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1) Line signals for currency pairs and gold from 2-yi trading advisors;

2) Introduction to the basic concepts and terms of binary options trading;

3) You will find out how to earn with the help of binary options;

4) You will learn how to open transactions;

5) You will get a ready-made mechanism for market analysis;

6) You will be able to carry out profitable trades with the least risk having Your own reasoned opinion;


- What principles do global trading world use?

- How to trade binary options profitable?

- What qualities should have a trader?

- How to conduct a market analysis?

- What tools are effective in trading binary options?

- About bulls and bears that need "Japanese candles"?

IF YOU DO NOT KNOW it, you have come to the right place!

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Recently trading binary options has become a very popular and profitable way of earnings on the Internet. Such popularity is due to the fact that nowadays making money on the financial market is possible for everyone, regardless of age, education and previous experience. And all you need to do - is to predict the price of the asset, it will go up or down. We choose only the direction. But of course, you need to understand some key points. So now I have a detailed explanation of what is the free Binary Options training. It is useful for the newcomers to options marketand for professional traders (because you can always learn something new).

To begin with, I'll introduce you to the basic functional components of the trade field (they are almost identical on all the platforms). And then we will discuss what a trader should study to begin making money on binary options and to make it successful.

binary options for the beginners

1) Select an exchange asset (index, currency pair, stock or commodity)

2) Select the amount you want to invest in the purchase of the option (on some platforms, the window for filling in the amount opens after we choose Call or Put option)

3) Select the time period (the end of an hour, day, week, month, there are short-term options, starting with 30 seconds)

4) Select call or put option (increase or decrease of the price of the stock asset)

After that confirm the option. That's all. These are the basic four steps that you will make trading binary options.


Prior to the auction you need to choose a reliable binary options brokersuch as e.g. Arotrade. All information about it is presented in the category Binary Options. There you will find broker rating, and brokers with minimum deposits, and brokers providing training demo accounts. Only the best and most trusted platforms are presented on my site. All of them have licenses to carry out their activities, and this is the guarantee of the safety of your funds. Read, read and choose the one that most suits you.


The next important heading in training of binary options - this Strategy. There I described only the most profitable, clear and simple strategies for binary options. Although there are actually a great number of them. I did not pursue quantity, and has focused on quality. These are the strategies that I use myself, so I can recommend them with confidence to other traders. They are written in plain language, with examples of practical application. So I'm sure everyone can understand them.


Binary Options Education would not without free signals on indicators. These indicators include official and authoritative resources of the financial market. Trading on them easily and profitably. Various methods for producing signals for binary options are described in section signals.

Educational articles

Heading Blog - Provides training on the basic concepts of binary options. There you can find answers to various questions: what is binary options, how to start trading, binary options for beginners and much more. Read and learn how to earn in the market of binary options.

News Economic Calendar

Heading News - Perfect for beginners binary options. It contains daily analysis of the economic calendar. Trading on it is easier and more profitable of all. This is one of my favorite strategies. Over time you will learn to analyze themselves and to make predictions on the movement of asset prices. In the meantime, this section of the site will help you perfect in free training trade binary options.

Learning Binary Options

Books on binary options

Heading Books contains books on binary options by known and respected authors. All the materials are available online for free download. There's plenty to choose from.

Read my tutorial "Introduction to the world of binary options on".

Of course, I can not cover all topics at once on the option trade. List of training materials will grow. But if you have any questions and you do not find the answers - do not hesitate to write to me on the forum. I always reply to messages in a timely manner.

I'm in social networks

In addition you can always link to my social networks VK, Twitter, Google+, Facebook. There I publish announcements of all the materials of the site, publish relevant signals for trading forex pairs and commodities.

Video Training binary options you will always find in my Youtube channel.

As you can see ways of Learning Binary options are numerous! The main thing is not to be lazy, to read, learn, and use in practice the most understandable things for you.

I wish you successful trading. Be always with profit!

Sincerely, Anna Alexandrovna

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