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Among the questions that I get asked - in the personal messages in the letters to messengers, with live communication - it is very common and is: "How much money brings trade binary options? How much can I make when I'm a trader? "

The question is logical and natural: after all, we all are engaged in online trading in order to make a profit. And yet I ... can not answer it! And not because I have nothing to say, but because there is simply no answer. Earnings on options from month to month can vary greatly even among experienced traders who practically do not rely on luck. The fact is that profit is formed by very many factors. Two traders, working on the exchange with the same assets and for the same strategies, will not earn the same amount at all. Therefore, I will not give general statistics - it (reliable) simply is not and will not be. I will answer only for myself, and clearly. Here is information about my profit within one working week.


binary signals


binary options


binary options


binary options


binary options

As you can see, it turns out to earn decent. At the same time, more importantly, there are no problems with the withdrawal of funds, with the transformation of electronic money in cash. Conclusion I spend once a month. It is possible and more often, but then have to pay more commission. Here is the layout of my monthly income.

withdrawal december utrader 2017

Good earnings? I think the same. As you can see, trade binary options - this is not a specific hobby. This is a serious and profitable work. I must say: I have achieved such a level does not immediately - and in any case not because of luck, and other similar factors. I worked hard - and succeeded. If you want to follow my example, in the first study, from which will depend on your level of income, so you can become a successful trader.

Secrets of binary options trading

Factor first. The broker with whom you are working. Brokers are now very much - which means that the risk is big enough to make a mistake. If you choose unreliable platform, you can lose all your money, not even the start of trading. How? In every one. For example, managers and technical support can completely ignore your appeal. Quotes may not correspond to reality. Withdrawal requests are processed for a long time - or even not treated at all! Yes, you can lose not only income, but also the initial deposit.

Brokers-day appear regularly: fleecing inexperienced traders, disappear and re-created with a different name. Of course, without a license, and therefore, without any obligations to clients. And catch them is practically impossible: the regulators are not always able to keep track of their activities. In order to avoid contact with these "partners", track the reputation of brokers using lists and rankings, which are publicly available.

Rating reliable binary options brokers

Blacklist brokers

The second factor. Knowledge and skills. I do not tire of repeating: binary options trading system - it is not a lottery! Start earning from the first day of trade, without theoretical training and practical experience is simply impossible. But start earning fairly quickly and at the same time in parallel to absorb the information you need - it is possible! So do not hesitate to learn and practice, using every opportunity to learn more about the secrets of the trade on binary options.

How can you get useful information? Much of what you will need in the work, has been placed on this website:

  1. Go through individual training: of course you can gain an appropriate "base", which is absolutely necessary to possess. Details
  2. Study the contents of the section "Blog". I produced a lot of material, which affects virtually all aspects of binary options. And it is not a mere theory: all the advice I give on the basis of his own experience. In my trader's career (especially in the beginning) is a place and a gross error: learn about useful secrets, you can avoid setbacks!
  3. Practice using a demo account. By opening this account with the help of a broker (it is best to choose Abi or Autocrypto-bot), You can not make deals with "live" money, but simply to exercise, without having to open a deposit and without risk.

third factor. The correct strategy. Want to know how to earn? Learn as much as possible trading tools, do not be afraid to look for tactics and strategy that is most appropriate for you personally!

  1. Strategy. As is known, there is a lot of them. If any particular strategy does not suit you - as if you were working on it either, still go in the negative - you do not need all the forces for it to cling! Go to a different strategy, do not waste time! It would seem obvious advice, but many traders with perseverance worthy of a better cause, continue to beat my head against the wall, and thus still wonder why they did not go out.
    Nothing prevents you to change strategy. No one is stopping you from trying them on a demo account and not just risk their money. Experiment, discovers new secrets - and find what you need.
  2. signals. You can use the indicator signals decoding them yourself. You can trust the special programs, acting with the help of expert advisors... You can work with experienced traders - for example, with me, receiving signals in the chat and repeating my trades.
  3. Graphs and tables. For you do not have to be a Chinese puzzle or schedule a live or heat map, or pivot table or other popular trader tools. Do not trust just one instrument - combine them and build a unique technique!

Technical Analysis - Binary Options the fourth factor. Automated trading. Yes, to achieve really significant success, you need to work on their own. But as a way of small and fairly stable earnings on options automated trading has quite a right to exist. Ways to earn virtually nothing exerting its part, there are several.

    1. Copy the transaction professional traders. Examine the statistics of the most successful traders, and on this basis to make adjustments in your personal account. By connecting to someone else's account to automatically copy trades, be sure to limit the minimum transaction and total allowable amount for a day of work.
    2. use PAMM-score. The essence of this method is that you choose a reliable successful trader and pass your deposit control him. It works by using your resources and allocates you a profit, taking a specified percentage.
    3. Trading with automatic systems.

Robot Abi

Robot Crypto

Once registered in the system and opening an account with a broker, you can make deals on their own (based on the signals), or entrust the work program. Of course, in the latter case you will need to first configure the program by specifying the minimum amount of the transaction, noting what is necessary trading system assets, indicators, etc.

I began this text is an important issue - and also finish. It is often asked, "Are binary options - this is really not a hoax?" No, it's not cheating. But is not an easy way to get rich. To become a successful trader and not lose your deposit, you need to:

  1. Work hard and improve.
  2. Do not be afraid to acquire new knowledge and ask for help from experienced professionals.
  3. Do not trust the fraudsters, who are now divorced so many.
  4. Many practicing and experimenting.

I am ready to answer your questions if you leave your comment or send me them in feedback or find me on skype: binaroptionanna


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