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Discover new opportunities using demo - account binomial! Broker Binomo provides it to the amount of € 1000, 1000 50000 $ or Russian rubles.

What is a demo - account?

It is a tool that helps the beginner to experience its capabilities in the binary options market, without risking your own money. Open demo - account, without registration, the trader receives a functional, no different from a real account. Quotes and live chart are the same as the real account. Opening a demo -account, the trader does not need to make their money.

Trading with a demo - account binomial does not have any limits. At any time, you can click "restore the balance" and you will see on your virtual balance of € 1000, 1000 50000 $ or Russian rubles.

This is a good tool for future real trading. But you should understand that the dynamics of the market and the drive of making successful transactions can only fully be experienced on a real account.

Having tried the optional demo account without registration, I recommend to start real trading, with minimal risk and in small amounts. Convinced of their abilities trader you can trade successfully in the BO. Return to the Virtual Trade and experience what - something new strategy you will be able at any time, at the touch of a button demo account.

How to start using the demo platform from Binomo:

To now start using the demo platform Binomo, feel its potential and benefits, please visit the company's central page and click on the "Register" button:



Immediately after that you will see a small window of the registration form, which you must enter your an email, create a password, select a currency trading account, to accept the user agreement and click on the "DEMO ACCOUNT":


Immediately after that, you automatically become a real Binomo client, getting access to all the trading and ancillary services, including, the demo platform on which you will be credited 1000 virtual dollars or Euro to simulate trading.

The platform is free, and it can be used an infinite amount of time. At any time you can press the scroll wheel upgrade a demo account that will automatically replenish its balance sheet "virtual" money.


Most importantly, the demo platform from Binomo is 100% the same as the real one. So, you will be able to truly test strategies on it and determine how well Binomo’s trading services work!

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