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Earlier I wrote articles binary optionsAs trade binary optionsToday I want to drop a little deeper, and tell you the essence of binary options.

I wrote this article for people who are interested in the market and want to start making money by trading binary. But reading the different sites, these people are faced with different opinions. For example, children of the stock market, they write that forex fraud. Foreksniki on their websites write that binary options - this is a simple scam. I do not want to leave links to the "right" sites, you will not be difficult to find them yourself. Certainly these various, conflicting opinions, prevent novices to start trading on the financial markets.

Binary options trading you can earn on a sandwich with caviar?

In 2010 year, daily volume of turnover in the foreign exchange market to be in the region of 4 trillion. USD. Binary Options OTC market, so there is no accurate data. However, it is a huge and liquid market, there is good money. The amount earned will depend primarily on your intellectual abilities and financial capacities.

I for my career, talked to players who trade in stock markets and forex. Everywhere there are nuances, this is not an easy bread, as it may seem at first glance. The essence of trading in financial markets is simple, everywhere there is a chance how to make money and lose the money invested. Of course, advertising is trying to outshine your mind, telling you that playing a binary option or forex will help you easily earn huge amounts of money on the Internet, keeping silent about the risk of losing part of the deposit. In fact, not everything is so easy and simple. You will begin to earn big money only when you understand the essence of work in the financial markets. In your arsenal there will be several working strategies, you will be able to adapt to a volatile market, gain experience. All this in total will help you to earn stably in the financial markets and binary options including.

I will not tell you that the stock markets with forex - it's incredibly difficult and the chance to make it very small. I think the opposite. With due respect to it can earn. With confidence I can say that to get started with binary options, you will need a minimum amount of money (enough 300 dollars), and options are best for beginners. This can be your starting point and will help to gain experience, in parallel increasing the capital.

the essence of trading binary options

There is an opinion that the financial markets are a kind of casino. Casino it or not, its essence does not change. It's very subjective and depends on the player's approach to the process of trading. If you come in earnest and for a long time, every step will be figured out, and sooner or later, you will learn everything on their own. If you come to play and hope for success, it is a sure way to lose money.

There are other situations. I often get emails from beginners, who have opened a deposit from my brokers blacklist. Just saw a beautiful ad, clicked on the link, fall for the tricks of the kitchen. It often happens that the desire of easy money has eclipsed reason and people believed in the sweet promises of advertising. Even without knowing what the conditions offered by the broker on which platform works, what types of accounts and types of options it offers.

If you want to work with reliable brokers, Then I recommend you to those with whom she worked. There are not many, but they are all checked personally by me, be sure to read. You will receive not only tested the brokers, but also get advanced platform and the optimum conditions for your work.

The origins of binary trading

The pioneer in the field of earnings on the stock market was the financial markets. Making first began by speculating in shares on the American Stock Exchange. Binary options are inherently - derivatives market, which relate to derivatives or derivatives. Derivative financial instruments are always focused on generating profits from changes in market prices, rather than the purchase of the asset itself.

For the first time there were options in 1973 year, on the Chicago Stock Exchange CBOE options. In fact, the derivative financial instruments are actively used and traders in the stock markets, and are used to hedge the risk of their transactions. There are several dozens of professional strategies to binary options trading that players use in their work with options. There are simple strategies, which are ideal for beginners.

At the moment, option trading is considered the most promising type of earnings in financial markets. The number of new traders is growing and the geography and authority of binary brokers is expanding. For this reason, many forex brokers appear on the platform trading binary options. I note that the terms of trade there are somewhat worse than those of pure brokers of binary options. Therefore, for professional traders, trading options on the forex broker platform attracts significantly less. Maybe, later there will be decent options, but for now this is just an unsuccessful model of a copy of the business.

The essence of binary options

For professionals, analyzing daily charts binary options, - is work. The essence of any work in making money. Only the size of your earnings depends not on your idiot boss, but from yourself. Having mastered this profession, you will receive a steady income and financial independence.

Options are good for beginners. Trading binary options broker assumes a fixed income, and losses can amount to no more than the amount invested in the transaction. Thus, any player can easily control their risks. As a rule, income from profitable trade at the level 80%. Expiry Time (lifetime of the transaction) can be from 1 minutes and up to a month. The prospect of getting a minute 80% gains looks very tempting.

In the list of tradable assets, you can meet not only currency pairs, but also shares of well-known companies, raw materials, indices. You do not need to know how many points the asset will grow, it is sufficient to correctly determine the direction of the price movement. It is enough even to change one point, in the stock and currency markets, such a layout is not permissible! This is the essence of binary options. Behind the two buttons up or down, hides the technical and fundamental analysis that needs to be done, looking at the live chart. At first it seems complicated, but eventually it will turn out by itself. It is important not to give up after the first setbacks. We must understand that unsuccessful transactions also happen.

binary options are 

Tools that help discover the essence of trade

Currently, there are a variety of tools to facilitate the work on the financial markets. They are able to significantly make life easier for traders and to take over part of the rough work. The list of currently available technical tools: indicators, Robots, Trading advisors, trading signals services.

Indicators can be found and set on the living schedule. On my website, I detail painted each indicator for the readers of my website. There is a misconception among the newcomers that the more indicators, the better the signal. This is not true. Often indicators contradict each other, in fact, only interfere with the right decision. Use both 3-4 indicator, the best option.

Robots are automatic and semi-automatic. Among the people of the old school there is a perception that the evil robots that do not help to make. Of course the robot robot strife. I was convinced by example, the robot can earn. Read my review >>> one of professional robots. I especially recommend this tool for beginners. By registering, you will receive not only the best automatic robot, but also excellent shopping advisor.

new abi en new 728x90

Business advisorsThis sophisticated programs that are able to monitor market 24 hours a day and to warn about the most favorable time to enter into a transaction. The final decision is always there for the trader. It is necessary to recheck adviser in accordance with the recommendations of the developer, and only then open the transaction manually.

Services trading signals can be sharpened to receive signals from the robot or from live traders. I can not speak for other Signalist my trading signals have a good percentage of winning trades. Therefore, I recommend that you pay attention to my private online chat signals. You will be able to copy my trades and make money with me.

Thus, the list of these tools will help uncover the essence of trading binary options. Working with these technical tools will definitely result.


The secret and essence of successful traders in binary options trading algorithm that allows you to make a profit. The foundation for earning money is a rational and mathematical postulate. All this is secured by iron discipline. Everything else is of secondary importance. Tools for technical analysis serve as assistants. Having learned the essence and gain experience, binary options can be a goldmine and real earnings available to each person who reached the age of majority.


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