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Company Binomo I have once again launched a fantastically generous MEGA TOURNAMENT с 1 million rubles the prize pool, taking part in which you can with 28 September!!!

Under the terms of the tournament, you need to:

1) Contents demo account with Binomo >>>

2) Apply to participate in the competition of the same name button "participate" in the broker's website

3) To earn the maximum profit on a demo account

4) Get your real cash reward

Participate Only demo accounts may in the competition, so make at the expense of real money is required!

According to the rules of the competition, you need to earn the maximum amount of profit on a demo account, or be among 50-five most successful contestants!

Tournament participants receive the same starting conditions as the standard demo account balance from Binomo: $ 1000, € 1000 or 50 000 rubles. At the same time, it allowed to endlessly update this amount, as the main condition for the tournament - the gain by selling more than any profit.

Generous prize money from Binomo - 1 000 000 rubles!!!

Best 50 traders receive their portion of the prize money! At the same time, the funds will be real money, rather than bonuses. That is, they can be displayed on your wallet immediately after charging! Read more about the mechanism of the distribution can be found on the village of the tournament.

The validity period of the contest: 28.09.2016 (start at 11: 00 MSCs) - 29.09.2016 (completion in 20: 00 MSCs). The entire course of the tournament will be displayed in the table that starts on-line at the start of the tournament. The results of the competition will be announced 30.09.2016.

Arm the most highly profitable strategy and more to Binomo - this is a cool opportunity to get a large sum without any capital investment!

binomo demo tournament


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