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I think if you are reading this article, you have already heard about binary options and you have any idea about this tool of the financial market. If you've read my review of binary options to the end, you will learn a lot and be able to decide for themselves whether suitable for you this kind of earnings on the Internet.

Beginners and novice traders have many questions. I tried to identify and highlight the most important moments and themes. I will write all the points. So you will not have porridge in the head, and you will be able to fully immerse themselves in the subject of binary options.

Binary options online

Binary options are a tool for online financial market. To earn on options, you need the Internet. You can use a computer, laptop-book, tablet or mobile phone. No need to download or install anything on your computer. Online trading takes place directly in the browser. Open the broker's site, enter your username and password, click "Login" and get to the trading platform.

On the platform structure is similar to each other. Differ they can design, color, or additional features.

Platform window looks like this:

yutreyder platform

1) Select the asset (currency pairs, indices, stocks, commodities)

2) Select the option expiry date (expiry time)

3) fits the amount of investment

4) Select the direction of the asset value (CALL - UP, PUT - DOWN)

5) confirm the opening of an option by pressing the "Buy" button (can meet the "Confirm" or "Invest")

 As you can see, to understand the navigation is easy. By type of binary options online can be:

1) Classic trade regime Above / Below (term expiration of options on up to 5 60 minutes)

2) Turbo mode or the short-term trade (expiration of term 30 5 seconds to minutes)

3) The long-term trade (expiration period from a few days to a month)

4) Stairs

5) Border

6) One touch

7) Follow Spot (or copying trades of other traders platform)

Binary options online and mean Additional services of brokers >>>And online analytics, and consulting financiers and much more. All this at your request.

I recommend reading the article

What are Binary Options >>>

History of Binary Options >>>

Binary Options Platforms >>>

Binary options are the opinions of experts

What does not touch on the topic, you will always find on the internet conflicting opinions and reviews. This also applies to binary options. Some people compare binary options with the casino or the bookmakers. But in the circles of the financial experts agree that trade binary options is related to the Forex market. So let's deal together!

Many newcomers are lured simplicity of binary options and do not think about what you need to go through certain training and learn how to make a correct prediction of the movement of an asset at a certain period of time. Hoping only on luck and luck, they are faced with the first losses and leave this kind of earnings from the firm belief that all this divorce is for suckers and can not earn here.

Smarter newcomers armed with the knowledge and practice to become successful traders. They have the maximum advantage of binary options and earn decent money. So it was with me. Though not right away, but I have achieved their success. Of the additional earnings binary options have become my job.

Experts agree that the binary options as a financial instrument market, you need to learn to use. We must learn the principles of operation of the market, choose a good trading tools to understand the technical and fundamental analysis. The only way you can increase your deposit.

financial market experts call binary options "Foresk simplified model of the market." To make money, you need to choose the asset, analyze, apply the strategy and thus to correctly identify: the price of an asset will go up or down.

binary options specialists' opinions

Binary options really

Often get letters from beginners and beginners with questions: "A binary options - this is a real theme?", "Really make money on the binary options?", "Binary Options is real money on the Internet?"

My answer is - yes, yes, yes!

I actually do for a binary options, as well as my merchants. Reports of my daily trading you can look in the category Reports >>> There you have my cabinets and screens broker uTrader  with monthly output.

Everything is real. Just approach should be serious and substantial. Then trading on binary options will be much more realistic. Nothing is more real than the currency in your wallet!


Topic reviews we have you touched on above. Someone faced with negative experiences (the fact there are several reasons). Someone succeeds and positively on binary options. I'm not going to paint a lot here. Check out the best of my separate article Binary options reviews >>>

You will learn what the reviews are and how to distinguish real reviews of binary options on the contract.

binary options reviews


After talking to more general themes, we go directly to the brokers and trading.

This binary options brokers providing trading platform for us, give us the ability to trade and earn a variety of online assets. What should I look for before selecting a broker:

1) It is necessary to make sure that the broker accepts traders from your country.

2) Availability of instruments regulating the broker from the state, that is, the presence of a license to operate.

3) Make sure that you can open an account in the currency in which you would like (the dollar, the euro, the ruble, the pound sterling, the zloty, and so on).

4) Availability of technical support in your native language or a foreign language that you own at least at the level of communication.

5) Check whether the broker needed for your assets, trade regimes and a variety of expiration times.

6) Check whether the broker is not Blacklist of fraudulent brokers >>>Who do not have a license to operate, or which receives numerous complaints from other traders.

Visit my independent Ratings of binary options brokers >>> Learn who to trust and where to open a trading account.

Having dealt with these issues, it remains only a few steps (go on links for details):

1 step Registration with a broker >>>. I personally have been trading uTrader .

2 step Verification passing >>>

3 step Choice of deposit currency >>>

4 step Deposit replenishment >>>

5 step Withdrawal of earned funds >>>

Binary Options Demo

Absolutely all I recommend to open not only the real trading account, but also demo (training trading account with virtual money).

For what it is:

- For beginners, it is an opportunity to learn, to get acquainted with the platform and its navigation

- For all traders (no matter you are a beginner or not) demo account will help develop new strategies and trading tools.

Train stuffed his hand, get experience to develop methodologies - is the path to a successful real trading.

Check out which brokers offer demo account >>>

Binary options brokers with a minimum deposit

In the market there are binary options brokers that provide an opportunity to open a trading account from $ 10 and higher. Minimum transaction from $ 1.

