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Why IQ Option closed in Russia information from an insider >>>

I hasten to tell you the latest news, IQ Option broker stops accepting new traders from Russia in July 1 2016 years. I can only say one thing, unfortunately, Russian traders have lost a leader. With all its shortcomings, the broker with a minimum deposit and a free demo account, it is very decent and stands out from its competitors.

The best alternative for traders from Russia (official site)


iq option leaves Russia

Healthy competition - is the engine of progress, it spurs competition tends to a certain level. In any field, which did not take it, we are witnessing fierce competition. Who - that it does not stand up and losing its way, and someone moves farther and higher. Good convenient locations are never empty. I think that this niche simply takes another binary options broker.

Why can not I open an account? Due to changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation legislation, the Company IQ Option He announced the emergency suspension of its activities in the territory of Russia. Broker IQ Option It never ceases to accept traders from other countries, and in any case is not closed and went bankrupt.

Company Policy IQ Option implies full compliance with the laws of the countries in which it operates, so suspend its activities in the territory of the Russian Federation, to extend or obtain a new license.

Until July 1 2016 years work aykyu broker option file is not prohibited in Russia. If the company's activities from July 1 2016 year will be officially banned in Russia, all traders will withdraw the amount held by the trader on the balance sheet.

Therefore, we are waiting for the month of July, and follow the news from broker IQ. Watch out for my ranking of brokers with a minimum deposit. Available for Russian traders trusted brokers out there are bound to be.


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