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In this article I will tell you about the two national currencies from the same region, which are interrelated, it is Australian and New Zealand dollar. Economy of Australia and New Zealand are interrelated due to the relative proximity. However, the Chinese factor in Aziatso - Pacific region makes the economy of these two countries dependent on China's economy. Australia and New Zealand are economically closely linked with China. That is why economic China's news in the first place have a great impact on the Australian and New Zealand dollar. You can trace this influence, watching change course AUD / USD or NZD / USD on my live chart during the news on China from economic calendar.

Now, I tell a little about themselves and start with currencies Australian dollar.

Australian dollar

The Australian dollar is the national currency of the Commonwealth of Australia (Cocos Island, Christmas Island and Norfolk Island) and independent states located in the Pacific (Nauru, Tuvalu, Kiribati). The Australian dollar is the international code as the AUD and the US dollar, the Aussie is usually reduced $ icon.

Australian dollar 6 is on site in terms of transactions with traders on the stock exchange, second only to the American dollar, euro, yen, pound sterling and Swiss franc. Such a high popularity in the financial market and binary options due to the high interest rate of the Reserve Bank of Australia, as well as the liberal government's views on the currency market. Plus, the country is characterized by its stable and predictable economic policy.

By the way, fun fact, did you know that the special plastic, not paper is used for the production of Australian dollars to 1988 years.

Traders in his jargon called Aussie "Aussie», (aussie). 

The functions of the central bank are on the Reserve Bank of Australia, with Eng. Reserve Bank of Australia. Chairman of the Board is currently Glenn Stevens.

Challenges faced by the Reserve Bank of Australia, responsible for monetary policy in Australia:

- Maintaining full employment, the population of Australia
- The stability of the Australian dollar
- Economic well-being and development of the Australian population

Also, Reserve Bank carries out its functions on the issue of the national currency, foreign exchange reserves management and regulation of the banking and monetary system.

The most significant news for the Australian dollar can be called: The index of manufacturing activity, number of net speculative positions on the AUD from the CFTC, volume of retail sales, interest rate RBA decision, Speech deputy head of the RBA Debellya, speech of the RBA Stevens, employment change in the level change in the total employment, unemployment rate, minutes of the meeting on monetary policy, consumer price index.

Now to new Zealand.

New Zealand dollar

New Zealand dollar as the national currency using New Zealand, Niue, Tokelau, Cook Island and Pitcairn. The New Zealand dollar is the international code NZD and as the US dollar, the New Zealander is usually reduced $ icon. As in the Australian money, a special thin plastic used for the manufacture of New Zealand banknotes. The truth began to apply it to 11 years later than in Australia, only 1999 year.

Currently New Zealand applies the regime of freely floating exchange rate, and the effectiveness of the quality indicators of inflation are the banking system.

The functions of the central bank takes the RBNZ, with Eng. Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Chairman of the Board is currently Graeme Wheeler.

The most significant news for the New Zealand dollar can be called: Confidence in the business community, volume of retail sales by electronic cards, index of business activity in the manufacturing sector, the Consumer Price Index, Speech Chairman RBNZ Wheeler, Trade Balance, expected inflation, volume retail sales and other.

In fact, New Zealand and Australia have a lot in common. In fact, these are huge islands located not far from each other and washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. The population consists mainly of the descendants of British immigrants, the official language is English, formally managed by the Queen of England, represented by the Governor-General. Both Australia and New Zealand have developed economies. Countries have similarities in the high development of the economy and agriculture. Both countries develop industry and manufacturing industries (engineering, chemical industry, food industry). In addition, countries are rich in natural resources (oil, gas, coal, iron ore, bauxite, gold, copper, nickel, and other metals and precious stones). Prospects for further growth and development of these countries are very high. The economic potential of these countries is very high.

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