You can get acquainted with Rating of binary options brokers with a minimum deposit >>> Or you can just visit their official websites:

Binomo -

 brokers with a minimum deposit

Binary options are Free

Yes, I was not mistaken, there are binary options and free. Some brokers provide their traders with free options, the profit from which is available to a conclusion. For example, Binomo - no deposit bonus account >>>

Brokers uTrader и Opteck - First offer insurance transactions. If the option is closed in the negative, the amount of your investment returns you to the account. If the option is closed in plus, you make a profit.

Brokers Binomo и IQ Option hold contests for cash prizes. Then for these funds can be traded to earn profit and shoot.

Therefore, if you are low on money, but have a great desire to start making money on the financial market, the option binary options free you fit.


Without trading strategies have nothing to do. It's my opinion. Every trader has to be a certain sequence of actions when analyzing the market. As the tailor needed cloth pattern and sew dresses and trader strategy need to properly make a prediction.

Strategies are different: paid and free, based on technical or fundamental analysis on indicators and without them, on different timeframes (from 1 minutes to several weeks).

But we must remember that the market is always moving, changing. Absolutely universal strategy for all assets do not exist.

My site has a heading Strategies >>> I especially recommend you read the following procedures:

Trading strategy based on the news of the economic calendar >>>

Heatmap trading strategy >>>

Describing the strategy of binary options, I suggest you to prepare a methodology, so to speak base. What is it to do? To begin with a thoughtful and carefully read. Do you hear? ATTENTIVELY! I am writing a very simple language to explain the good I can. All supported by screenshots and practical part.

Once you have read and understood all the steps of action, start to practice. Practice on a demo. You should feel the strategy, it is suitable for you, that by it you get to do the analysis and forecast. Note the correct prediction.

Many traders on the basis of the strategies I withdraw their proposed method, something is added, thus adapting the strategy for themselves. And it is right.

When you will start well prepared to apply the strategy on a demo account, move on to real trading and start earning. But do not forget your correct path:

Theory> Practice> Action

Binary Options Signals

I was already an experienced trader working in this direction. What signals do I advise our traders:

1) line signals chatting. Every day from Monday to Friday, I trade, open transaction and give signals to the purchase of options. Thus, traders can copy my trades and earn income.

What you need to online chat free signals for binary options >>>

Online signals profitability reports and statistics >>>

2) Signals trading advisors. This semi-automated robots that make a comprehensive analysis of the market and provide signals. My site in the closed section are two such advisor on the currency pair and gold. What you need to trade advisors are scheduled >>>

3) signals of binary options on indicators and tools online trader. Using these when analyzing the market, your personal outlook will be more accurate:

- Binary Options Indicators
- Technical summary (on the right side of the site)
- Heat map
- Table pivot points

Business advisors

Just above I have touched this topic. People often ask me how I feel about trading robots. My response - positive! They can be real helpers in everyday complex analysis. But! Trading binary options robots need to be able to use. It is not enough to access free or buy a trading robot on a fee basis. You must be able to allocate standing signals. Only in this way, your cooperation with the trade advisor will be profitable.

Automatic software with complex settings conducts continuous analysis of the wound, looking for the most volatile assets and emerging trends. Conduct a comprehensive technical analysis, it reveals the most powerful and stable trend, only after that the trader will hear a sound alert signal for the purchase of an asset. In the window displayed, for example, the currency pair and the direction of the trend (up or down).

binary options robot is able to give a fairly accurate signals precisely because of its multilateral and profound analysis, which can not make even an experienced trader. So if you still do not have sufficient skills and knowledge in the field of binary options trading, if you are still a novice trader, binary options robot you will be a hundred times more useful.

Another advantage of my trading robots for binary options is that you do not need to download any software to your computer or mobile device. The signals are fed to the site within the cabinet trading advisors. You can trade anytime and anywhere from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

binary options trading advisors

Binary options for beginners

This article is an excellent tool for beginners binary options. I touched on the most important topics. But I have one more publication with additional recommendations. Once you finish reading this article until the end, and it will learn:

Binary options from scratch: for beginners and novice traders >>>


 It is always useful to watch videos on the binary options. They are always informative and visually. The information to digest much faster thanks to the training videos.

Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel >>>So you will always keep track of updates and relevant video training binary options.

Live timetable for binary options

Be sure to use to analyze and predict the movement of an asset Live schedule >>> Without it anywhere! Here are some helpful articles on the living graph binary options:

Instructions for using live chart >>>

Live Chart Indicators >>>

I advise you to open it in a sub-window and always keep open. Whatever strategy you have not used, reconciliation at its forecast on live schedule. Configure at least basic indicators - Stoch, RSI, linear regression indicator.

Trade Binary Options

Having read the article almost to the end, you have a clear idea what binary options as a financial instrument. In the end I would like to summarize the topic and briefly describe the steps you need to do to start trading binary options successfully. So there you go:

1) Discover the basic concepts;

2) Select a broker binary options;

3) Open a trading account and go through the verification;

4) Select strategy / signals / trading advisors / trader tools;

5) Use what is described in paragraph №4 for proper analysis and forecast of the movement direction of the value of the asset;

6) make a prediction - open the option, wait for the expiration of the term of the option and make profit!

How to make money on the binary options?

Do not expect that I would write - easy and simple)) to make real and can be on the binary options. But we need to make an effort and learn how to earn here. You're not a stupid man, and you that under force. Just do not be lazy or freebies to wait. There is a great saying: "Between the sofa and sing the dollar will not fly!"

I was able to, and you can!


Look at how much I have earned in the past week, and together with me, and merchants with whom I trade online chat sinalov.


binary signals


binary options


binary options


binary options


binary options

During the month gets a great amount to a conclusion

withdrawal december utrader 2017

Trade and earn! "The money in your pocket - it's not wings, but the gait change".

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