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Earlier, a proposal repeatedly met social trading the Forex market. The system is successfully operating for many years and enjoys great demand. The fact that the social trade has become available in the binary options industry, it became known recently.

The concept and essence of social trading in "binary"

Social trading is more familiar as a reflective, or Copy trading, allows participants to learn the practice of trading the most successful traders and duplicate (fully or partially) carried out the transaction.

By analyzing publicly available information about the trading activities of other participants in the foreign exchange market can predict the most likely option price changes.

Financial product operates in two forms:

1.Treyder studying data successful traders, selects the most promising hypothesis and places their deal.
2. User simulates investment decision is one of the leaders.

For some, the system can become a profitable tool for profit, I'll tell you more.

social trading

Investment functional utility Follow the spot

From the first day on the Forex market, a novice can successfully make money. You do not need to spend time learning to systematize the knowledge or hire a specialized trainer. It is enough to use the service Copy of professional traders deals.

Social trading procedure involves the following steps:

- View the calculated data in traders 'leaders' group, the choice of pre-emption transactions;
- Analyzing information and making a decision with respect to the prospects of forecasts;
- The purchase of an option in accordance with the estimated behavior of other traders.

Social Trading will also make traders who do not have the free time and the opportunity to explore the foreign exchange market and the implementation of independent forecasts.

Advantages and benefits Social trading

All actors involved in social trading, get a number of opportunities.

Professional traders can:

1. Attract a significant number of subscribers.
2. Get the percentage of commission for up rates.
3. To teach his technique, to give advice, to consult the online diary.
4. Improve your knowledge by evaluating the forecasts of other traders.

The main benefits for the investor:

- Earning high profits;
- The minimum starting amount of the deposit;
- Reduction in the risk capital operations.
- The presence of the test form of the program;
- Affordable and simple user interface.

For new traders is one of the main advantages - the ability to use free social trading.

Service Features copy traders trades

service lets you set up the parameters of transactions leading traders. The developers of the two modes provided:

- Automated, whereby in system parameters can be set size, and proportions of up level;

- Manual method involves personal study conducted by a professional dealer operations and the subsequent installation of the application.

To maintain equity can apply the method of "diversification", which involves the simultaneous adjustment of duplication of positions of more than one trader.

Before the transaction the trader also gets the opportunity to evaluate their predictions, views, comparing with the opinion of the professional participants of the currency market.

Learn More About Social Trading

The findings, based on personal experience

For me, the main prerogative of social trading - a choice of several successful participants in the foreign exchange market for the subsequent simulation transaction. In the division of responsibilities in accordance with the learned data of multiple financial transactions, a chance to win increases several times.

You can choose the best trader based on the results of a calendar period and simulate all his transactions automatically. In simple words, an opportunity to receive passive income is provided. It is enough to set a few simple characteristics in the service settings and then observe the increase in your account balance.


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