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I present Acronis, simple indicator strategy for highly profitable trading on the binary market. To generate signals, it uses a combination of effective indicators with the optimal settings for intraday trading. Trading system Acronis works well on all assets and will suit beginners for effective trading with minimal trading account balances.

To apply the strategies, you will need a terminal with a particular set of integrated automatic indicators. The best option is broker Binomo It is characterized by a high accuracy of quotes, has a complete set of essential tools for binary trading, and offers optimal conditions for trading with the minimum conditions. Binomo gives you the opportunity to make a profit with minimal investment.

From a set of indicator analysis tools, we choose the following tools:

strategy acronis binomo

And for each one configure the settings to effectively assess the asset market on the tick chart:

  • MA indicator 25 (moving average in the standard color)
  • MA indicator 10 (White line)
  • Indicator MACD 35 / 65 / 9
  • Indicator RSI 55 with level 50 only

After configuring the indicators on the trading chart of the asset you will be working with, the markup will look like the following:

strategy acronis binomo

You must then wait for signals expressed by the indicator system of the Acronis trading strategy, which will form a clear forecast for certain types of contracts on the binary market.

Case 1

Operations with binary options UP should be carried out under the following indicator behavior: the white line of the MA indicator intersects the MA 25 indicatorline upwards, while the moving average of the RSI indicator is building a clear upward trend, and the MACD oscillator has formed an intersection of its lines going up. After the formation of such a situation on the trading chart, you need to register the position UP, using a binary option with an expiration of 5 minutes:

strategy acronis binomo

Case 2

The combination of indicator signals has the opposite construction - the white MA indicator 10 line intersects the red line of the MA indicator 25 downwards, the MACD oscillator has formed an intersection of lines going down, and the RSI indicator is building a downward trend. This combination of indicator signals allows you to register a position DOWN using a binary option with an expiration of 5 minutes:

strategy acronis binomo

The screenshots present practical trading situations using the Acronis trading system that have led to a profit. When trading on the strategy, you must take into account the market news, as when news events are released, the market significantly changes its level of volatility, which leads to malfunctions in the system of indicators.

When describing the effectiveness of the strategy, it is worth noting that trading system leads to more than 85% successful trading positions on the market. Again, this approach is universal for any underlying asset, and it shows consistent results of working capital growth.

An additional condition for the effective application of the strategy is the right money management, which uses the classic parameters of risk by limiting the cost of contracts to 5% of the funds in the trading account.


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