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Often a simple inhabitant can not easily master the principles of investing in securities, the issuers of which are large corporations. The rather complicated process of registering a direct purchase of shares and the long term of investment make this method of obtaining income for an average citizen almost impossible with a minimal initial amount of funds. In addition, investors using in practice the opportunities of the Forex market, when trading on which one can also invest in shares of companies, do not always correctly conduct the trading process and lose finances. Against this background, an alternative way of investing in securities can be binary options - A simple financial instrument trading algorithm works, understandable to everyone. Elementary preliminary forecast - UP or DOWN will head the asset quotes in a certain time period, makes a profit on the contract:

binary options

In addition, the expansion of the list basic assets broker BinomoWhich on its trading platform made available for investment shares over 20 corporations with a worldwide reputation, significantly expanding the potential investors do binary options most profitable and affordable way to invest in assets Stock Market.

investment in binary options

What is the list of benefits the investor receives when using binary options?

Most importantly, the binary options are investing in stock market accessible to any citizen. Ability to contribute a minimum of means - from 10 USD allows you to start the process of making a profit, and you can apply the minimum investment from 1 dollar (such trading conditions offered by the broker Binomo). Against this background, investments in classical approaches Investing in the stock market (trading on the stock exchange, direct acquisition of shares, investing in investment companies) with their high demands with regards to the initial investment amount of turning them to the ordinary citizen in the incredibly complicated and inaccessible to the process.

High profitability - in the classic investing in shares of the company you can get during the trading year with a favorable development of the stock situation of about 5% of profit that is considered to be high enough for the result of the stock market. When dealing with binary options Trades in stocks, for example, such a giant as: write, Apple and BMW, will be 75% for the amount of investment. Moreover, the option contract can bring you profits within 1 minute. Read daily earnings are not going to, and so it will be fantastic!

investment in the Internet

Techniques for binary trading in stocks

Method of making a profit on trading binary options, as well as the algorithm of this tool makes it possible to use the main directions of trading exchange analysis. On stocks of companies that are used as the underlying asset, work is absolutely all kinds of analysis - fundamental, technical, trade on news and indicator methodologies. For beginners, the financial market the most optimal options trading systems are the following:

  • Indicator strategies based on the widely known properties of simple technical means.

In the indicator set broker Binomo you will find a pretty good list of signaling instruments, such as high-precision Alligator, which determines the direction of short-term fluctuations of the stock exchange quotations of the underlying assets:


Applying this method of trading, the investor will receive an average of 75-80% of profitable contracts and throughout the day will increase your trading deposit.

In addition, here you can use the classical approaches to determine the trend of the stock exchange and its individual members. It will focus on the use of statistics the companies' activities in order to create forecasts of asset valuations in the long term. This approach to binary trading He was named trade on the news. For example, we know the release McDonald`s reporting company that has demonstrated a tendency to reduce the profitability of the corporation:

Internet investments

After a simple analysis of these indicators, we can conclude that the company's share price will fall - and it will happen in the short and in the long term. On the basis of these findings, immediately after the release of data, investing in an option down the expiration time in 1 hour and get profit:


Against the background of the ease and accessibility, as well as excellent profitability tools, binary options have become high-performance alternative for investment in stock market on the part of the individual investor who is able in a short time to bring surprising results.


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