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Today we will talk on the subject of Additional features on the platform of binary options brokers. Two different brokers may have different additional platform functions as may vary the conditions of their provision. I'll tell you about the extra features on the example of their brokers, who I trade myself and which I recommend to you, one of them uTrader .

The first function - Is to increase the time of expiration of the option or "Rollover" (Roll over), as it is written on the broker's platform. What opportunities does the trader to the function? Usually Rollover button located in the box with your open trades with the broker. You will see there is your asset, the opening of the option, the direction of the option, the invested amount and payment, you will receive in the event of a correct forecast, look at the screenshot below.

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What is the function rollover credit? Now I'll try to explain. For example, you made a bet and opened the option to 15 minutes on the increase, but see that your prediction does not work and not enough time. And at the same time you are sure 30 minutes will be enough to forecast proved correct, and your deal went into a plus. But there is a nuance, increasing the time of expiration, you increase to 30% of the transaction amount. rollover function on binary options brokers platform is used to reduce risks in the management of your capital.


The second function - A pre-term selling options. We broker the button signed "Sell" (Sell). It makes sense to apply the premature sale of an option in two cases:

1. If you see that the public option is in the desired direction very well, but you have doubts, perhaps the trend is about to turn around and go in the opposite direction (for example, against the background of the economic news calendar). Are you sure that is a high risk of losing money in the last moments of your option. In this case, clicking on the sell, you can sell the option early, and make a profit, of course less interest than would have received on the completion of the option, but at least you load a plus, though with less profit.

2. If you see that the course went in the opposite direction, you can sell the option early, and so you do not lose the whole amount, and some part of it. For example, you invest 20 dollar exchange rate has gone the other way, you press the option to sell, the broker has bought an option for you 15 dollars. Thus, you lose only 5 dollars, rather than the entire amount of $ 20. This feature is useful for reducing the risk and is useful for proper money management.

The amount of profit will depend on how far to be aware of your assets, from the entry point, of course, at the time of sale of the option. Thus, the amount of this will always be different and will depend on the course, which, as you know, is always moving. Consequently, and will change the amount of the sale of your option. By clicking on the sale button on your screen to open a tab, which will show the amount of repayment option and you will have a few seconds to accept the offer or reject a broker.

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The third function in uTrader broker - it Express Technical Analysis asset. You choose the asset you are interested in, and next to the graph you will see a magic wand, as in the screenshot. Pressing this button, you will be offered a choice of three indicators on which the algorithm will analyze and give its forecast, the rate will go up or down. You can agree with the forecast, and open a transaction or not to accept and ignore the forecast.

 extras brokers

The fourth function meets at Verum Option broker called the choice of point of entry into the transaction (Limits tool). What features does this feature give to the trader? For example, you do not have time to sit around the computer monitor 24 hours a day and watch the charts. But you understand the points of the pivot, or you can determine the lines of support and resistance. You analyzed a certain asset and you know that the lowest point of the pivot is for example 1, 1110 and that the rate reaching this point will unfold and you can earn money on it. But now the course is far from this point and he will need to descend to this point at 100 points. The trader can use the Limits tool, and once the course reaches the point you specify, the option opens automatically according to your settings.

The fifth functionThere are some binary options brokers and called up transactions. You can join and copy trades of successful traders on the broker's platform. This function I highlighted the whole article, which explained everything in detail. Following the link, you can read this article Copy trades >>>.

I remind you that the copy trades of professional traders, you can not just brokers platform. You can join in private chat of traders on my website >>>Where you can copy all of my transactions and trade with me online.


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