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I am at the weekend got a very interesting letter from one of its traders. It is connected to my spring training complex with trading advisors and started trading with a broker Bean. The guy is very clever and smart. I am glad that he seriously approached the issue of options on earnings. 

So. He painted me a strategy that is used for the analysis. I thought that all the other traders who visit my site, it will be interesting to get acquainted with his method. 

Publish the letter in full, observing all punctuation! 

Most Internet information resources on topics binary trading, there is a perception that such Strategy Price Action - Conducting trading on a clean chart - is not an easy-to-understand newcomer method with respect to the formation of the forecast for transactions entered into binary options. Let fundamentally disagree with that. I myself am a trader who does not have significant experience in trade (around four months of my experience), and from the very start of its use candlestick patterns the application of its main strategies. This fact has allowed me for a brief period to increase the size of my working capital by USD 150 4658,28 to an amount in dollars - and I have not received significant subsidence of the deposit:

binomial strategy

According to my opinion, the secret of success in the work of the Price Action Strategies lies in the plane of the discipline punters in the matter of right and correct commercial capital management, as well as brokerage services, which are provided by the company, on the site where you work - the accuracy of quotations, the rate of operation of the terminal and trading conditions.

Just the same, this list of services and will be fundamental to the success of a clean chart. Known broker Binomo It provides the most optimal for kapitaloupravleniya trading conditions in the market: the most minimum deposit of 10 USD, the price of lots from 1 USD, and in fact such indicators allow you to open far more opportunities in risk management and working capital at any volume accounts. In addition, the platform for binary trading Binomial has a high speed of opening contracts - 1,7 ms and most accurate quotes that are available proven and widely known in the world of exchange company Thomson Reuters reliable liquidity provider.

I use in order to create an effective reversal of the forecast simplest type of model candlestick patterns - - Namely, bullish or bearish + absorption, and they define a high probability of trend reversals, as well - a deep corrective pullbacks asset prices in the chart.

Options Trading UP conducted in identifying such candlestick patternAs a bullish engulfing, which tells us about the origin of the pulse of the trend and its upward trend movement. The graph of quotations supplied to the trade signal is as follows:

price action

See - at long downward trend style - on the chart formed a growing candle, completely blocking his body falling the previous candle quotations, then, the trend is gaining momentum in the growth. The deal I produce immediately upon the formation of the visual fixation of such a model.

Options trading in an upward direction when I spend monitoring feedback model candlestick pattern - Absorption bear:

strategy of binomial broker

On prolonged uptrend formed downward quoted candle that blocked his body previous rising candle.

In my opinion, everything is very simple and clear. This approach to trading: the high precision of its signals, as well as their good cyclical - allows me to one trading day to increase the amount of funds on deposit in the amount of 25-30%.

Of course, I have not made any discoveries, with this strategy, I met with his broker Binomo on the site where the training took place. And you can look more closely at it on this link: 


I can say without a doubt, the system works fine, which does not depend either on the experience of the trader or on his knowledge.

The optimal period of expiration, which I use in daily trading in this system, will range 60-120 seconds.

also clarify on risk management that the optimal trade regime, paired with low-risk method is the use of contracts with the lowest possible cost - 1 USD, a minimum transaction offers Binomo brokerAnd to the increase in working capital - transaction costs can be increased to a size of 3% of the deposit amount.


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