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Professionals in the field of software, and the main developers of the Nintendo popular video games, teaming up with US company Niantic, video games offered on the market a completely new product, the augmented reality game Pokemon GO. Since the release of the game in less than one month, as the game audience already has millions of active players who are picking up a smartphone, go to the street in search of Pokemon.

According to one research firm Sensor Tower, a game for smartphones Pokemon GOAlready 1,6 earns millions of dollars a day since the start of the game.

pokemon iq option

Shares of the company will certainly began to rise, and at a record pace, triggering huge investor interest. And this despite the fact that officially started the game not in all countries! It can be concluded that the shares will continue to further shocking growth.

Unfortunately the action of the company's presence not all brokers. If you do not want to miss the opportunity to earn money, the broker IQ Option added shares Nintento on its trading platform. IQ Option one of the first brokers who added the shares of this company on their own platform, thus giving another good asset for earnings. Trading binary options on Nintendo shares you can right now!

And additionally I would like to draw your attention to the IQ Option platform finally have the opportunity sale of options before the end of the expiry time. This means that the trader is now opening option in IQ Option broker like many other brokers, has the ability to prematurely sell the option at the offered price broker. This function allows to reduce the risks, however, and little to lose profits. When used correctly, trading will become more reliable and interesting.


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