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Yen Japan is the national currency and one of the major reserve currencies in the world. Previously considered by the international community as the third most important reserve currency, but the extent to which the currency has declined in recent years, while the increased role of the Pound. Japanese Yen It has an international code JPY.

central bank functions are performed The Bank of Japan (Bank of Japan). He has the status of a joint stock company where 55% of shares belong to the state, and 45% of shares are in the hands of private and institutional shareholders. Japan Bank guarantees a dividend of 4%, in some cases, may be increased up to 5%. At the moment, Governor of the Bank of Japan is Haruhiko Kuroda.

Haruhiko Kuroda

Here function, which performs the Bank of Japan:

- Turnover of banknotes (the production and emission)
- The process of implementing monetary policy (foreign exchange reserves, the financial transactions in international markets and, of course, the regulation percent discount rate)
- Mutual monitoring of commercial banks of Japan
- Monitoring financial institutions
- Issue of government securities
- Analysis of the state of the economy, and theoretical studies.

The greatest impact on Japanese Yen exchange rate have the following news:

  • - Ratio of the number of vacancies and job seekers,
  • - The nationwide core consumer price index,
  • - The base consumer price index,
  • - Tankan index for capital costs of large enterprises of all industries,
  • - Sentiment index of large manufacturers from the Tankan,
  • - Diffuse sentiment index of small producers from the Tankan,
  • - Speech by the head of the Bank of Japan Kuroda,
  • - The current account of balance of payments (seasonally adjusted)
  • - The balance of the current account (not seasonally adjusted)
  • - Index of business activity in the services sector,
  • - The volume of industrial production,
  • - Trade balance, seasonally adjusted,
  • - The volume of exports,
  • - The balance of trade,
  • - The index of household expenditure,
  • - The base consumer price index (CPI) in Tokyo,
  • - The volume of retail sales,
  • - Report on the monetary policy of the Bank of Japan.

japan stock

Through monetary policy, the Bank of Japan set the refinancing rate, according to which commercial banks can locate and attract funds. 2010 October, the Bank of Japan has set the interest rate in the range of up to 0 0,1%, thereby stimulating the economy of Japan.

In financial markets, popular trade pair Dollar Yen (USD / JPY), Not quite bad predicted course, trading on the news of America or Japan. Not popular pair EUR / JPY, considered one of the unpredictable pairs. Where the economic calendar news outlet does not influence or little influence on the quotation of the pair.

In binary options brokers you can meet the following currency pairs: USD / JPY, EUR / JPY, GBP / JPY, AUS / JPY, CAD / JPY.

As for me, I do not trade news for Japan. At this time, I have a night and I prefer to have a rest. But a couple USD / JPY very much and always trade on it. Trading on the US economic calendar in the news, I choose Only USD / JPY. News then work very well. The American session is in full swing, and the Asian has already been closed. Therefore JPY does not make its own changes. 

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