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If you came to this page, then you probably are interested in Money on the Internet, Internet trading and binary options. Well, you've come to the address.

My name is Anna Alexandrovna. Once the life of me associated with trading in the forex market and binary options. There I remained, moreover trading became my main job. Now I'm focused only on the binary options trading since This financial instrument is the most interesting for me.

What kind of financial instrument is a binary options?

Binary Options originate in 1973, when opened the Chicago Exchange CBOE options. The history of occurrence of binary options и what a binary option I painted the earlier pages of the site, where you can read more about this. As you can see, binary options have existed for quite a considerable time. And with the spread of the Internet, has opened its second wind. Now open transactions can be at home, sitting at a computer, many successfully do.

There are people skeptical, distrustful perceive the financial markets, and I think that money is unreal. They are right that the headlong rush into a new area of ​​activity for themselves and believe the advertising brokers, about what everything is very simple, it is not necessary.  What is binary options actuallyWithout advertising tinsel? Is it possible to make the common man here? The answers to these questions, I opened for its readers and traders in the article Binary Options SCAM. Be sure to read this article, think about what way you will achieve goals - earning!

After reading my articles, I think that you will understand that this is a financial instrument. You must correctly identify the movement of an asset, select the up or down on the broker's platform, the end time of the transaction (the expiration time) to invest a certain amount, and after a while to become richer or poorer.

All traders are trading through their brokers. If you want to become a trader, I think you have any questions: Who are the brokers? Where do they get the money for the payment of its traders? After reading the article, how to make binary options brokers you are left with questions.

option trading market is popular because of the unique simplicity. Think about it, there are only two buttons call (Up) or put (down). A novice trader only then learns that this is only the tip of the iceberg. And to start earning you need to spend more than one day time to study the technical, fundamental analysis, and other useful material.

All beginners, I recommend reading binary options from scratchThere you will find the necessary knowledge to start a successful trade with this trading tool. This educational article of my authorship, trader Dictionary, the list of trading strategies that are written from my personal experience.

So, like clear. There are two sides: on one side broker who wants to attract more traders on their trading platform, and there are traders who want to earn it. There is 3 party governing relations broker and traders called financial regulators. Remember, financial instruments give rise to side effects in the form not of this "gray" brokers. Here you can see my black list binary options brokers. Black brokers, scammers brokers, brokers ephemeral, as they just do not call. So be sure to choose a binary options with financial control, it guarantees you an honest trading. In the role of financial regulators may be:

CySEC - Cyprus Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission
MFSA - Financial Services and BO in Malta
MiFID by FSA - European Union Directive "Markets in Financial Instruments"
FSA - Office of Financial Regulation and Supervision of the UK
TSROFR - Regulatory Center of relations in the financial markets.
AFM - Dutch financial markets regulator
ESMA - European Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Some brokers may be multiple regulators if they focus on a few markets. All we need is a good platform with normal conditions for trade, and the broker, who will pay like clockwork. Such brokers are!

I myself only trade with brokers having regulators, so in my BO ranking of brokers Only regulated brokers. Binary Options Brokers License give traders the opportunity to work quietly and to earn. In case of disputes, it is possible to whom to complain.

Life is like this: the strongest always wins. This statement is very well suited to the processes occurring in financial markets. Some clients of brokers want to earn by playing. Because of this, most traders become like gamblers. If you come to the market to play, then it is more likely that you will be the weakest. If you come to internet trading seriously and for a long time, then gradually you will learn this fascinating world of options trading. Of course advertising on the Internet will try to break your consciousness and convince you that making money is easy. Do not break! Be sure to read the training articles on my site binaroption.comI'm sure that my experience will be useful to you and help to make trading your main job.

PS Binar - It is very funny financial instrument is very surprising and paradoxical. Behind the apparent simplicity of only two buttons (up or down), hiding the complex world of schedules and pricing. To learn the tricks of the trade, you need to spend some time.

The graphs interbank quotes. Whether a novice will be able to come to market regularly and give accurate forecasts for Japanese candles? And you are able to say what will be the course of a week in the exchanger for the pair EUR / USD? Statistics inexperienced person is not better than a coin toss, to 50 50.
Improve your stats and earnings in the binary option more than real. You need a serious approach and experience, it comes with time. Otherwise you confuse advertising and reality, resulting in disappointed in the financial market.

Hardly anyone wants to be a loser. That is why we must try, a rolling stone gathers no moss. Learn technical analysis, study my site binaroption, read my personal library of books on binary options. Do not expect easy money, do not live with illusions. In this life to pay for everything, pay your time, diligence, diligence.

Do not doubt his abilities, go forward to the dream!


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