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More and more interest is shown to the profession of trader. On this subject, written by a million entries - useful and not. If you suddenly and you are thinking to test their strength in this activity - you are welcome! Just keep in mind that there are a number of unwritten rules, which must adhere to, otherwise it will be meaningless. Prosherstit entire Internet on the subject of trading, I was attracted by this activity at the beginning of both the use of leisure, but then I realized that you can actually make money and where, quite good.

And so, we proceed to consider the typical errors that can occur in beginners binary options.

You probably think that all these recommendations are commonplace and do not threaten you merge in the first hour of work. You - novice, beginners luck, I read enough information on this subject, and I know how to get profit, a good deal, and other thoughts may arise in your mind. All these examples, which lead to the 100 percent drain your deposits.

Common mistakes traders

Opening a position and sending orders

Learn how to organize the opening position correctly. Examine the platform on which you are going to trade and bring all of this knowledge to the practice of automatism. Check the correctness of executed transactions (investment amount, time expiration, direction). Having given at the beginning of this rule a little time, you will understand how it helps in the further process to work without interruption.

Do not be susceptible to passion

It usually focuses on the basics of psychology. You, as a newbie, you think that you will get almost a million from the first transaction. But in practice it may be that the opening of the transaction will bring you only the losses. You start to get nervous - it is necessary to recoup and click a couple of transactions bearing an even greater loss. Or vice versa - getting first dollar, the next deal, put a big bet than the previous one. Do not succumb to greed! Stop, think that you have done wrong and then, with a cool head, begin to put your deposit.

Errors bad trader

Frequency bargaining leads to the absorption of the market

Do not trade too often and it is better to trade in small lots. First you need to work out the trade skills and save the initial capital. If you lose a couple of times, better yet escape from the tender and relax. If you go the other way around, you will lose the capital and the market is simply you swallow. Not having learned this rule, you can say goodbye to trading.

Start with enough capital

To start, you must have sufficient capital. Or do you think that having 100 $ a month you turn them into 1000 $? Do not even think! To earn a good amount of the original on the market must be sufficient practical knowledge and skills. If there is no such amount - do not despair! A bit of digging for money and knowledge - all you get! Do not put all your family budget earned on deposits. Better to make several deposits, money dividing them equally. For example, I also deal in alternately in the two brokers, one of them  Arotrade. The main thing is not to rush and do everything with a cool head, taking into account all risks of operation.

Relax viewing at the charts of the transaction

Your transaction if hypnotized, require a constant presence on the stock exchange. Do not constantly staring at the computer monitor, graphics tracking your transaction! It will not help and will not affect the final result, but your head will score extra and unnecessary information. It is better to read additional literature about trading, read reviews of people earn, the pros and cons of the trader.

With these common mistakes I started my trading. This is an error in the initial stage, then the errors are more serious, of which you, as a novice, still too early to say. Good help can be the start online chat signals or with trade counselors office.


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