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Any novice trader at the beginning of his career, it is difficult to understand all the complexities of exchange trading. I'm talking about a huge amount of sales techniques and mathematical approaches that generate income in the futures market. In this article I want to give a classified list of trade tactics, disassemble simple examples of trading systems of various types and give you some recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of trading binary options.

The fact that it is necessary to apply trading systems, and mathematical approaches to manage trade funds is justified by the fact. When a scientific approach to the classification of trading strategies on the stock exchange for trading all techniques can be divided into the following types:

  • indicator strategy;
  • News Trading;
  • Trading on pure graphics or bezindikatornye trading tactics.

Also, the following types of mathematical approaches:

  • Averaging;
  • Martingale;
  • Profitable advantage.

Before you start looking at trade techniques, let's focus on issues relating to the selection of the company for the financial binary trading. All trading tactics to have their requirements, regardless of how they work: the possibility of the terminal, the availability of the necessary technical services for optimum management of trading risk conditions for trading and the availability of Demo - professional level of the terminal in order to study and test trading systems. I analyzed the market listed companies and chose the most reliable among them. For example, Binomo broker an excellent financial platform with interesting approaches, offers a range of services and all kinds of services in the stock market. Let's look at the most basic of them:

  • Advanced trading platform with a huge range of services;
  • Optimal conditions for trading, offering to trade with the rate of one dollar when replenishing the deposit account in the amount of ten dollars;
  • Strong analytical support of clients when trading on the stock exchange;
  • Demo-terminal with excellent functionality that allows to test trading tactics.

Binomial demo account

This company is very convenient both for training and for the implementation of binary trading for real money. Even with little experience and a minimal knowledge in the matter of stock exchange trading using the services exchange platform Binomo It allows private traders to achieve financial success.

Well ... now let's get down to studying sales tactics!

indicator strategy

As such, the trading techniques used technical indicators that are automatic analytical tools designed for self-realization of calculations in accordance with the current situation on the stock exchange and to provide information to the private trader to generate market forecasts and receiving profit binary options. There are many different types of technical indicators, as well as methods for their construction. Consider a simple example of trading tactics based on the most popular of these technical means:

binomial strategy

This example of trading on the technical indicator Moving Average is a classic, and the signal for trading here is the breakdown of the trend moving average of the technical indicator by quotations of the underlying asset. Another example of trading tactics of indicator type is built on the basis of a technical indicator - MACD oscillator, which has clear signals for trading and determines the trend strength, as well as the direction of the trend. In this case, trading signals are created by crossing the lines of a technical indicator and contribute to obtaining over 75 percent of profitable trades:


Trading the News

This method of trading is based on the principle of a market reaction to the output of global macroeconomic data, as well as the statistics of individual economic sectors or companies. Option trading on this system works by the principle of performing a rapid analysis of information when macroeconomic data comes out and transactions are concluded with a directionality that is subject to one simple pattern: with positive data, trade is carried out on the price growth of the underlying asset, with negative data, on the price reduction of the exchange instrument. Such an approach to binary trading It considered one of the most effective on the stock exchange, since it contributes to obtaining the most accurate forecast of the market movement.

Bezindikatornye trading tactics

This type of trading techniques has many different names: the tactics of Price Action, technical price analysis, trading on a clean chart. This approach is considered one of the oldest and most reliable, it uses the patterns of quoted movement of the underlying asset. These patterns have a high cyclic repetition in the form of laws of market analysis. So, for example, it can be a quoted trend movement, or the reaction of the exchange market to breakdown or touching the trend levels (support and resistance levels). For the most part, these are the market levels that are built on graphic or visual lines, on the trading chart of the underlying instrument:

binomo trading

Transactions are, when there is a touch or hang from the trend level. In addition, trading positions can be executed as a general trend in the direction of movement, and in both directions of price fluctuations, for example, when trading in Quotation channel:

binomial broker

The use of trading tactics on pure chart is a time-tested way of effective trading on the stock market. Also, this type of trading systems can be used in the process of graphic shapes, which form the underlying assets at their quotation fluctuations and patterns of building candlestick patterns (or candlesticks):

binomial platform registration

Averaging deals

This method is a mathematical method to obtain profit binary options. In this method, the principle of adding deals is applied. Let's look at a simple example of how this happens. Suppose we concluded a deal with the DOWN direction, while the quotations of the underlying asset went not according to the forecast, that is UP. We need to conclude additional trading positions with the focus of the original deal. As a result, at the moment of exchange market return to the movement on the senior trend, we will be able to get either a series of transactions in profit, or additional transactions that can cut off our profits by losses and give us a small profit margin:

Binomial trade binary options


This mathematical approach is aimed at obtaining a general positive trading result. Previously, this method was used in gambling. The principle of martingale is the constant doubling of the rates in case of a loss. For example, you executed a deal with a rate of 1 dollar, and as a result, a loss was made. After that, you conclude a deal with a rate of 2 dollars and get a profit, which is overlapped by the loss received before this trade position. As a result, you get a common plus result. Around this method of trade there is a huge number of disputes, as some specialists of the exchange market and private traders consider it ineffective. We think differently: if we apply the martingale principle in combination with effective trading tactics of another kind and trade with minimum rates (such a condition for trading is broker Binomo), This strategy can provide good results and to become a reliable way to escape from serious subsidence of the deposit account.

profitable preponderance

This trading system is based on the application of the mathematical advantage of deals in the lucrative area. Exchange market participants execute trades in any direction, and then the application of short-term fluctuations of quotation execute trading positions on the direction of market movement. As a result, the number of transactions should overlap losses throughout the trading positions and generate income.

Binomial broker binary

Hoth noted that for beginners punters is rather complicated way to trade in the futures market, as it requires quick calculations and a good response from the private traders, because the need to conclude the transaction immediately.

List of trading tactics and their types, which I described in my article are brief instructions for obtaining the basic principles profit binary options. Naturally, there are also commercial systems with a combined approach, which applied at the same time trading rules on different kinds of techniques and different authoring strategies, which are laid at the base of the observation of individual private traders. With the help of market laws and the individual trader's imagination can create different trading techniques. The main thing is to be effective and allow participants to exchange trading to achieve success when trading in the options market!


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