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Are you Anna A., author of the site of binary options Previously, I wrote an article which told how you can earn by trading on Bitcoin. There I mentioned the market makers who manipulate the market, exposing the wall of the orders. Some readers appeared logical question, what is the name table with the walls? Hence the following questions, as it is analyzed, and where it is all to see in real-time. So I decided to conduct an educational program on the exchange glass, For regular readers and ordinary visitors to my site. Perhaps start ...

Table with walls called order book. It helps to visualize the mood of the market of buyers and sellers. The basic pricing principle is inside this glass prices. Sellers want to sell more expensive, and buyers want to buy less. Both have the same goal - to make money. Below is a picture that shows the essence of the work bowl.

stock glass

Samih traders can be divided into two types: active and passive. Active commit the transaction at the current price, passive put a price and waiting for it to work. Transactions active traders are not displayed in a glass of quotes, you can only watch as they slowly "eat" the warrant exhibited passive traders. Transactions for the purchase and sale - that's what moves the price of the asset.

That is the definition. order book - A diagram of applications for purchase (bid) and sell (ask) of the securities on the stock exchange or cryptocurrency. Glass, or as it is called in the slang of the players, the bucket, showing information on the cost and quantity. Order book provides information on the trader to supply and demand, which is on the market at the moment. In technical analysis, based on data from a spreadsheet application, a trader can make a living on the graph line of support and resistance, in which the asset will go.

Analysis of the order book

In all the books they write, if the order is not filled, canceled, it means that the asset will go in the direction of canceled orders. If there are large orders, it indicates that the asset will go in the opposite direction from the wall. Such tactics would work well if the trading in short positions on options expiration is the optimal time for a period of 1 transaction hour.

All would be well, be followed orders, but to earn easy money. But in exchange for easy money does not happen. Large players can create false orders, to excite the market, then just cancel them. Misleading and shave off small traders. Therefore, we must always be alert.

Order book online

This is a good question about the search for a given traders who crossed the starting level. Of course, seeing the depth and mood of the market, it is possible to make fairly accurate predictions on the price movement. None of the liquidity providers, is a competitive advantage to small traders do not want to give. It would not be bad if the regulator obliged to give complete statistics on supply and demand, and until we have what we have.

If you trade with a broker binary options on Bitcoin, the order book online, you can watch on any major stock exchange, for example, btc-e or huobi. Cryptocurrency is certainly out of the competition, the information you can find the most detailed and without delay. All orders and transactions take place online, market depth is displayed, too. For a more complete picture, you need to use glasses quotes of all major exchanges, rather than one.

Something similar also have forex in MT5. I also found a backlog of orders Oandu. In the Portfolio of orders and the daily summary of open orders and positions of Forex clients, from the Oanda you can choose the currency pair you are interested in, silver or gold, and see the online glass you are interested in. Only here you will see data about "stop loss" and "take profits", which are updated, with 20 minute delay. And the statistics here are all in percents, and not in real numbers. Such information will be useful for traders practicing scalping at Forex. Minimum information about the mood of the market here can be obtained, but the information with 20 minute delay may not always be relevant. Perhaps one of you will be able to apply this information from your broker of binary options.

Watching the table of transactions, seeing the behavior of other market participants, it is possible to predict the direction of price movement with a high probability. A stock cup is the prerogative of small traders, large players, or as they are also called market makers, rarely use this tool. All due to the fact that the change in the rate for them is quite insignificant. Active users of the quotation glass expand the functionality of the standard glass with the help of additional programs. These programs are personal development, and I did not see them openly. I think that an intelligent programmer can easily realize your wishes. I hope that this information will be useful for you and help increase the number of your successful transactions.


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