consistently fills need a lot of money and go to the bottom, placing the withdrawal of the entire amount.

Here and at iq option broker wound is such a VIP client. System output amounts for several million dollars. Tribute should be paid to the broker, all the money was withdrawn in the honest trader's account. But the problems with the withdrawal from this broker has never been. That information about the complaints that I have found, is more like a sneer from the competition.

What can I say, well done. A payout, but most contact with traders from Russia did not want to. So you do not have to make themselves feet-first from Russia.

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