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Dear visitors, my name is Anna Alexandrovna, I trade and I make binary options, with extensive experience. You are on the page of my site BinarOpshen.kom. Did you mean: analyst binary optionsI would like to inform you that you have got to address. Since I have been trading yourself, then for your and your convenience, I have equipped the website with various useful feature.

Beginners and experienced traders use various sources of intelligence binary options to trade on the financial markets. That it helps to take the right decision to open a deal or not. One of these sources can serve my site. Writing news Economic calendar, I also give you tips about the time of expiration. It will definitely be useful for beginners, no experience, will help to make a correct transactions.

I also run my VIP chat signals. You can see all my open trades and simply copy them. How to get in my chat signals and repeat after me, you will be able to check out the details here.

Analysis binary options online

Analytics is an obligatory part of the investor's work, in binary options this is the main part of the work. Trading in financial markets is a highly profitable instrument, but at the same time it is highly risky. Therefore, before you open an option, you need to be confident in your decision. Undoubtedly, a good trader is distinguished by his ability to analyze, so open up a live chart, find events in the economic calendar, and see how the assets behave, depending on the data released. Or open a live schedule, customize indicators, draw support and resistance lines, this will allow you not to open your options unconsciously. Train in yourself the ability to analyze.

On the broker platforms you have charts with target assets. Charts on the broker's platform, provide little information and do not provide a complete picture of the market. There's no need indicators, timeframe charts has a short interval.

Binary Options Analytics

Research is of two kinds: the fundamental и technical. Your favorite news Economic calendar are fundamental analysts. You can make technical analysis, revealing the living is my schedule and you choose the right indicators. The principle of operation and the signals of each indicator, I painted on the pages of my analytical site.

Use analytics very easily. You can make your own predictions and compare them with mine. Analytical are there any strategy. Before opening the option, it is necessary to analyze the market strategies.

For each even 2 minute deal can hide the clock analytical work. Thanks to the Internet, you can find interesting information on your asset. Information about the shares of companies, company news, analysis on currency pairs. All this is to be in the public domain and may be useful to the trader.

Why do I need an analyst?

If you come to binary options long haul, then you definitely need an analyst. This can be an analyst from my site, or you can find another source of information. Current and useful information will help you to increase the number of winning trades. This means that you can earn more.

I note that the reading of useful literature, for example, from my library books, or watching my video tutorials will help you learn how to analyze the market correctly. Practical training is the first step to getting the experience and earnings available to everyone.

At the end of this article to list all useful online tools for binary options analysts:

- live schedule (Works in online mode, a large number of assets and their real-time quotes from different exchanges)

- indicators (Configurable on a live schedule, the successful combination of several indicators gives quality signals)

- Technical summary (shows us the result, counsel for various assets "to actively buy" or "sell actively" working in online mode, and automatically calculates the indicators)

- heat map (A great online widget to automatically update, in conjunction with the indicators gives excellent results)

- Pivot points table (Indispensable online assistant with the maximum and minimum readings of possible currency pairs quotes helps in trading on the turn)


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